Grow Taller Magic

by David Smith

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Learn how you can increase your height regardless of your age and present height in David Smith's Grow Taller Magic. You'll learn a scientifically proven method for growing at least 2 inches taller quickly, easily and safely.

Inside Grow Taller Magic, you'll learn everything about human growth hormone. You'll also learn tips to prevent height loss, special exercise routines that will increase your height, how to fix muscle imbalances and posture problems, the perfect diet plan for growing taller, the correlation between sleep and height increase and much more.

With Grow Taller Magic, you'll achieve the best results without spending your money on ineffective supplements or risky height-increasing surgery. Through this program, you'll feel more attractive and confident about yourself.

Plus, you'll get free updates and 3 free e-books with your purchase of David Smith's Grow Taller Magic.

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Promising program
posted this review on December 4, 2012

This complete program is meant for people who want to grow taller beyond the height spurt years, or beyond puberty. I am already in my 30s when I found this program, and how I wish I found this when I was younger. I was surprised when I measured the other day and found out I’ve grown 2 inches. I’ve only been doing the exercises for 1 month, and I’m still struggling sticking to the kind of lifestyle the book suggests. Yes, it requires a lot of work, and it’s not just something you drink or rub onto your feet to magically grow. It’s actually a real program for height increase. If you’re into working out, you probably already have the discipline and the general idea on how this works. It’s kinda like that, but instead of growing muscles you gain extra height. This is just a short comment on my experience with this program. I didn’t scientifically dissect it, nor am I paid to do this. I just wanted to share the results I got from it.

It really works like magic
posted this review on December 2, 2012

My height increased by 3 inches when I got into this program. I regularly do the exercises when I come home. I had a workout program before this, but that’s just for general fitness so I just dropped it. I also followed the diet plan included in the program because I think they work hand in hand. In just a few weeks, I started seeing my height shoot up. It’s really like magic! I thought there was no hope for me because I’m way past the growth years, but I was surprised when I had to change pants because my old ones have become too short. I also noticed that I became healthier in general. I think its because of the diet because I’ve already been working out before this. I’m more energetic now, less moody, I got better concentration, all those benefits you get from living a healthy lifestyle. I am generally happy with the results I’m getting from this program, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Got 4 inches in 2 months
posted this review on December 1, 2012

I can’t believe I really grew this tall. I got 4 inches more from this program in just 2 months. The first month was slow, but in the 2nd month, my height really shot up! I’m really impressed with this program. I didn’t need to take any supplements with this. I just followed the program really well, and that’s all. I had to set some time for the exercises, but it’s ok because they promote general health too and not just height increase. David’s really got the best and probably the only way to gain height after the growth years!

I keep my hormones going using this system
posted this review on November 3, 2012

There is no magic involved here, it’s just a foolproof way of playing around with your hormones, so they keep you growing. Growth is caused by hormones produced by the body, so keeping those growth hormones produced after your teenage years will keep you growing. Too bad I didn’t learn this system when I was still a young boy. I was bullied before for being small and thin. When I grew older, I started lifting weights to gain muscle, but that must have stunted my growth even more. After I got the muscle mass I wanted, I started working on my height, but it’s more difficult, and almost impossible. Even my trainer at the gym told me that it’s impossible for me to gain more height. I tried pills, patches, and hypnosis, but none worked. This is the only one that showed me results. In 2 months, I’ve already gained 3 inches. I don’t know if I can still push for 2 more, but I’m working hard on it.

Works regardless of your age and health condition
Wilson Hinds (from Louisburg, usa) posted this review on August 29, 2012

There’s no actual magic in here. Just pure scientific information on how to increase height regardless of your body condition or age. I’m 26 yrs. old and diabetic, and this program managed to give me a couple of inches in 3 months. It’s really quick considering that I’m already way past the growth age, and that my body has special needs. I also find the exercises in here quite easy. I’ve never been a health buff all my life, and I only considered exercising because I wanted to grow a few inches. This has done an awfully good job at that. The diet plan I had to tweak a bit because of my diabetes. I consulted my doctor about it, and we worked together, but the one I used has got all the necessary nutrients for height increase, and it’s still based on the book. I suggest giving this book about 3 months or more before expecting to see results. And I also think you gotta stick to it 100% if you really want the program to be successful. It will be difficult at first, but once you get used to it, it will become an ordinary part of your lifestyle.

3 inches in 2 months
posted this review on July 24, 2012

This is indeed magic! My family is partly Asian, so we got a bit of small genes in us. It was sad because I wanted to be a flight attendant so badly, but I was a few inches short of the height requirement. When I turned 20, I thought I’ll never have a shot at my dream job anymore. However, my friend told me about natural height increase methods, and how it worked for his brother. They told me about this book, so I bought it right away. I tried the methods, but I wasn’t really expecting much. I thought there was no hope for me since I got a problem with my genes. I wasn’t even measuring my height, since as I said, I wasn’t expecting. To my surprise, people started telling me that I looked better. They probably couldn’t tell that it was my height that changed. Then one day after about 2 months in the program, my pants suddenly seemed much shorter. That’s when I decided to measure myself, and I gained a whopping 3 inches! I’m still aiming for 2 inches more, but I’ve already reached the height requirement for being an FA so I’ll be applying next month. I really feel positive about it now!


This system work like magic!

A year ago I started dating a really tall guy, he was 6 Inches taller ten me, so I decided to get to his level, after just two months I've gained 4 inches. This system work like magic indeed..

Washington D.C.

Now I'm 3 inches taller!

People are not that tall in Hong Kong, and I saw that the higher you are the easier is to do business here, and I wanted to enjoy it as well, and thanks to this system now I'm 3 inches taller, and business is better than ever.

Hong Kong

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