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Guitar guru Craig Bassett has developed a great learning tool that can help guitarists master their learning and their playing. His Guitar Note Mastery e-book shows guitarists how to improve their performance through 11 easy steps that help master the notes on the fretboard. The note mastery skill helps guitarists become more creative, learn faster and memorize better.

Guitar Note Mastery gives you a proven system and step-by-step method of note memorization. Inside this e-book, you'll learn the 11 simple steps to guitar note mastery, 31 action steps you can use to master the fretboard, 27 fun and interesting note learning exercises and a powerful accelerated learning technique. This will also help you fully understand the musical alphabet and how to play it on your guitar. Guitar Note Mastery is packed with helpful ideas, tips and advice that can help increase your note, chord and scale knowledge.

To help accelerate your note learning progress, the author is giving away his Guitar Note Accelerator e-book for free.

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Awesome software
posted this review on October 31, 2012

It’s an awesome software… I practice at home using only this. I’m learning quickly so far. You really need to understand the lessons because there are like tests when your done with one so you can skip to the next lesson. If you can’t do the test you won’t be sent off to the next part of the training. So it’s like you get forced to understand each lesson, and I’m doing that now. I think I’m learning a lot more from this because I was already playing basic before getting this software and I thought I was good then, but when I got started with this I realized how muh I don’t know about playing yet so I’m working hard on that now.

Craig's method does this in the easiest way possible.
On-Site Review

I can only speak good things about Guitar Note Mastery. This method is absolutely fantastic. You could buy hundreds of guitar books and never really understand where the notes are, why scales are formed, etc. With this method apart from actually mentally visualizing the whole fretboard your playing will improve tremendously as you'll know what will sound good before you actually play it. It doesn't matter what style you play, knowing where you are on the fretboard is essential. Craig's method does this in the easiest way possible, and it's fun too.

Jose Maria,
Barcelona, Spain

I love Guitar Note Mastery.
On-Site Review

Craig makes mastering the fretboard very simple. I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to learn the notes on the fretboard.

Shelley Lemoine,
Edmonton, Canada

Highly Recommended!
On-Site Review

If you’re serious about learning the guitar, what could be more important than Fretboard Mastery. Craig Bassett's Book explains Clearly what it's simply all about.

Peter Seddon,
Victoria, Australia

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