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GuitarTricks is a membership website that offers on-line guitar lessons in video format. Since its creation in 1998, the site has grown considerably and now offers more than 3000 lessons with new ones added practically every day. The GuitarTricks website features 45 instructors from all over the world that offer lessons for both beginners, and advanced players.

The beginner's lessons start with ‘guitar fundamentals', and even if you've never even picked up the guitar, these lessons will turn you into an intermediate guitarist (if you are willing to invest some of your time and practice, of course).

From then on, you can continue with GuitarTricks intermediate lessons which are divided into different musical styles. So if you want to play the blues, you'll choose one set of lessons, but if you are more interested in playing country music, for example, you'll practice with another set. You'll also learn what kind of gear you'll need and how to set it all up to get the correct sound (you'll even learn about different amplifier settings).

The intermediate lessons cover a lot of material and are probably the quickest way for you to improve your playing. But it doesn't stop there. Even when you become a more experienced guitarist you can continue learning. GuitarTricks offers a whole new set of lessons that are targeted specifically at people who are already good guitarists, but would like to become great. If you want to dig deep down into a certain genre, Guitar Tricks has got lessons for you. If there's a certain technique you still haven't master, whether it's sweep picking, artificial harmonics, or any other technique, you'll find the lesson you're looking for in the ‘Guitar Tricks Technique Reference Library'. And lastly, if you want to play like one of the greats, like B.B. King, or Eric Clapton, Django Reinhardt or even Jimi Hendrix himself, you'll find your lesson in the ‘Guitar Tricks' Artist Studies Series'.

You can take a look at 4 sample lessons for free, or signup for free account and get 24 additional lessons. But if you want to get all of the lessons and have unlimited access to the ever-growing GuitarTricks community, you'll have to sign up for a full membership account at $14.95/month.

Members also get some free software, like guitar tuner, a digital metronome specifically designed for building speed, and jam station that with accompany you while you're practicing your solos or improvising.

Price: $14.95 + $14.95/month
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The easiest and most organized guitar course
M. Kilmer (from Vale, USA) posted this review on July 1, 2014

This is hands down my favorite online guitar course because it starts from beginner level to intermediate level. It helped me a lot to learn everything I know now about playing the guitar. Before, when I was just learning on my own, I was improving so slowly, but since I got this course, I started improving faster than ever. GuitarTricks is definitely the most amazing online guitar course you will see. I have recommended this to other friends who are learning to play the guitar.

The material is so engaging
posted this review on April 29, 2014

GuitarTricks has become a classic when it comes to guitar courses. There are so many guitar courses on the Internet, but I bet you haven’t come across something as professional as this yet. I’ve tried classroom guitar courses briefly before, but nothing happened because there were too many people in the class, and the instructor couldn’t attend to all of us. And I was the oldest there, so the instructor just left me to figure things out on my own. It was also boring because we were just asked to memorize this and that and to practice playing this and that. It was terrible. It’s great that I found GuitarTricks because the course is very fun. It was made for practicing alone but I found it more fun than practicing with a group. My improvement was also a lot faster because I got to practice anytime I want, and I didn’t have to follow anyone else’s playing style. With this course, I don’t feel every agonizing minute of memorization. The videos just engage me and I don’t even notice time passing when I’m working on my guitar skills. My daughter also wants to learn how to play the guitar and I now know how I will help her learn. I’m gonna get her her own membership to this website, so she can get personalized learning from the materials here and from the coaches.

Two thumsb up
posted this review on March 16, 2014

For those who have been guitar enthusiasts for quite some time, but don’t have the money to take formal guitar classes, I highly recommend this. It’s probably the cheapest monthly guitar course that you can get. It’s also fairly simple to follow and it’s got a lot of amazing songs. When I was 15, I already got started with the guitar, but wasn’t able to continue. I was at the intermediate level, but needed a refresher badly when I used this tutorial course, and I definitely learned a lot. The support is also amazing. You get good replies after about a day, and they never get tired of replying to emails even post-sale emails. Some others stop replying after you’ve paid but not this one. Two thumbs up!

This has been my only guitar course since I started
Patrick Roster (from Brackney, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

Guitar Tricks is excellent because it takes you from the very first stages of guitar learning to intermediate and to advance. You don’t have to keep on buying courses if you want to learn how to play the guitar quickly. You simply have to become a member of this website. There’s a monthly fee but it’s worth every single dollar you’ll spend on it. I started playing the guitar following the beginner level lessons on this website, and then I proceeded to the intermediate level. I had to stop for a few months because I was busy with work, but when I got back to training, I still chose this. You can get a basic idea on what you can expect from this on their website. You can visit that to see what they have in store for you.

Awesome and cheap... this rocks!
posted this review on March 3, 2013

GuitarTricks, my boyfriend told me, is one of the oldest online guitar courses. He learned from it years ago, and I’m learning from it now. The video lessons make it so much like a real guitar course. The one where you have an instructor help you learn, and yes, that expensive one. Guitar teachers or coaches or whatever the f you call them charge really high rates when you go for one on one lessons. I’ve tried that once for free, and then I realized that I’m throwing away hard earned money (bf’s too busy with work to teach me). Anyway, I think GuitarTricks is doing a pretty good job training me when I’m not being lazy that is. There are still times when I don’t want to practice at all. But when I do practice with the drills here, I always always learn something new. All in all, love the approach and how broad the website is. They cover almost any style you can think of. Very helpful for beginners looking for their own style.

I enjoyed the clear video instructions here
posted this review on February 11, 2013

GuitarTricks is great because the lessons are delivered in clear videos. It’s so much better than reading a guide, and trying to figure out how to position your fingers, and everything like that. With GuitarTricks you will get clear video instructions that are really easy to follow. I had 0 knowledge in playing the guitar when I got this course. I was supposed to have formal guitar lessons but I chose drums instead because I figured it’s easier to learn the guitar on my own. Now I know how to play both of them. Actually, I find GuitarTricks better than having a formal playing coach or teacher because I get to practice using my own style, and I can practice whenever I want. I also get to know right away what my strengths and weaknesses are. Unlike when you’re following your teacher’s pre-made one-size-fits-all program. Anyway, that’s just my short review of GuitarTricks. I hope you support it!


Guitar Tricks review

This site is most the comprehensive guitar self learning place on the net!! Wow!! Also there is nothing more I love to do than sit down with some great jam tracks and employ exotic scales and rip through some monster riffs harmonic minor style!

Quality and I mean high quality in all styles! Amazing and the fact it loops forever is great because it really is disturbing when you are in the moment hitting the right note in the right scale to highlight the ringing chord in the background making it so pronounced!

Joseph M.,
West Haven, CT

Best Lesson I've Ever Had...

Great site. I'm a self-taught beginner; about two years now. I've occasionally purchased instructional books, but I've learned more from the last 3 hours spent at this site than from all prior experiences put together.

John D,
So. Cal

1st Off, I'd Like To Tell You...

..."Guitar Tricks" is great! I subscribed to it recently (full access) and I have been very satisfied so far. I have been playing guitar 40+ yrs. To make a long story short, on August 13th last year I had an accident at work and cut my middle finger off on my left (fretting) hand. I had emergency surgery to re-attach it and then 3 days after Christmas I had re-constructive surgery. Basically I am having to re-think and re-teach myself how to play again. Needless to say I have been going through some changes. I played guitar for living and I "need" to play guitar to live. Its my soul, my life. I have checked many "guitar" sites trying to find inspiration, exercises etc, etc. I'm sure you get the idea. I just want to say: "Guitar Tricks" has it all!

Lenny C.,
Scotts Valley, CA

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