Guy Gets Girl

by Tiffany Taylor,

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Guy Gets Girl is a unique manual created with a single purpose – to help a guy get a girl. It was written by Tiffany Taylor, an award winning author, who’s already earned both national as well as international credentials. Some may be surprised that a manual like this was written by a woman, but doesn’t only a woman really knows what a woman wants.

The Guy Gets Girl manual is filled with simple, yet proven techniques you can use to ensure a woman will fall for you. The surprisingly high success rate of these techniques can be attributed to the fact that they work on emotional level (and that’s where most women decide if they want to date someone or not). You will learn how to ‘press on her emotional switches’, do exactly the right things and say exactly the right things, so she will surely become attracted to you.

These techniques were tested again and again and they work – even if you are not super-good-looking, rich or famous.

Tiffany Taylor has studied all aspects of the ‘dating game’. Because of that, the Guy Gets Girl manual will show you everything you need to know – you will learn where you can find the hottest dates, how to approach them, what the best conversational starters are, how to overcome your shyness, and get her phone number. You will even learn how to read her body language, so you’ll know if she’s interested right away. You will also learn how to proceed after you’ve already secured a date. Guy Gets Girl will show you how to plan a perfect date that she’s sure to remember, where to take her and even how you can become the best lover that she’s ever had.

Guy Gets Girl is available in a convenient e-book format, so if you order it, nothing will be shipped to your door. You can download the book and start reading it right away.

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I learned so much from this guide!
posted this review on July 22, 2014

If you’re a guy who’s looking for the best way to get the woman of your dreams, this is surely going to help. I thought I’d never get her to say yes, but with the help of what I learned from this guide, she finally became my girlfriend. I thought she was way out of my league! I’m glad I learned so much from this guide.

This is a real game-changer for me
Nico Dodson (from Elgin, USA) posted this review on May 27, 2014

I’ve always envied my friends who seem to get all the girls they want. I was always just in the corner wondering what was wrong with me. When I got Guy Gets Girl, it changed the game for all of us. Now, girls want me more than they want anybody else in the group. I always get to choose my girl first, then they can just make do with those I’m not interested in. They were surprised the first time we went to a bar and I got all the attention instead of them. The techniques here are so simple too. Amazing!

Great guide for men!
posted this review on April 19, 2014

Guy Gets Girl is a great guide for men like me who don’t have the looks and the car that girls like in men. The thing about this guide is that it’s so simple and practical. You won’t get any hullaballoo from here. Just exactly what you need to do to attract women and get to date them. How far the relationship reaches is still up to you. But if it’s just dating, yeah, the techniques here are surely gonne be helpful.

Help for the shy guy
posted this review on August 22, 2012

This book is well-written and it does what it says it would do. It’s helped me turn from a shy wimp into a heartthrob in just a short time. It’s got plenty of techniques any man can use regardless of their personality, or their lifestyle. The methods are very easy to master. I’m just an average guy. I don’t have good looks or a fat wallet to attract girls with, but Tiffany’s methods serves as my weapon now. The conversation starters are foolproof. It did take so much courage the first time I tried it, since as I said, I’m really shy, but after seeing how girls respond to it, I now use it with so much confidence. Inside, I’m still a shy guy, but the methods I got from this book gives me superpowers or something. All in all, it’s an awesome book, and I’m giving it 10 stars!

I don't have to chase girls anymore...
posted this review on July 16, 2012

This may have been written by a woman, but it also understands the male psyche quite well. The tips and strategies here are 100% doable. You wouldn’t have to push yourself to do them. Also, they are so effective. I used this book to get a girl I’ve been wanting for months, and the techniques worked. After I broke up with that girl, and wanted another one, I used the methods again, and they worked a second time. It’s given me a deeper understanding of how the female mind, and their emotions influence the way they choose a man. I’ve never been a shy guy, but I wasn’t a girl magnet either, and I still rely a great deal on luck whenever I go for a woman. This book changed that. The only thing that’s about having this book is that you won’t experience the thrill of the chase anymore.

Young, Attractive and Was Curious
DDrake82 (from Miami, USA) posted this review on April 12, 2008

I am 25 years old, I am an attractive male and I wanted to find a system the worked. But I didn't want to get just any thing because some product review said so or a sales pitch page told me to. So after a very long and extensive search, I came across a blog that seemed to be actually written by a normal human being (lol). Long story short I thought the review of the product was genuine and i signed up. My love life has never been the same. It will not change over night, but the methods are so simple and easy to implement that you will notice the power shift in your conversations with women almost instantly. Guys, use this product.


I'm 42 and going through a divorce...

My wife cheated on me. I have been out of the dating game for over 20 years and didn't know where to start. I am happy to say over the past few weekends using these advice and tips, I've met some of the most attractive women, and been on dates with two of them. Both want me to go out with them again!

"Gotten me results"

I have bought almost every pickup guide on the net and I must say, this is the first one that has gotten me results. I have never read a guide with true insight; it makes me wonder why I listened to all those other crazy guides written by dumb guys in the past. The author's probably never got laid anyway!

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