Hair Remedies At Home

by Kali Winters,

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Commercial hair products are not just costly, they also cause serious damage to the hair overtime. Plus, most of the time, they do not do what they promise to do to your hair. Imagine spending a fortune on a hair product that promises to protect your hair from the sun, only to end up seeing it dry and unmanageable after a trip to the beach. If you want real, natural, and affordable hair products, you can create your own in your kitchen using products that are readily available. Hair Remedies At Home by Kali Winters will teach you exactly how to concoct these hair solutions effectively.

Hair Remedies At Home documents what Kali Winters has learned from her more than 30 years of experience with natural herbs. It has more than 300 pages of thousand year old hair remedies that will totally eliminate your need to buy expensive hair products. Treatments included in the eBook are hair masks, hair dyes, hair gel, dandruff shampoos, scalp massage oils, mousse, volumizers and a lot more. In just 7 days of using your homemade hair recipes, you will experience big improvements in your hair’s health and texture. Also, your pocket will enjoy the extra cash you will save.

Your hair has a big impact on your appearance, and says a lot about how you care for yourself. With Hair Remedies At Home, keeping your hair at its best condition all the time is as easy as preparing your favorite drink. With the easy steps and the affordable ingredients needed, you can definitely have a complete hair care collection without ripping off your pockets.

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What an amazing difference already!
On-Site Review

I was skeptical at first, but now I am thankful. After I started reading..I was immediately excited to try Kali's remedies right away. My hair has never smelt so wonderful, even my husband noticed the difference. We have even started massaging his head with the oils you had mentioned (he's balding right now). I am anticipating the outcome. What an amazing difference already!

Author Courtney,
Aberdeen, SD

We have saved so much money already
On-Site Review

After buying Kali's hair books I have turned my kitchen into a neighborhood hair salon. My neighbors bring the ingredients and we end up experimenting with several of her recipes each week. It is so much fun to be able to share and learn what each lady has experienced. We have all stopped buying hair care products and are opting to experiment more with her remedies. We have saved so much money already.

Author Emily,
Hartford, CT

Can't wait for more recipes!
On-Site Review

I can not tell you how much I appreciate Kali's books. The recipes are so easy to understand and most of the stuff I already had on hand. I especially like the bonus book Herbal Teas. Can't wait until I can try more of her recipes.

Author Sharon,
Pasadena CA

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