Hard To Get

by Mimi Tanner, www.playhardtoget.com

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Discover how to attract, be adored by, and build a lasting relationship with the man of your dreams in Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart by relationship expert and author Mimi Tanner. In this online program, you will discover centuries-old secrets of human nature and proven methods on how to get chased by your desired man and make him fall in love with you.

According to Hard To Get, men love pursuit and they love it even more when you make it difficult for them to win you. Playing hard to get in some ways maintain your mystery with him and this is what men want, even if they say otherwise. It works because it is the fundamental truth of human nature. In this program, you will learn exactly how to be hard to get the right way so you won't be easy to forget and instead be more desirable and irresistible to men.

Hard To Get will show you how to work with human nature instead of against it to win your dream guy's heart. This program will also teach you why you shouldn't act like he's the one, how to get a man's attention, why intensity is very important, what drives men away and how to avoid it, how to develop the hard-to-get mindset, why "the chase" matters for the both of you, how to get comfortable on that "pedestal," ways to develop self control and confidence, the easy way to get rid of the other woman, the so-called Reverse Ultimatum, and much more.

Just apply the principles, tips, and methods you will learn in Hard To Get, and you can win the heart of your Mr. Right. This program can help you build a lasting, happy, successful, and loving relationship.

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Finally got to date the man of my dreams!
posted this review on April 7, 2014

I spend my entire high school life chasing one guy who never seemed to notice me. Until college, I couldn’t get him out of my head. Last summer vacation, I thought of using a different strategy on him, and after much research, I found Hard To Get. I tried the techniques here, and he started treating me so differently. From treating me like a girl buddy, he started flirting with me. Subtly at first, and then it got more intense until we started dating. We are still dating now, and I’m really really really thankful to this course for everything it taught me!

I learned how to be in control
posted this review on September 25, 2013

This book started the new me. I never would have realized the power that I have as a woman if not for this book. I was always the one to get abused in my past relationships. I got dumped 3 times straight. I was really down, and I thought I’d never get back in the dating scene. And then Hard To Get came along. My friends used to tell me that I was “too nice” to keep a man. I couldn’t understand them then. I’ve never been the bitchy type. I’m the kind of girl who’d bake my man apple pies after a long day, and give him a nice back massage without asking for anything in return. I’m happy that way. The best thing about Hard To Get is that it allows me to be both the bitchy girl men love and the sweet little darling that I really am. I didn’t have to sacrifice my true self. I just had to learn how to keep men interested, and how to keep them working hard to get my attention. I never knew how much men wanted that. I thought they liked being smothered with attention. I don’t know if it’s true for all men, but I think most of them like a bit of mystery, and that “come and get me” feel. I am in a new relationship now, and I’ve never felt so in control. I’m holding the reigns in one hand now and my sweet baked goodies in the other!

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