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by Valerie Dawson
(7 votes)
Easy Quit Hypnosis is an audio course that uses hypnosis to help you quit smoking. Course instructor Valerie Dawson is a counselor and hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of people quit for good. Patches, gums, medications and self-deprivation...
by Scott Davis
(7 votes)
Acid reflux or heartburn is a painful condition that can be caused by overproduction and underproduction of acid in the stomach. It is commonly a chronic condition, which doctors still find hard to treat until now. Also, the medicines used for acid...
by Andrew Lewis
(7 votes)
Canine Cancer Secrets is a breakthrough book by dog expert Andrew Lewis designed to help prevent and cure dog cancer. This book contains over 100 pages of information, which will empower you to care for your dog and beat cancer without the typical...
by Chris Barnard
(17 votes)
Are you an athlete wishing to take your skills and career to the higher level? Are you tired of all the lies that so-called gurus and fake systems tell you about training? Discover what really works when it comes to maximizing your athletic...
by Clear Solutions Research, Inc.
(9 votes)
Acne Cured is an e-book that will show you how to get rid of your acne for good. It features a revolutionary method for getting rid of this embarrassing skin problem, and it's suitable for anyone of any age. Clear Solutions Research, Inc., the group...
by Ari Kreitberg
(20 votes)
The Grow Taller Formula is a tested and proven comprehensive program by Ari Kreitberg that shows you how to increase your height by 1-4 inches in just 2 months. This program introduces proven scientific specialized techniques and methods guaranteed...
by Rick Kaselj
(4 votes)
Knee Injury Solution is a complete, step-by-step program designed to help you eliminate your knee injury for life. Developed by exercise therapist Rick Kaselj, this program contains simple, fast, and effective knee injury exercises that anyone can...
by Robert Bruce
(5 votes)
Manifestation And Healing By Robert Bruce is a comprehensive course created by Robert Bruce, the man behind the New Energy Ways system. This course teaches people how to overcome physical illness and achieve optimum health and wellness through...