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by Dr. Michael & Lori Allen
(5 votes)
Fat Loss Factor is a program developed by Dr. Michael Allen and Lori Allen that will help you lose 1 to 2 inches of belly fat in less than a week. This program is not some magic pill or fancy gadget, and it doesn't require you to work out for hours...
by Marcus Bloom
(32 votes)
Fibromyalgia is a complicated disease that causes continuous suffering for those who have it. The kinds of medication that doctors commonly prescribe to fibromyalgia patients have only temporary effects. They even have dangerous side effects that...
by Shaun Hadsall
(22 votes)
One of the greatest problems dieters face is plateauing. The moment they notice that their diet is successful, it starts to plateau, and weight loss becomes a lot more difficult. If you are tired of these plateaus crushing your motivation, you need...
by Mike Fitch
(12 votes)
Animal movement exercise is a fitness routine that uses the movements and forms of animals. This training method has been around for a very long time, which means that it is very effective. As a matter of fact, it probably works better than other...
by Sebastian MacLean
(3 votes)
Naturally Massive: The Full Muscle Kit is a rapid natural muscle development system developed by world-renowned physique developer and actor Sebastian MacLean. With this program, anyone can burn body fat and build massive muscle fast without using...
by Steve Holman and Becky Holman
(39 votes)
Are you over 35 years old and you desire to look, feel, and move younger? Steve and Becky Holman have the formula for you in the form of Old School, New Body. This youth-enhancing, body-shaping system/book will provide you with the tips, techniques...
by Josh Henkin and Troy Anderson
(4 votes)
Do you want to get rid of your belly fat for good and have a lean, sexy body? If you have tried different exercises and diets but still can't lose that stubborn belly fat, you need a resource like Meltdown Kettlebell Training to help you achieve...
by Steve G. Jones
(4 votes)
If you've ever suffered from tinnitus, you probably know how difficult it is to get rid of it. That's because there are a variety of causes and manifestations of tinnitus, and unless you can get to the real cause, it's difficult to treat. Resolve...