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by Yuri Elkaim, Amy Coates, and Adam Elkaim
(32 votes)
Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30-day diet developed by a team of registered holistic nutritionists - Yuri Elkaim, Amy Coates, and Adam Elkaim. This is a time-proven detox and cleanse diet plan that will get rid of toxins and other wastes clogging your...
(6 votes)
The Negative Calorie Diet will teach you about foods that some people say produce a negative calorie effect and will help you lose weight. They're known as negative calorie foods because your body requires more calories to digest them than the foods...
by Pete Howells
(14 votes)
EasyQuit System is a 100 page e-book that will show you not only how to quit smoking, but also how to actually lose the desire to smoke ever again. The method behind the success of this book is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The same method...
by Nia Shanks
(18 votes)
Beautiful Badass is a rare workout course from Nia Shanks, a fitness expert and an SPF push/pull world record holder. What makes it unique is that it focuses on giving women real workout. It does not feature workarounds or any hypes other fitness...
by Yingying
(4 votes)
Chinese Tattoos is a unique web site that translates words you want to have tattooed on your body into proper Chinese. That way, you can rest assured your tattoo will convey the meaning you intend it to. Developer Yingying is a Chinese tattoo...
by Carolyn Hansen
(6 votes)
If you've been unable to lose weight despite your best efforts, maybe the methods you've tried are simply not effective. That's why a resource like Hot Metabolism is perfect for you. You'll learn techniques you can use to lose weight that won't make...
by Brian Schiff
(6 votes)
The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide offers a permanent solution to shoulder pain. This comprehensive e-book describes a set of exercises that strenghten your shoulder muscles and help you lossen up stiff joints. This way you are able to resolve...
by Mark Belmont
(19 votes)
The Handsome Factor is a system for men who want to transform their appearance, boost their confidence and change their life the natural way. In this transformation system, Mark Belmont, a best-selling author, discusses techniques that will help...