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by Morton Walker
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Discover how you can prevent and cure cancer in Natural Cancer Remedies That Work by Morton Walker - a doctor of podiatric medicine. In this special report, the author reveals important and valuable information, claims, and discoveries about...
by Debra Elkin
(46 votes)
Health coach and former fatty liver sufferer Debra Elkin shares with others her knowledge, experience, and the program that helped her eliminate the disease and regain a healthy life in The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol. This 163-page e-book...
by Joseph Arnold
(11 votes)
Do you suffer from flatulence, bloating, or other gas problems? Discover how you can get rid of it permanently in the Ultimate Flatulence Cure. This 55-page plus e-book by health consultant, medical researcher, and former flatulence sufferer Joseph...
by Hilma Volk
(8 votes)
Discover self-help techniques on reversing and eliminating carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand problems in Carpal Tunnel Master by professional massage therapist Hilma Volk. Through this multi-media course, you will learn how to get your hands...
by Jessica Wright
(15 votes)
Are you suffering from hemorrhoid? Do you want to stop the pain, bleeding, and discomfort without using expensive drugs, undergoing risky surgery, and following conventional methods that don't work? Hemorrhoid No More, an e-book by medical...
by Danielle May
(119 votes)
Medical researcher, nutritionist, and former sarcoidosis suffer Danielle May shares with other people her experiences, advice, and discovered treatment for sarcoidosis in Sarcoidosis Remission - Aden Protocol Resource Book. This e-book will teach...
by Rachelle Gordon
(4 votes)
Kidney Diet Secrets is an e-book written by medical researcher, health consultant, and veteran nurse Rachelle Gordon. This 171-page e-book reveals a tested and proven system backed by top nephrologists for managing kidney diseases. If you are (or...
by Dorothy Spencer
(4 votes)
Are you a fatty liver disease sufferer? Or maybe you know someone who's struggling with this disease. If you're looking for a way to treat this condition, veteran liver/hepatology nurse, health consultant, and author Dorothy Spencer can show you a...