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by Rob Mellor
(5 votes)
The Quit Smoking Today program by Rob Mellor is a 40-minute downloadable audio that was designed to help smokers quit the deadly habit cold turkey. Unlike other programs that ask you to carry around nicotine sprays, use patches, take expensive...
by Chris Gibson
(5 votes)
Are you concerned about bad breath? Need to find an effective treatment for this condition? No More Bad Breath and Gum Disease by Chris Gibson will help you feel better and raise your self esteem by getting to the cause of your bad breath. The book...
by Diane Puttman
(23 votes)
Tired of tonsil stones controlling your social and business life? Ever felt ashamed and embarrassed in front of friends and colleagues because of the way your breath smells? What would you do to get out of this situation? There are several options...
by Bob Howard
(18 votes)
Bad breath is something that can happen to everyone. Over 90 percent of population has suffered from it one time or another and have failed to successfully treat it. But what if there was something out there that could help you get rid of this...
by Geoffrey Hunt
(13 votes)
Carpal Tunnel Secrets Unleashed is an e-book that shows you how to get rid of pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome in as little as 72 hours. Better yet, the book also gives you tips on how to completely cure this condition in only a month. The...
by Gary Evans
(16 votes)
Do you struggle with marijuana addiction? Do you find yourself in an endless cycle of quitting and starting again? Are you like many others who just haven't found the right way to quit? Then now is the time to try Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program....
by Dr. David Hogg, ND
(9 votes)
Stop Herpes Now And From Coming Back For Good! aims to help you beat herpes and lets you snap out of the difficulties you are facing because of it. The program outlined in this e-book will not only put an end to your herpes but more importantly, it...
by Katherine Sage
(9 votes)
Angular Cheilitis Overnight Cure is an e-book that will help cure your angular cheilitis for good. Author Katherine Sage developed her method by putting together what she learned from medical documents and experts' advice. Angular Cheilitis...