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by Christian Goodman
(8 votes)
Are you suffering from neck pain or whiplash? Are you sick and tired of the constant stiffness that you're feeling? It's time to end your suffering with the help of Neck Pain No More by Christian Goodman. This neck pain and whiplash program...
by Rick Kaselj
(9 votes)
Cuff injuries require special exercises to hasten their healing. These exercises should be proven safe, so that further damage to cuffs can be avoided. If you are a therapist who wants to help clients heal their rotator cuff injuries, you need...
by Chris
(3 votes)
Are you suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis or Morbus Bechterew? Do you want to eliminate the pain that you're feeling and the fear of being immobilized and increasingly hunchbacked? Are you looking for a solution to cure this disease so you...
by Lacy Arnold
(8 votes)
Being a mom surely entails so many sacrifices, but your health and fitness shouldn’t be among them. If you gained weight after giving birth and you want your body to get back to the way it was before, you need LM4 Program by Lacy Arnold. Lacy...
by Jackie Burgmann
(8 votes)
Jackie Burgmann shares with others how she dropped 40 pounds of excess fat and get in the best shape of her life in Hot At Home. If you also wish to lose fat and achieve the body that you desire the most without stepping foot in the gym, then this...
by Scott Sonnon
(7 votes)
Most activities become twice as fun when done with your significant other, and getting fit is now included in the list. If you want to start embracing a healthier and fitter life with your loved one, you need Heartfit by Scott Sonnon. Scott is a...
by Marilyn and Glenn
(7 votes)
Esophagus Cancer Survivor Book is an e-book written by Marilyn and Glenn. Glenn beat esophageal cancer by using only natural methods. In Esophagus Cancer Survivor Book, you'll learn about everything he did to cure his cancer and live a healthy life...
by William E. Morgan
(3 votes)
Are you suffering from herniated disc or sciatica? Discover everything you need to know to manage your lumbar disc herniation and stop your suffering the safe, easy, and natural way in William E. Morgan's Herniated Disc: A Survival Guide. With...