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by Billy Beck III
(9 votes)
Train like the stars with Billy Beck III’s The Complete Testosterone Solution. Billy’s trained a lot of football players, baseball players, other athletes, and celebrities using this same solution. In fact, the program he shares through...
by James Dunne
(7 votes)
To anyone who’d like to improve their quality of health, running is always the recommended solution as it offers a lot of benefits. Research shows that running improves the quality of sleep (the idea is if you run, you get tired thus less tossing...
by Scott Sonnon
(4 votes)
Tactical Gymnastics is a package/program created by World Champion Master of Sport and "flow coach" Scott Sonnon of RMAX International. This program shows you how to incorporate the "art of movement" and the "science of flow...
by Dr. Angel Adams
(7 votes)
Are you a parent with a child or teen who's suffering from depression? Do you want to know how to recognize depression in children and cope with the challenges related to this? Would you like to learn how you can help your child steer off or...
by Chelsea Schaeffer
(27 votes)
Stop Blushing, Start Living is an e-book for people who suffer from a blushing problem. If you blush for no apparent reason and then you blush even more from embarrassment, then this book is for you. Blushing, whether normal or extreme, is caused by...
by Marc MacDonald
(5 votes)
The Sleep Apnea Exercise is a comprehensive guide on getting rid of your sleep apnea without the need for CPAP, weight loss, dental appliances, and surgery. It is written by independent sleep apnea researcher, Marc MacDonald. The methods Marc...
by Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher
(9 votes)
TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm is a comprehensive and specific firefighter fitness program developed by fire captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher. If you are a firefighter who wants to increase strength and power, improve metabolic...
by Shane Heins
(8 votes)
Shane Heins' Clubbell Flow Evolution – Serenity In The Hurricane is a 3-in-1 training program that utilizes the fundamental principles of Scott Sonnon's Circular Strength Training System and the innovative tool, clubbell. It will...