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by John Kiefer
(8 votes)
Believe it or not, nicotine can help your body burn fat. If you want to know more about this breakthrough, you need Nicotine Declassified by John Kiefer. John is a weight loss expert who has been researching on the subject for 15 years. He knows all...
by Marjorie Brooks
(2 votes)
Flexibility First is a series of guide books designed to help you incorporate Flexibility And Strength Training, also known as FAST, into any kind of lifestyle. It was written by Marjorie Brooks, who is an expert in Active Isolated Stretching and a...
by Dr. Todd Snyder
(5 votes)
Do you often blush in front of others for no apparent reason? Do you avoid social situations and meeting new people? If so, then Social Anxiety Secrets is just the resource you need. You'll learn how to overcome your social phobia. Social Anxiety...
by Josh Tapp
(7 votes)
One of the most common problems women find annoying is getting rid of that stubborn fat that remains right after pregnancy. Doing hundreds of crunches, sit-ups, and other kinds of abdominal workouts doesn’t seem to work.  However, there...
by Lacy Arnold
(8 votes)
Being a mom surely entails so many sacrifices, but your health and fitness shouldn’t be among them. If you gained weight after giving birth and you want your body to get back to the way it was before, you need LM4 Program by Lacy Arnold. Lacy...
by Kimberly Snyder
(5 votes)
Beauty is a combination of many different factors. If you want to have thick, lustruous hair, glowing skin, and a sexy body, you need the Glowing Lean detox system by Kimberly Snyder. This entire package will teach you how to achieve real beauty...
by Jedd Johnson
(6 votes)
The Bending Manual is a unique guide that will show you how to bend steel with your bare hands and develop incredible power and endurance. It doesn't matter what kind of physical shape you're in - you'll learn to accomplish this amazing feat! When...
by Shane Heins
(8 votes)
Shane Heins' Clubbell Flow Evolution – Serenity In The Hurricane is a 3-in-1 training program that utilizes the fundamental principles of Scott Sonnon's Circular Strength Training System and the innovative tool, clubbell. It will...