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by Diana
(4 votes)
If you’re above 40 years old, and you’re dying to have the body you had when you were in your 20s, you need 40 Years+ Weight Loss Program by Diana. Diana is a fitness expert with a weight loss clinic in Santa Monica, California. She has...
by Billy Beck III
(9 votes)
Train like the stars with Billy Beck III’s The Complete Testosterone Solution. Billy’s trained a lot of football players, baseball players, other athletes, and celebrities using this same solution. In fact, the program he shares through...
by Marc MacDonald
(5 votes)
The Sleep Apnea Exercise is a comprehensive guide on getting rid of your sleep apnea without the need for CPAP, weight loss, dental appliances, and surgery. It is written by independent sleep apnea researcher, Marc MacDonald. The methods Marc...
(8 votes)
Home Made Strength II - Grip Strength Edition is a complete program on strengthening your grip. This program is perfect for you if you experience trouble when holding on to bars for pull-ups, and if your hands are generally the first to give up...
by Tim Henriques
(9 votes)
A lot of powerlifting programs focus more on the aesthetic aspect than on the power aspect. If you’re looking for a powerlifting program that can surely improve your strength, you need All About Powerlifting by Tim Henriques. Tim is a the...
by Chelsea Schaeffer
(27 votes)
Stop Blushing, Start Living is an e-book for people who suffer from a blushing problem. If you blush for no apparent reason and then you blush even more from embarrassment, then this book is for you. Blushing, whether normal or extreme, is caused by...
by Shaun Moses
(4 votes)
Fear Of Flying Handbook is a must-have resource for people who are afraid to fly. Author Shaun Moses used to suffer from this very phobia, and through this e-book, he shares the discoveries that helped him overcome his fear of flying. With Fear Of...
by Jennifer Allen
(7 votes)
Herpes is one of the many diseases that are easier to cure using natural methods. If you’re looking for the perfect way to get rid of your herpes using only products that are readily available in your home, you need Herpes Secret by Jennifer...