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by Leigh Peele
(6 votes)
Starve Mode is an eBook written to help you make the right decisions regarding your weight loss diet. The writer, Leigh Peele realized that there is so much wrong information about dieting and weight loss circulating the Internet. She’s just a...
by Mary Malone
(5 votes)
Reports state that 3 out of 4 women treated for bacterial vaginosis suffer chronic reoccurrences. Pharmaceutical medicines only suppress the symptoms of their condition and do not really get rid of the root cause. These unfortunate women have to...
by Armin Vegard
(6 votes)
Sweat Free Formula is an e-book that will show you how to cure excessive sweating by using 100% natural methods. You will not need antiperspirants, creams, injections, drugs, supplements or any other treatments. Author Armin Vegard used to suffer...
by William E. Morgan
(3 votes)
Are you suffering from herniated disc or sciatica? Discover everything you need to know to manage your lumbar disc herniation and stop your suffering the safe, easy, and natural way in William E. Morgan's Herniated Disc: A Survival Guide. With...
by Mark Sias
(8 votes)
Posture does a lot to a person’s overall look and confidence. It makes people look taller than they actually are, and gives poise and a sexier appearance. A lot of people put conscious effort in trying to achieve the perfect posture, but fail...
by Dennis Fisher
(6 votes)
Effective Sleep Solutions will show you how you can get good, restful sleep at night. You won't have to toss and turn for hours to try and fall asleep, and you'll wake up relaxed and energized. Insufficient sleep has negative health effects on the...
by Mike Saros
(10 votes)
Secrets To A Pain-Free Back Power-Pack is a complete multimedia program that is guaranteed to bring you instant relief from back pain. If you follow the program correctly, you'll be free of back pain forever. This is a simple blueprint that will...
by Anthony Alayon
(7 votes)
Toxic ingredients in processed food products, and even produce in grocery stores can cause a variety of illnesses. Believe it or not, most diseases and deaths these days are caused by these toxic ingredients. It’s sad that only a handful of...