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by Adam Steer and Kris Fondran
(6 votes)
Almost all fitness enthusiasts know the many benefits of practicing yoga. However, few people know of the additional effects scientific yoga has on the body. If you are currently experiencing aches, pains, fatigue, stress, and stiffness, you...
by Helen Anderson
(6 votes)
Learn how to cure illnesses the natural way using the power of herbs through Helen Anderson’s Herbs, The Natural Alternative. This eBook guarantees that you will never need to use pharmaceutical medicines for illnesses ever again. Helen has...
by Shawna Kaminski
(8 votes)
If you're in your forties and are struggling to lose weight, then Shawna Kaminski's Female Fat Loss Over Forty is the e-book that will finally put an end to your frustrations. Kaminski, an experienced fitness instructor, developed a program to help...
by Katherine Smith
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Postpartum depression is a horrible condition new mothers usually face alone. It is quite difficult for people around them to understand this situation, so they suffer in silence and start feeling more and more helpless. If you have just recently...
by Alicia Streger and Carrie Kukuda
(3 votes)
Complete Boot Camp Workouts Program is a collection of boot camp workouts that can last for 3 months. This guide is designed by fitness professionals, Alicia Streger and Carrie Kukuda, to help other fitness pros create easy workout routines for...
by Liz Dialto
(5 votes)
Do you want to learn how to have a leaner, thinner, and healthier body the fast and easy way? Let NYC-based personal trainer and nutrition coach Liz Dialto show you the way in Tighter In 10 Days. This multi-media program will teach you how you can...
by Shawn Stevenson
(7 votes)
Are you looking to burn fat and lose weight effortlessly? Renowned author and nutritionist and self-proclaimed health guru Shawn Stevenson's The Fat Loss Code has the solution for you. This program/blueprint will reveal to you the 3 secret fat...
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Binaural frequencies have a lot of positive effects on the body. It does not only relax the mind, it also has the power to increase learning ability, restore pH balance, and enhance recovery systems. At the moment, only a handful of people...