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Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed is an e-book that discusses all types of tongue problems. Tongue problems are a very important indicator that something is wrong in your body. By learning how to keep your tongue healthy, you can also keep your entire body healthy. Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed talks about ways to treat problems like thrush, geographic tongue and burning tongue syndrome. There are no medical cures for these conditions, but author Tim McMahon developed a system that will give you a healthy, pink tongue.

After years of research, McMahon discovered that there's a relationship between tongue health and the amounts of nutrients you consume. The more vitamins and minerals you take in, the healthier your tongue will be. In fact, you will be healthier overall. The vitamins, minerals and other recommendations in this book are easy to find in almost any pharmacy or healthy food store. They are also inexpensive and safe.

By following the advice in Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed, you'll finally be able to get rid of your tongue problems. They won't go away overnight, but in a few weeks, your tongue will finally be healthy!

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Finally learned everything I need to know about geographic tongu
posted this review on October 22, 2013

I’ve had this condition since I was 10 or 11. I just remember my mom freaking out when she saw my tongue. We went to the doctor right away. The doctor simply said it’s not deadly, but he couldn’t figure out exactly what was causing it. It went away on its own, and then came back, and I was taken to another doctor who said the same thing. My mom just got tired of taking me to different doctors. I learned to live with it, but when I started dating, it became a problem again. Girls I was with thought it was contagious and refused to kiss me. As I grew older, it became easier to explain to mature girlfriends, but it’s still really annoying. I also knew that it was an indication of a bigger problem in my body. That’s why I never stopped my research even if the doctors kept on saying that there’s no problem, and that there’s nothing wrong.

Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed explained so much to me about why I have it, why I get flare ups They are clearer explanations than what my previous doctors came up with. I’ve also learned from here how to control flare ups, and how to avoid them. There are several suggestions here, I tried them all, and I’ve determined which one works best for me. You can do the same too. I’m sure you’ll figure out what’s causing yours.

The methods really help
posted this review on April 20, 2013

When I was a kid, my mom used to say that I have a weird tongue, or a funny tongue. She said it kind of has this map and that there are white patches and they change with the season. She brought me to the dentist but he said there’s nothing to worry about, so mom didn’t worry anymore thinking that it’s normal. I just got curious one day and checked out some info about my “funny” tongue. That’s when I found out that it can lead to something more dangerous. There were times before when I felt like my tongue got burned but I dismissed those feelings as mild irritations. I learned from this book that those burning feelings might actually come from my weird tongue. Right now, I’m working on my geographic tongue using the methods in this book. The patches have not migrated since I started with this treatment, and the nasty burning feeling has stopped too. I think this is an effective program for getting rid of geographic tongue and I suggest you use them while you’re still in the early stages.

Really glad I tried this
posted this review on March 11, 2013

My doctor and I thought that my geographic tongue was caused by an allergy. Sine it’s difficult to pin down the reason, I just gave up and hoped that it will just magically disappear one day. Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed helped me achieve that miracle through its natural methods. I’m glad I tried this.

I regained my tongue and my body's health through this book
Samantha Mahon (from Clearwater, USA) posted this review on August 16, 2012

I have a problematic tongue. It’s got cracks all over and it gets sore just before I get my period. I didn’t know that my tongue was already telling me a lot about the general state of my body. I went to the doctor before, and was given only temporary relief for the soreness and burning of my tongue. He said there’s no known cure for it and some people just have it. I couldn’t believe that because they can already cure cancer and malaria, but they cannot cure a painful tongue, so I went ahead and did my own research. After reading this book, I figured out that there’s no cure for my sore tongue directly because it’s my entire body I need to cure to get it back to a healthy state. I did everything the book said to do, and in just a short time, I regained a healthy tongue and a healthy body in general.

got rid of my canker sores
posted this review on July 10, 2012

I used to suffer from canker sores all the time, and these are not the tiny ones people commonly get from time to time. They were large and extremely painful, sometimes they even keep me from eating and talking properly. I didn’t know what was causing them, and what I could do about them. I tried different kinds of mouthwash but none of them worked. I changed toothpastes too, but I still kept getting them. The information I found on this eBook have been helpful in eliminating them completely. At first I still had a few, but then they gradually decreased until they are completely gone. The treatments here work!


This book saved me

I have suffered geographical tongue for perhaps two years. My doctor said, "You picked the wrong parents, it's nothing to worry about, it's painless." Sound familiar? I tried to forget it but it became increasingly harder to do.
After purchasing and reading this book I have to admit I was confused as to where to start with such a wealth of information. I made a plan to start with the basics by starting with the vitamins recommended in it. I didn't run out and buy the most expensive vitamins either. I bought generics thinking I could work my way up from there as need be.
In eight days I am totally changed!! By the fourth day I had reversed all my symptoms including that horrible depression my doctor said was menopause.

Charlene Ashley
St. Petersburg, Florida

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