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HoJo Motor is a DIY free energy kit/handbook that contains the plans of a genius named Howard Johnson for building a magnetic motor that really works to produce free, clean, and safe electricity. This kit was awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office with 3 U.S. Patents by being an effective free energy device that produces free electricity out of thin air.

If you want to cut your electricity bills by 75% or more, save money, and do your part in saving the environment, then the HoJo Motor kit is a must-have for you. This kit will teach you exactly how to create free energy for your home. The device featured in this kit is easy to build, plus it requires inexpensive parts that you can find in any local hardware store. You will also learn how to build a simplified version of this device. So in just 2 days, you can reduce your electricity bills, power your appliances and entire home, reduce your carbon footprint, and have mobile energy that you bring anywhere you go.

With the help of the HoJo Motor kit, you no longer have to be dependent on greedy electric companies. You will have your own free electricity device in no time.

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The device works great and the manual is easy to follow
posted this review on November 12, 2013

I’ve been looking for this device for a long time. A man approached us before and he tried to sell me something like this. He even made a demonstration on how it can lower our electric bill. But my wife didn’t agree on buying the product because we had no idea if it was safe or legal, or it could be a tracking device or whatever because the man was a total stranger. But I saw how the device worked and I knew that whatever it was it could help cut down our bill. That’s why I kept on researching about these devices. I was thinking of a solar panel at first but it was too complicated. Now I think what the man tried to sell us was a HoJo Motor. I’ve already built one following the instructions in this guide and it effectively cut down our electric bill last month. It was so easy to make that now I’m thanking my wife for convincing me not to buy that expensive device. This guide can help you build one even if you don’t have any experience in DIY electric stuff.

This is cheaper to make than others
posted this review on May 12, 2013

Being the man of the house my wife tasked me with looking for a way to drop the electricity bill. My wife and I are both COD addicts, so we probably spend more on electricity than normal couples do, especially during the weekends. I tried the HoJo motor because the materials and equipment needed are cheaper than others. I don’t have previous experience working on electronics, or anything related to it, so this took me a whole month to finish (I work on it only on weekends). But I think I can finish my 2nd one in a day or two. The instructions are ok, but I take some time to carry out each step. My wife said we’ve saved almost 70% when she checked our last bill. We were so happy we just had to call our parents to brag about our latest achievement, and now they want me to come over to build theirs!

It's a great product... clear instructions
posted this review on February 24, 2013

There are a lot of ways to cut down on electricity cost like setting up your own wind or solar panel. It’s totally up to you. I think when it comes to performance, there’s little difference. Also, you might want to consider where you live and what your home is like. For me, I think the best one for me is the HoJo Motor. I’ve checked out various books first for different equipment for cutting down electricity bills and this is what I chose because it’s simpler, the materials are cheaper, and it just had more appeal than others I think. Hahaha! The guide is good too. It’s better than the other guides I purchased. I purchased one for solar panels which came with a free guide for windmills, and then there’s this other one I forgot what the generator is called, but I totally didn’t like it so I chose this. It’s been saving us 70% since I had it setup. It’s really easy to build. I’m sure you’ll find no problems getting it ready.

Easy to follow instructions and cheap materials
posted this review on January 6, 2013

When I found out that I can cut our electricity bill using this motor, I downloaded the book right away. It was kinda hard for me at first because I know nothing about electronics. The book though is easy to understand, and the materials are quite easy to find. They’re cheapa too! I worked on my magnetic generator for a few days, and then it was up and running. The first month our electricity was cut by 54%! Now we managed to cut it down by 73%. It’s really one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s helping our finances. We are kinda in a bad financial state right now, so we’re exhausting all ways to save. It’s also great that we’re helping the environment this way. It feels good to be contributing to all the green efforts that’s so hot right now. I’ve been offering my services to neighbors and some friends, and now I’ve got 2 orders due next month!

We save about 80% on electricity because of the motor
posted this review on August 29, 2012

The guide is so easy to follow, and the final product is very effective at lowering electricity bills. I finished my motor on a single weekend working alone. The materials I needed were also easy to find and cheap. You probably already have some of them lying around the house if you are into electronics. The book explains the entire process very clearly and gives you a clear idea on what to expect once you get your engine working. I personally didn’t find anything confusing in here. When I finished my motor, it worked great! My wife and I saved about 80% in our electricity bills, and that’s without adjusting our consumption. I hope everyone creates a motor like this for their home, so we can all save on raw materials for electricity.

70-80% savings
posted this review on July 24, 2012

This is a wonderful idea! My family has been scrimping on everything since my wife quit her job for our new baby. One of the expenses we wanted to cut down was electricity, so when I saw this guide online, I decided to try it. I love tinkering with electronics, so it wasn’t much of a problem for me. I had my eldest son help me setup HoJo motor in 3 days. The parts aren’t so expensive if that’s your concern. My wife set a budget for us to use, and we didn’t even use up all of it. They’re readily available too. We got everything ready in just a day. The first month of using this we saved 76% on electricity. The month after that we saved about 82%! It’s more than what we expected. I think every family should own this motor.


Took me 3 afternoons to build mine.

I have been trying to build a “free energy” zero point generator for years and finally this guide taught me how! It took me 3 afternoons to build mine. These guys are going to change the world with this.

Steven Jones

This was the best decision I ever made!

I decided to try and build my HoJo Motor with these plans so my wife and I could have mobile energy at our cabin in the mountains about an hour from our home in California.

I’ll be totally honest and say I was a tad skeptical when I first heard about these plans but I decided to try them anyway b/c I saw that it has 3 U.S. patents.

…All I can say is that this was the best decision I ever made! In 2 weekends I made a working motor that’s been producing enough electricity to power almost everything in our cabin!

We’re building another one for our main residence!

Jason and Maria Hadaway,
San Jose, California

It works!

I decided to try this out after I came across their website…

…I’m glad I did it! It works… and it’s incredibly easy to build. In fact, after I built my first generator, I helped my 12 y.o. son put together his own device for a school project.

Cameron Miller,
St. Petersburg, Florida

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