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Home Based FFL Kit is a package that will lead you through the entire process of getting your federal firearms license (FFL). You'll learn from Brandon Maddox, who's the owner of the largest home-based FFL and Class 3 (SOT) FFL dealership in the Midwest. He's so confident his information and advice will work that he's giving you a 150% guarantee - if you fit the qualifications of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), you'll get your FFL quickly and easily. If you don't, you'll get 150% of your money back.

Home Based FFL Kit contains the FFL License Guide and Class 3 FFL License (SOT) Guide. These guides provide you with all the application forms you need along with sample applications, detailed instructions, regulation documents, ATF contact information, guidelines for interviews and inspections and much more. Plus, you'll get daily updates for both guides and personal support from Brandon Maddox during and after your application process.

You can purchase FFL License Guide and Class 3 FFL License (SOT) Guide separately for $34.99 each or purchase the entire Home Based FFL Kit for just $54.99.

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Brandon offers exceptional service
posted this review on December 16, 2013

I read about Brandon Maddox on guns.com that’s why I chose his service over many others on the Internet. This is one of the few products online that has a real person behind it. Brandon has been more than helpful while I was taking care of my FFL License. We communicated through email even after I paid his product. Other online products do not offer support at all, Brandon offers topnotch. He asked regularly like I was really a valued customer although I’m sure he earned little from his business with me. I got the FFL & Class 3 License Guides and it’s really an excellent source of information. I was confused initially because I had no previous idea about FFL, but Brandon clarified everything for me. This guy obviously loves what he’s doing, introducing all these stuff to people. He’s a real gun lover like me and I enjoyed working with him. He didn’t request for this review, I just wanted to support his work the way he supported mine.

Excellent product and service
posted this review on December 24, 2012

Home Based FFL Kit helped me in becoming a licensed firearms dealer. I know everything about firearms, and dealing with firearms addicts, but when it comes to the technical stuff and paperwork, I totally suck at those things. I had no idea how to get a license, and most of my buddies don’t have any idea either. Good thing I found the Home Based FFL Kit. It gave me step-by-step instructions in how to get licensed in record time. Brandon Maddox has really been helpful, providing me with excellent support and all that. He gave me so much additional information after I emailed him. He’s also a gun enthusiast, so we had fun exchanging a few emails on licensing and random stuff. He’s a great fellow, and his product is awesome too. Perfect 10 for both Home Based FFL Kit and Brandon Maddox.

Can't get any easier than this
posted this review on October 20, 2012

I’ve experienced what a pain it is to get an FFL license, so on my first try, I didn’t push through with it. But then I found Brandon’s website, and gave it a shot. I was a little worried dealing with some stranger and trusting him with my name and my money, but Brandon’s been very reassuring and he gave me everything I needed to know and to see to have peace of mind in the deal. Brandon’s support is also exceptional. He replies promptly to questions, and he doesn’t get annoyed with so many of them. I had so many questions thrown at him because I don’t have much knowledge in this and I’m just an impatient brat at times, but Brandon’s been very accommodating. I suggest checking out his website, or better yet, downloading this product right away. This will save you so much time and money, belive me. I’ve tried doing it without Brandon’s assistance, and my efforts all went to waste, so better start with this and not waste any time and effort.

Class 3 license with Brandon's help!
posted this review on August 23, 2012

This worked for me. I’ve always wanted to be a gun dealer, but I was scared of the legalities I need to take care of. I knew I should be carefully in dealing with firearms, since they can be used for crimes, and other nasty stuff like that. Well, with Brandon’s help, I got my Class 3 FFL license in no time. I worked on my FFL first, with Brandon as well, and then worked on my Class 3 license after, with him also. He’s very helpful. He’d respond to every query promptly, and the answers are always right on. I know it can be quite difficult, and it feels uncomfortable to some people dealing online, but if you checkout Brandon’s site, you will see that his face is everywhere, so there’s no way it can be a scam. You’ll have more confidence dealing with him that way.

It was great working with Brandon...
Johnny Matthews (from Jacksonville, USA) posted this review on July 17, 2012

This saved me a lot of money. It’s highly recommended for gun enthusiasts. There are several guns I needed licensed, so this is really worth the money.  I also shared this with a few friends who are also gun enthusiasts. I don’t usually transact online, but I’m happy that I decided to work with Brandon. He’s been helpful. I sent him three emails asking several questions, as I’m quite slow with this thing, and he responded promptly to each of them. If you want to get an FFL license, I suggest trying this out, while Brandon still has that 150% money back guarantee.


Everything as promised

FFL quickly as promised! I am just starting my firearms business, but it is so easy to apply and get approved. The guides saved me a ton of time.

Raymond S
Green Valley, Arizona

Excellent product.

Excellent product & service! I am so excited to have the freedom to buy and transfer my hunting rifles with no FFL fee each time. The dealer pricing is better than I thought.

Chuck M,
Beloit, Wisconsin

Well done!

This was money well spent! FFL was quick & easy!th The forms, the links, the insights, and the references, but most of all the quick and thorough communication on questions I have had working through the FFL application process. Will pass on to my friends.

Kurk B.
Houston, Texa

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