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by Richard A Stubbs
(7 votes)
Solar Power Design Manual will teach you how to create safe solar power systems for any application that can be built anywhere in the world, regardless of country or climate. Building a solar power system will save you thousands of dollars a year on...
by Brian Benner
(5 votes)
Instant Landscaping Ideas is an e-book that will help you transform the area outside your home from boring to beautiful. Author Brian Benner is a certified landscape designer and the owner of a landscape design company. Over the years, he gathered...
(4 votes)
If you have diabetes, you need to adhere to certain dietary restrictions and limit your intake of certain foods, especially sugar. But that doesn't mean you're stuck eating tasteless, boring meals. You can enjoy almost any kind of food, as long as...
(5 votes)
Amazing Smoothies is an e-book with more than 200 amazing recipes for smoothies that are rich in vitamins and other nutrients. You'll only use natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables that are also low in calories and fat. By drinking these...
by John Benson
(9 votes)
The e-book Adverse Possession: How to Claim Your Real Estate Fortune Starting Today is all about a little known English law called Adverse Possession, and how a real estate property can be yours for the taking by using this law.  The Adverse...
by Daniel Berg
(3 votes)
Prevent burglary and keep your home safe and secure and with the help of Daniel Berg's e-book The Ultimate Guide to Home Security. It's packed with valuable information about the best security systems and hardware for your home. This e-book covers...
by Bill Edwards
(5 votes)
Bill Edwards, president of American Home Counsel, released an eBook that will help you save 30%-40% from the normal cost of house building. His eBook entitled The Ultimate Guide to Contracting Your Own Home teaches you everything there is to know...
by Carolyn Rush
(6 votes)
Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget by Carolyn Rush is a complete guide on going back to ancestral eating without spending a fortune on your food. A lot of us are already aware of the great effects this kind of diet has on...