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by Johnny Freesh
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Raw food is the key to better health and longer life. However, a lot of people find it difficult to make their switch to raw food fun and sustainable. If you want to get into the raw food bandwagon, but you have no idea where to get simple, yet...
by Jim Yang
(6 votes)
Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking is a must if you love Chinese cooking and want to incorporate it into a delicious, healthy diet. It features hundreds of vegetarian recipes that are easy and quick to prepare. There are all kinds of...
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If you find it a challenge choosing which paleo or primal recipes to try each day, you need FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012. This eCookbook features the best paleo recipes from top paleo bloggers and websites. These recipes have been handpicked by the...
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Are you a housewife who likes to go grocery shopping, and who enjoys browsing  through each and every goods in the store? Well, chances are that you’ve blown again your budget again for the next week by buying stuff you don’t...
by Les and Jane
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Gardening need not be difficult, nor costly. If you want the most fun and most affordable way to grow a lovely garden in your backyard, you need Garden Secrets from Les and Jane. Les and Jane are both garden enthusiasts. They are very passionate...
by Don West
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If you want to design and remodel a whole new bathroom, then Don West's Better Bath Design is the perfect e-book for you. It contains everything you need to plan, design and create a unique bathroom that suits your taste and needs.  Better...
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Make Your Own Eye-Catching Christmas Displays is a collection of Christmas decoration patterns that are easy to make and fun to paint. These are unlike generic Christmas toys, such as icicles and toy soldiers. This collection features only the most...
by John Harrison
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Food and water are the two most important resources we need to survive. And so naturally, these are the first two things that run out when a crisis hits. After a disaster or terrorist attack or when the economy continues to collapse, do you think...