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If you want to cut your electricity bill by as much as 80% and at the same time contribute to a cleaner environment, then Home Made Power Plant may be exactly what you've been looking for. Written by an alternative energy researcher Frank Patrick, Home Made Power Plant is a set of blueprints for building your very own windmill and solar panel. The manual is written in easy-to-understand English and is fully illustrated, so you don't need to be an engineer to put it into practice. All you have to do is follow the instructions and in no-time you'll have your own windmill and solar panel hooked-up and providing you with the free energy. Keep in mind though that you will have to invest an additional $200 for the various parts that you'll need to buy.

Everybody knows that the energy from the sun and the wind is limitless. Now, with a help of a Home Made Power Plant guide, you'll learn the easiest (and probably the cheapest) way to ‘harvest' this energy. So if you want to save some money, help save the planet and have fun doing it, then check out the Home Made Power Plant by Frank Patrick.

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This is helping us save so much money now
posted this review on August 11, 2014

Our homemade power plant is helping us save so much money now. I’m very happy with what we got. My husband did everything on his own. I just helped out a bit. This is the best thing we’ve ever done for our home so far. The instructions in the guide are so easy to follow and definitely very simple. Highly recommended!

Very much worth it!
posted this review on August 19, 2012

I managed to cut down our electricity bills by 73% using this book. The solar panel and windmill guides in this package are easy to follow. I have not tried making one of those before, but using the info in this book, I finished mine pretty quick. I have a solar panel, as well as a windmill at home, and I alternate between the two of them. I didn’t spend much for them, just a tiny amount I had to sacrifice for more long term savings. I also got only a little help from my 14-yr old son who wanted to have something to do with his extra time. Other than that, I mostly worked on both of them alone, and managed to finish them in about a week or so. This guide is recommended for people who want to help save the environment and those who want to save a LOT of money from their energy bills.

Cut down our electricity bills by 63%
Tony Bryans (from El Paso, USA) posted this review on July 12, 2012

This is genius! I bought this book out of sheer curiosity and worked on it right away. The explanations are clear and it’s obviously well-researched, so I didn’t have problems following it. My wife was furious with the money I used to buy materials, saying that I’m only throwing away our money for nothing. I told her I’ve read a lot about solar and wind energy before buying the book, so there’s no way she’s stopping me from doing it. When it was finished, I had to face the wrath of my wife again because she thought it was dangerous to tinker with our house’s energy source. I went ahead anyway and installed it. When our electricity bills came that month, my wife was astounded to see that it got down 63%! I’m now working on cutting it down a further 20% to hit the max 80%. Of course, my wife is supportive now!


Home Made Power Plant Review

We noticed we were spending quite a lot on our electricity bill and were trying to figure out how to spend less. At first we simply tried to restrict our energy usage - like watching TV less and not waste so much time on our 3 computers and of course turning all of them off when not needed. But we soon realized we couldn't force ourselves into doing that so we just HAD to find a less painful way to save.

Luckily, we heard from some of our friends how they installed their own solar power generator and/or windmill to give them FREE energy, by using Home Made Power Plant. At first, we are ashamed to admit that, we were a bit skeptical about all this but we decided to give you some credit so we bought your book and we installed our solar generator in the first day! That's how easy it was to do it!

It's been a full year now since then and we'd like to give you a BIG THANK YOU for helping us save $3,157 so far!

by Tom and Linda Donovan

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