Hopeless to Harvard

by John Chang

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If getting into Harvard is one of your life’s goals, Hopeless to Harvard is a must-have guide for you. This 50-page eBook is packed with information on how you can become an Ivy League student, regardless of your IQ. Getting into a university this big takes more than just intelligence, but also dedication, hard work, and strategy. John Chang from Stanford class 2006, guarantees to share everything he knows about getting into an Ivy League university.

In Hopeless to Harvard, you will learn how to create your own spikes that will be your ticket to Harvard. According to John Chang, you only need one great spike to get in, but without one you will surely be rejected. He also shares strategies on how to impress Yale administrators, even if you’ve never done anything impressive as a high school student. There are also tricks on how to tweak your credentials in emergency cases, as well as notes on the things you should avoid when applying. With this much information in your hands, you will definitely get an edge against other Harvard hopefuls.

However, John Chang warns that although his eBook will be a great guide for you, you still need to work hard if you want to secure a spot for yourself in any Ivy League university. His eBook is meant to save you from joining boring clubs and ineffective study sessions, but it won’t do all the work for you.

Hopeless to Harvard will give you equal standing with those who have spent their entire lives preparing for this goal. It guides you in working around those things that you lack, so you can still become a Harvard student even if you just breezed through high school.

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I owe so much to this book
posted this review on July 26, 2013

Hopeless to Harvard is great for people who want to get into an Ivy League University, but do not know how. I was worried about the same thing before. I wanted to get into Yale, but decided on that dream a bit too late and I thought I really didn’t have a chance anymore. Hopeless to Harvard really helped me. From being an average high school student, I’m now an Ivy Leaguer. A lot of people who knew me back when I was in high school and middle school were shocked. I was shocked too. i just tried this program because I couldn’t think of any other way to get into my dream university. It may not be as easy as what’s stated here, but that’s fine. I never expected it to be anyway. I never even expected it to work. I owe a lot to this program. If not for this, I’d probably be staying at home all day wallowing on my failure and getting obese. Now I can already see a brighter future ahead of me. There is hope in Hopeless to Harvard!

Awesome university application tips from start to finish
posted this review on May 27, 2013

I got into Yale, and my girlfriend was really shocked. She’s going to a local college because she didn’t have the guts to try with our average grades and average intelligence. We were also just regular members of the electronics club in high school, so there’s nothing special about us. I, on the other hand, wanted to push my luck. I did an awful lot of research on how to work around my flaws because if I’d go the normal route, I wouldn’t get past the first stage of the application. Hopeless to Harvard is the most awesome thing that I found while unearthing buried treasures on the internet. I had to dig through piles of rubbish information to find this, but when I finally had it in my hands, I knew there’s a big change I could get into Yale. Well, in the end, I was waitlisted, but got in just the same. It’s one of the most exciting parts of my life opening that envelope. Now my girl regrets that she gave up before trying.

It's possible to have a really high chance of getting into Harva
posted this review on March 25, 2013

No one expected me to get into Harvard, and I think that’s the most exciting part of me getting into Harvard! Hahahaha! I was just an average student in high school. I chose to play computer games over studying, and my parents really hated that. My mom and dad are both Ivy Leaguers and they were disappointed thinking that their son is not cut out to be an achiever like them. They thought they’d given me so much comfort in life and that’s what made my brain shrink and dry up like a prune. Those are my dad’s exact words. I secretly wanted to make it to Harvard just so I can prove them wrong. A lot of people tell me I’m a pretty smart guy, but my laziness and lack of determination gets me. Hopeless to Harvard helped me become the person my parents wanted me to be, and the person I secretly wanted to be. Everyone was shocked when I got the invitation to study here. I’m now a Harvard student thanks to the workarounds I learned from this guide. This will not guarantee anything. You probably might still flunk or fail, but it’s surely gonna give you better chances of getting in. If it worked for me, it’s probably gonna work for you too.

A good source of practical tips and tricks
posted this review on October 8, 2012

I wouldn’t guarantee that this book will magically get you to Harvard. If you’re thinking that, you don’t even deserve to get a shot at any Ivy League university. What this book does is give you practical tips and tricks that can help you make it to the school of your dreams, with a lot of work of course. The thing is that you won’t have to work hard, rather you’ll be working smart. This will make the application process easier and fun for you. Yes, fun. If you enjoy what you are doing, you’d have better chances for success. Why am I leaving this testimonial? It’s because I got into Stanford because of this, and I’m not even that smart.


I've learned a lot!

I saw John’s testimonials before I bought the book but sorta though they were too good to be true. I’ve been on CC forums for a year now, asking questions and getting chanced and reading people’s profiles. None of the advice has helped as much as Hopeless. I liked how he said the book helped average students and people with bad grades and SATs. My grades are ok but I thought that anything could help, especially since I’m not like a math genius or anything that could let me easily get into all the best schools. So I bought his book and I’ve learned a lot!! I’m still a sophomore, so I have 2 years – but I like how he breaks it up into categories for math and arts and etc. I’ve been pretty well-rounded in my activities, but it wasn’t until reading his book that I realized I need to focus on a few areas that I’m good at to “build a spike” – in his words.

Ellie Liao,
Public High School in Austin, TX

This guide is by far the best kept secret in college admissions!

Hopeless to Harvard is without doubt the best aid for college admissions on the market. I’ve been thinking and researching about colleges since fourth grade, and have read books and criticisms about college admissions. Never have I come across a guide so genuine and insightful as Hopeless. It has been my experience that most students have the pre-conceived notion that grades are the deciding factor in gaining college admission . This book not only disproves that notion, but it accomplishes in about 50 pages what books like “A is for Admission” cannot. It is frank and to the point, with no useless information. I am in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, and have compiled a list of activities and goals that will contribute to my important “spike” that I believe will propel me, and all others who follow this guide with dedication, into admission. I look forward in my high school career with great confidence that I have gained from Hopeless to Harvard, and I highly recommend this book to all students in all grade levels. Truly, this guide is by far the best kept secret in college admissions.

Tim Mason,
Private High School in Morristown, NJ

Gives practical suggestions for people running out of time...

My wife and I are parents who have gone through the Ivy admissions process once, and will do so again with our second child who is now in the eleventh grade.This book explains the inner workings of an admissions office and gives practical suggestions that people who are running out of time can use to help themselves get a boost. Some things you already know, plus many very important things you probably didn’t know. Practices that have never been acknowledged by the elite schools. I have long believed that campus visits were important, and this book confirms it. He also tells you exactly what legacy admit rates are, why people with poor GPA and low SAT scores can get into any top school, and other useful tips.

Andrew Cuiller,
father of 2 kids in Seattle, WA

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