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Bob Grant, the author of How Do I Get Him Back, is a licensed professional counselor and therapist with over sixteen years of experience. During his time as an active relationship coach and counselor he has helped numerous women who just got dumped by their boyfriend or husband. Because of his success in such matters, he's now known as ‘The Relationship Doctor'.

In his latest book, How Do I Get Him Back, Mr. Grant lays out his step-by-step plan of action that will help you get your ex back. His plan is based on techniques that have been used for centuries as well as the latest discoveries in the field of man's psychology. Most women, when trying to get their man to return to them, are using techniques and strategies that would most likely work on another woman, but are quite ineffective on a man. That's because men think in a different way than women, they react differently and should be approached differently as well.

And here's where ‘How Do I Get Him Back' can really come in handy. It will help you to understand your man in a way that you've never been able to before. This way you'll be able to influence his desires and make him want to come back to you. And once you have him back, the How Do I Get Him Back e-book will teach you how to find out the main reason why he left in the first place and make sure that never happens again.

If you order How Do I Get Him Back through the ‘Order Now' link below, you'll also get a 15-minute one-on-one private consultation with the Relationship Doctor himself.

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My bf is now under my spell
M. Barthington (from Vinalhaven, USA) posted this review on July 30, 2014

My boyfriend broke up with me for another girl, and for a time, I thought I’d never get him back. And then How Do I Get Him Back came along and this changed everything for me. He came running back to me. I can’t believe he left that girl who is 10x hotter than me. Right now, we’re back in each other’s arms and I have better control of the relationship now. It’s like I’ve made him realize just how important I am to him, and now he’s under my spell!

Bob's the master of relationship eBooks
posted this review on July 20, 2013

Bob Grant is truly the master of relationship books. I have read other books from him after this book because I just love his insights. How Do I Get Him Back answered so many questions for me, and it also helped me lay out the action plan I used for getting my boyfriend back after I cheated on him. I thought it was impossible, but nothing’s impossible when it comes to Bob Grant. He knows how to push all the right buttons in a relationship. I got my boyfriend back because of this, and I’ve the feeling that this will be for good.

I love the way my boyfriend is now
posted this review on May 6, 2013

How Do I Get Him Back helped revive our relationship. We haven’t broken up yet, but we’ve drifted so far apart. I thought I was gonna lose him, but I learned the techniques here, and I got his affection back. It took time, and I really had to prioritize him, but he’s changed a lot now in the way he treats me, so it’s worth all the trouble. He’s so much sweeter, and more open to me now. I love the new him.

Bob Grant is so good at what he does
Helen Chen (from Aliso Viejo, USA) posted this review on April 11, 2013

I know that Bob Grant is a real relationship coach. I’ve read about him on the internet many times when looking for relationship tips and relationship help. I’ve been with the same man for 6 years, and last year we had some problems and almost broke up. It’s a good thing that I’ve already read How Do I Get Him Back and I tried the techniques right away. It felt awkward initially having to try these things from a book on my boyfriend, but I really wanted to get him back, so I just had to do it. I got to save our relationship, and I really want to thank Bob Grant for that. I’ve always known his good I just didn’t know he’s this good!

This guide saved my relationship
posted this review on March 15, 2013

Bob Grant’s book is great because it’s a really grownup approach on how to save your relationship. This will surely work on most cases because it uses psychological stuff to keep your man attracted to you. I’m sure you’re on this page feeling desperate about getting the love of your man back. I was like that too before, but with a little help from Bob, I got him to love me again. It’s not an easy thing, but it’s possible. You just have to follow Bob’s instructions exactly because as I’ve said, they work on the mind. I was feeling desperate then, but I realized that the more I tried to held on to him, the more he slipped away, and that’s when I found Bob’s book, and this saved me from the confusion I was feeling that time. Bob’s an exceptional teacher, and he’s also very inspiring. He will push you hard as he can to get your man back. The result was positive for me, and I hope you experience the same success I experienced with Bob’s book.

Bob Grant's been very helpful in so many ways
posted this review on March 8, 2013

There are a lot of get him back or get her back systems on the internet but few are written by professionals. I know that a lot of people write ebooks for the internet for some quick money and they don’t really know a thing on what they’re writing about, so I did my homework before downloading this book. My husband was threatening me with divorce then, and I really thought there was no hope left for our relationship. Good thing I found Bob Grant. He really made changes in the way I treated my husband, and that made me win his affection again. Bob isn’t just a book writer, he’s also a real relationship coach, and I found myself sending him several emails throughout the ordeal, and he always responded with enlightening, inspiring, and helpful answers. He gave me insights on how men think, and why I should treat my husband a certain way to get the most affection from him and stuff like that. He’s a really good person and his goal is to help you fix your relationship issues and not just to earn from you like some other eBook writers do.

This had been an eye-opener
posted this review on October 26, 2012

I asked the same question while going crazy about my breakup. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years before he decided to call it quits. I asked him why and he told me that the relationship is becoming more and more difficult for him. That’s something I couldn’t understand because I thought then that I was doing the best I could for him and I thought he was happy. When he asked for that breakup, I was devastated. I was drinking for days and calling him while I was drunk asking him to take me home and those things. One night while on a crying spree, a friend sent me the link for this book, and I got it. At first I didn’t like it because it seemed like it was telling me that everything I was doing was wrong, but in the end, it turned out to be my eye-opener. I followed the step-by-step action plan, and mustered all the self-control I got so I can stick to it. After a month, things started to get better between me and my man, and we’re back together now. We’re so blissfully in love now, and our bond is stronger than ever! Thanks to this awesome book!

You can have total power over your man
posted this review on August 15, 2012

Based on my personal experience, this book works, but only if you are determined to get your man back. It does require some work and some self-control, so you gotta learn to stick to the plan if you want to get results. I won’t say that it’s easy, but it’s effective and it’s worth all the effort once you finally get your man back in your arms again. I also learned a lot about men from this  book. They may not be robots, but they got this common framework that you can start with to gain a deeper understanding of them. Once you master that basic, you will never go wrong with men. After getting back together with my boyfriend, I seem to be more in control of the relationship. It’s like I’ve gained the power to make him do something I want, and get him to think that it is him who thought about it. It’s great getting more from the relationship now!

I got mine back!
posted this review on July 8, 2012

This book is a sensible guide on getting back together with your man. It worked so well for me and I’m sure it will also work for other women who have the determination to fight for the man they love.

A year ago, my boyfriend broke up with me for another woman. He was assigned to another state and they met in their new office. I couldn’t get over him, and I was nearly depressed, but we still had communication then, so I knew I still had a chance on getting him back. I was desperate so I turned to the internet for ways to get him back. My friends told me that he is not worth anything and that I should just forget him, but I knew there was something I did that pushed him away.

With the help of this book, I learned so much about my man, and men in general. I realized the silly mistakes I’ve been committing, and why after 3 years of being happy together, he suddenly chose someone else over me. He broke up with the other girl three months after our breakup, and asked me to be his girl again. He explained why he left me before, and asked for forgiveness. We got back together, and got engaged last month. This book definitely saved our relationship.

An Amazing Book
AE9876 (from Manchester, UK) posted this review on May 8, 2010

I have no doubt (unlike other authors) that Bob Grant is a qualified and experienced psychologist/therapist. This book provides so much advice and help as well as practical instructions. It is so much more than just how to get your ex back - it goes through how to evaluate whether you should as well and what to do when you have him back.

The first aspect worked like a charm, I was getting very jittery and starting to doubt the process but almost at the 11th hour it happened! I am just not sure I handled the next stage correctly though so am a bit stuck and am now scrabbling around for other ideas & MAGIC buttons. There is excellent advice for women only in Bob Grant’s book. I am sure he is a genuine expert with integrity and I have found this book immensely helpful.


Review for How Do I Get Him Back

I read the book and for the first time ever I felt like I knew the answer! Understanding men has never been so easy! It's like something inside me came alive.


"It Happened"

I didn't believe that it was possible to change my man's mind. Even though I was skeptical I decided to give it a try and am I ever glad I did. It happened just like Bob said it would.


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