How to Beat No-Limit Hold ‘Em 6-max Cash Games

by Bill Vosti,

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Texas Hold ‘em is the most popular poker game both online and offline. If you're an avid player, then you know what a thrill it is to hold that winning hand. Even if you consider yourself a great player, there's still more you can learn. 

How to Beat No-Limit Hold ‘Em 6-max Cash Games is an e-book that will help you put your absolute best game forward. It focuses on a new online form of Texas Hold 'em called 6-max cash games. Author Bill Vosti has been a professional online poker player for the last several years. He knows all the ins and outs of the 6-max games. He saw the lack of information out there on the shorthanded games and decided to fill the void with How to Beat No-Limit Hold 'Em 6-max Cash Games. 

In the book, you'll learn the game plan that made Vosti a top player. You'll also learn the nuances of playing the game, including where to sit and how to exploit opponents' weaknesses. The book has plenty of game strategies as well. You'll also get bonus hand charts and videos.

If you're looking to step up your game and become the next Texas Hold 'em superstar, then How to Beat No-Limit Hold 'Em 6-max Cash Games is the book for you.

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Bill's method really works
On-Site Review

In a poker world of highs and lows, dealing with the ultimate evil of ‘variance,’ Bill has been one consistent help.

Bill has done a good job of keeping all players focused on the fundamentals and improving the game.

Robert Cross

A solid foundation
On-Site Review

Bill's methods have helped develop a solid poker foundation that is important in advancing any play for tougher games.

Andrew Liu

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