How to Date an Asian Woman

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How to Date an Asian Woman is a guide for men who want to date women from Asia. Because interracial dating has its own obstacles and challenges, a determined Caucasian man should be mentally, emotionally, and even physically ready to date an Asian woman. This 75-page e-book from will prepare and groom you to date different types of women from all possible backgrounds.

One thing that is very well explained in How to Date an Asian Woman is the Asian culture. This is something that you really should know if you want to impress your dream girl from the East. Respect for culture is extremely important in Asia and you really need to know all the DOs and DON'Ts in order to avoid scaring your Asian date away. The e-book will also teach you how to tell the real motives of an Asian woman you're dating. It discusses top questions like sex, hidden motives, immigration issues, taking care of the in-laws, grooming, etc. But the part of the book that a lot of men find most interesting is the one that teaches seduction techniques, trick and strategies that an Asian woman will respond to favorably.

Before you even think of signing up for an Asian women dating site, you really should read How to Date an Asian Woman. It will greatly increase your chances of meeting the right woman and also decrease the chances of you getting scammed. You see, you'll get a bunch of tips that will help you distinguish a legitimate dating site from a bogus one so you can make sure that your dating runs smoothly right from the start.

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The key to a happy relationship with an asian girl
posted this review on December 28, 2012

If you’re from the west, I’m sure you’d be surprised with how different eastern women are. They’re harder to figure out, and they don’t usually say what’s on their mind. Plus, there’s always that possibility that they might be dating you only for a quick ticket to your country. A lot of eastern people in poorer nations think that their only way to a better life is to marry a westerner. I’ve met a lot of women who are like that in online dating websites. I’ve had 2 asian girlfriends I broke up with because I realized that they were only after my money. Yep, it’s sad, but that’s how things are.

How to Date an Asian Woman helped me learn everything about eastern women. They’re still different from one another, but the most basic information I needed to know, I got from here. I learned how to determine right away whether or not a girl is interested in me, or just my money. I also found out about the best way to treat an Asian girlfriend. They’re quite different from western ladies when it comes to relationship. I’ve been with my Thai girlfriend for almost a year now, and we’re very happy together. I think I’ll be marrying her soon.

It is really packed with information
posted this review on December 9, 2012

Asian women certainly have a certain charm in them. They really mesmerize men easily because they’re mysterious, reserved, sweet, and beautiful. I’ve been in love with an Asian woman for 2 years now. We met in person just a few months ago. How to Date an Asian Woman helped me learn a lot about her culture. Sometimes, even if you already know a person, your cultural differences can get in the way. Through this book, I understood the dating customs in her land, Thailand, and it made it easier for me to get along with her and her family.

I learned a lot from this!
posted this review on November 24, 2012

The book is spectacular! It’s covered all aspects of dating an Asian girl. I met a girl online last year, and we’re planning to meet-up after Christmas. I’ll be coming to Malaysia to see her in less than a month, and this book is helping me prepare for that. I’ve learned so much about Asian culture here, and how they view relationships. I feel like I’m ready to face whatever is ahead of me in that country.


They treat me like I am James Bond . . .

Before I read this book I was really pathetic. I was addicted to Asian porn and I never asked any girl out because I thought they were somehow “above me.” The info in this book taught me that I was the problem and that all I had to do was get the message out there that I was available and make a few changes about how I presented myself. I enrolled on a dating site and now I have so many beautiful women responding to my emails I can hardly believe that is real. The great thing is they treat me like I am James Bond.

Don, Landscaper

I overcome my prejudice I thought I didn't have to begin with

Let’s face it …any man who says he has yellow fever probably is a racist. I thought I was and was somewhat embarrassed about my fetish until this book gave me the “permission” to go ahead and let go of my “political correctness.” I was also happy to discover that all that good sex with Asian women has a physical reason behind it. It wasn’t just my imagination!


I now know that nothing could be further than the truth

This author seems to really understand what men who have an Asian fetish go through ...I particularly liked the part about the stereotypes and how I might be manipulated by them to act in a dishonest manner in order to impress these women. After following the advice, I now know that nothing could be further than the truth.


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