How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!

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Patrick Lecky suffered for years from Type 2 diabetes. His condition was getting worse, and doctors could do nothing except prescribe more medications. He lived with insulin injections for 10 years until he decided to do his own research. He contacted dozens of therapists, nutritionists, and alternative physicians. He read specialized books, magazines, and newspapers and managed to start to live a normal life.

Elated by his success, he compiled all the information to share with others in need of help. This is how his monthly The Diabetic Warrior newsletter started. As time passed, Patrick Lecky decided to gather his best issues and put them together into an e-book, How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN.

It contains 20 issues that form the complete healing program. The first issue explains how to eliminate insulin inputs into your body in a natural way, while the next three issues cover detoxification. The remaining issues focus on healing. How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN gives holistic, drug-free proven advice based on healthy nutrition, primal foods, and natural remedies.

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I'm sure this will help a lot of diabetes sufferers
posted this review on July 21, 2014

After checking out so many diabetes resources from the Internet and not seeing one that seems sensible enough for me, I was already losing hope, and then How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes And Win came along, and I was extremely surprised how amazing it was! Everything that’s written in the guide made sense. My father also has diabetes, so we tried this together. After about 2 months on this program, dad already got off his insulin, and I’m now off my meds. Since dad has a more extreme case, he’s still taking some meds at this point. We are still following the program, although for me, not as strictly as before. I am enjoying food now like I’ve never had before! I just make sure to still follow some of the rules here, but in general, it feels great being able to live and eat normally despite my condition. My doctor approves of this guide 100% because diabetes is greatly affected by diet and lifestyle. In fact, he told me he’d be recommending this to some of his patients, especially those whose blood sugar is just a bit higher than average. I hope this helps a lot other diabetes sufferers out there. It’s a great supplement to your existing treatment plan, but I still suggest working closely with your doctor, especially if your case is a bit worse than normal.

Truly happy with this
posted this review on June 30, 2014

I did not quit the meds my doctor gave me, but I followed everything else that’s written here. I am not that brave to just quit taking meds. I noticed significant improvements in my health since following this program. Not just diabetes-related, but also in general. I feel so much more energetic, and really definitely a lot healthier with this program. Last week, I went to the doctor to have my blood checked again and got better results. I might be taken off medication in a few months if the improvement continues. I am also off insulin now. I’m just taking the meds that the doc gave me. The pills are enough to get my blood sugar in check. Highly recommended for diabetes and high blood sugar sufferers!

This helped me get off insulin
posted this review on February 17, 2014

I had already been taking insulin shots when I discovered this program. It was actually my wife who found this. When she was insisting that I use the program, I kept saying no because I didn’t believe it, and then one day, I forgot to take my meds with me on a long trip and I was hospitalized because my blood sugar spiked. I realized that I have to have an alternative, and that meds alone can’t help me. This guide has helped me control my blood sugar level. I’m off insulin now, but I still have one kind of medicine. It’s the only one I’m taking now, and I’m hoping to be off it too soon. The methods here are really effective, but you need a great deal of self-control for it to work. But anyway, it’s still great and I still recommend it to other diabetes II sufferers.

No need for artificial meds anymore
posted this review on February 10, 2014

I think our fight against diabetes will continue forever, but that’s ok as long as we have methods that really work without the need for medication. My husband and I both have type diabetes and for some time we were taking a lot of meds. Good thing we found this!

I'm glad diabetes didn't kill me
posted this review on October 28, 2013

I’m a diabetes 2 survivor. I didn’t expect my disease to be reversed. The doctor told me that there’s a very small chance to reverse my sickness. I was already worried about the future of my children because I have 2 very young sons and I’m a single mom. I had no choice but to trust this natural treatment method. How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes and Win worked really well for me. Just a few weeks after being on the program, I already noticed changes in the way my body felt. I was more energized. I didn’t have the lethargic feeling I used to have before. I also stopped feeling that tingly sensation in my arms and legs. Everything changed for me. When I went to the doctor, she was surprised to see how much improvement I made in just a short time. How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes and Win saved my life and those of my sons.

It took time, but it worked
Victor Bandel (from Wayland, USA) posted this review on October 28, 2013

My journey with How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes started 3 years ago. I was just diagnosed of type 2 diabetes then. I was given medications, I was told to eat this and eat that, avoid this and avoid that. I followed everything for a few months, but my wife and I noticed that I wasn’t improving at all. My blood sugar still fluctuated like crazy. My sister-in-law is into holistic healing. She told us about this book, and that the program here is admired by a lot of people in her circle. I was initially skeptical but I tried it. I stopped taking my meds despite my doctor’s warnings. My wife supported my decision because we know a lot of people who never recover from type 2 diabetes just by following their doctor’s advice. It took some time before the program normalized my blood sugar, but by the 2nd month on this program, I had already lost a lot of weight, I’d been feeling more energized, I’d already seen so much improvement in my body. My blood sugar level is very stable now, and on a very safe level. I’m still on a healthy diet, but I’m already allowed the occasional sweets. I also got into a permanent workout regimen. Most importantly, since I’ve seen the effects of bad diet on a person’s body, I’ve put my entire family on a healthy diet. The kids hated it at first, but they will thank me for it in the future.

It's time to fight diabetes without excuses!
Ernie T. (from Hayward, USA) posted this review on August 3, 2013

There is no excuse not to fight diabetes. It could be in your blood, it could be caused by your lifestyle, whatever the reason is, everyone should learn how to fight it and be willing to fight it. How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN was an experimental decision for me. I was desperate for a way to control my blood sugar level, so I decided to stray from the usual treatment method. It proved to be the right decision because right now, I’m enjoying better health. My blood sugar level is controlled, and I’m not taking any medicine anymore. My doctor told me to keep up the good work, and he said I’ve probably already extended my life a few years just by following the methods here for a few months. I’m glad there’s a program like this on the internet here most people can easily access it. I hope other diabetics give this program a try and use it as their weapon to fight their diabetes and win!

It's helped get me off insulin
Robert Crail (from Red Bluff, USA) posted this review on April 11, 2013

How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes and Win is a very good resource for natural diabetes treatment. I followed the tips here using it with the medications my doctor gave me, and right now, I’m off insulin. I still take pills but my doctor said we’re monitoring it to see if I can be off pills too.

My blood sugar is looking good!
posted this review on January 6, 2013

The other day I went to have my blood checked, and my doctor was surprised to see that my blood sugar has normalized! He didn’t think it was possible because I’ve been on insulin for 3 years. Now my blood sugar is completely ok! He asked me what I did and I told him about the techniques in this book. He told me that they don’t work for everybody, but I was already expecting he’d say that. If everybody knew about these cures, they’d run out of business! Anyway, give yourself a chance and try this!

I've finally stopped taking insulin
posted this review on December 30, 2012

I’ve been on insulin for 3 years before I found this book. I wanted to stop taking insulin then because I was scared of the side effects. I was right about trusting this book. it cured me in just a few months, and my latest blood test showed that I’m free from diabetes.

I won my battle, you can too
kian ross (from yamhill, usa) posted this review on December 9, 2012

I fought type 2 diabetes, and I won! I was ecstatic yesterday when the doctor told me that my blood sugar level has stabilized. It’s really the sweetest thing to hear in the world. I feel like I’m going to live 10 years longer now!

Stabilized my blood sugar
posted this review on September 9, 2012

This got me off insulin injections in just a few months. I’ve been injecting insulin since 3 or 4 years ago, and I know that it’s really damaging my body even more. My son suggested that I look for holistic cures to help control my diabetes, and this book is what we found. At first, I was skeptical about whether or not they’re going to work for me and I kept telling my son that if stuff like this works, what use is there for insulin injections? He pushed me to try it anyway saying that there’s nothing to lose anyway, since the cures are natural. I tried the tips and tricks in the book with my son’s “guidance” and I was surprised at its effects on my health. I thought it is indeed worth the effort even if it doesn’t completely normalize my blood sugar. 2 months after being on the program, I was even more surprised that my blood sugar has stabilized! This really works, and I’m sure it’s safe since the cures are all natural. I hope this review helps you decide to try this fantastic natural cure for diabetes.

simple, yet effective
posted this review on August 3, 2012

I’ve been observing my mom since we got her on this treatment program, and she is obviously getting well. Her blood sugar rarely shoots up, and she’s a lot more energetic, and less cranky. She also said that this program is less complicated than the one her doctor put her on before.


I Never Knew About This Stuff!

This book has information on little-known, inexpensive supplements, foods, recipes, etc. I love it. I never knew about this stuff! In fact, when I first began taking the advice, my blood sugars averaged over 200 mg/dl- now it averages about 150mg/dl. This is a great improvement! If I can eat right, I’ll do OK

Joann Angius,

Doctors Finally Admit - “Maybe It Does Work!”

I tell a lot of people about this book. My sugars now range from 100mg/dl to 125mg/dl that is almost perfect. I talk to the doctors about what I’m doing and most don’t believe it. I tell them “Too bad, I’m going to do it anyway.” When they see the results, some doctors finally admit - “Maybe it does work!” My goal is to gradually get off my three oral anti-diabetic medications a little at a time. I used to take them twice a day and now I take them only once a day and my blood sugars are much better.

Armando C.,
Riverside, CA.

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