How to find and marry a girl like me

by Elena Petrova,

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Elena Petrova is a Russian woman who married a western man in 1988. Now she’s written an e-book entitled ‘How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me’ where she explains how any man can find and attract a girl from foreign Soviet Union. She knows what she’s talking about, not only because she went through the same thing herself, but because she runs her own successful dating agency and has a master's degree in philosophy.

The thing is, that Russian girls are different than what most men are used too. They are not looking for the same thing in their partner. Because of that, you don’t have to be rich, famous, or handsome to attract a girl. But the same cultural differences are also preventing western men from getting the right girl. They don’t know what Russian women really want, what they want to hear, and what they expect from a man that’s courting them.

This is where Elena’s book ‘How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me’ can really help you. It will teach you all about Russian girls from a Russian girl’s perspective. You’ll not only learn how to get a girl to fell in love with you, but also where to find Russian women (so you can avoid getting scammed), how to first approach them so you can make a great first impression, what is the right way to propose to her (if that’s what you decide to do), and even how to handle visa application so you can get her into your country.

How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me has 160 pages and comes in a downloadable e-book format. That means that you can download it and then read on your computer.

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Imbalanced Content
posted this review on August 22, 2011

This is another one of Elena Petrova's books. There is some merit to it in terms of introduction to Russian culture and Visa requirements. However these can be also acquired elsewhere in other places. The idea that Russian women somehow have more of a superspecial difference compared with other NonRussian women is absurd. Yes there is a cultural understanding and gap to be to be bridged but in terms of the basic premise of fair treatment, respect, care, and decency such are not unique ideas since these qualities are desired I would think by all women regardless of them being Russian or NonRussian. However the title is somewhat misleading since if a man of a different ethnic origin desires to find a similar looking woman who looks like Elena Petrova on Elena Petrova's website Elena's Models and reads the lady's profile where it is posted that she only wants to communicate with a man of a specific ethnic origin (namely only caucasian-a common feature of her site) then such a man is not really able to find and marry a girl like Elena Petrova. This is the unrealistic dimension of the book and its so-called "success" as has been labelled by others depends at times upon the targeted ethnic audience the book can be focused upon it seems! This is a great limitation of the book along with that which is already stated above!

Find and marry a girl like me
On-Site Review

My name is Tommy. Read the book, I would describe it as having a road map in a city you never been in and are trying to get to a place. You can most likely find the place but it will take you a lot longer with a lot of mistakes and you will probably not enjoy the trip. I read this book right through and reference back to it often.


I enjoyed the book immensely
On-Site Review

It gave a tremendous amount of very useful information that is easily digestible. Elena points out what is right and proper and how to go about doing what is necessary to become successful in a search for a lifetime partner that will make you both suitable for each other and how to overcome problems that might arise.

E.C. Goodman

How to find a girl like me...
On-Site Review

I must say first that without doubt, the book is excellent, well written, it had me completely hooked as once I had started reading, I didn't stop until the end.


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