How To Flip Websites

by Hal Marquis,

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How to Flip Websites is a home study multimedia course in which you will learn how to buy websites, blogs, domains, and forums at rock-bottom prices and then turn them around to sell at profits of 100%, 200%, or more.

According to Hal Marquis, the author of this course, you do not need to know anything about HTML or website building. Even a complete newbie or a fifth grader can follow his step-by-step video instructions to turn around websites. Hal Marquis explains that you can start flipping websites with an investment of $200 to $300. If you are able to devote up to 10 hours per week to this business, then you can easily make $1000 to $3000 per month.

How to Flip Websites includes six multimedia video lessons in Module 1, which will show you where to find content sites for renovation, where to sell your renovated sites, how to renovate your site, how to optimize your website for search engines, how to create content without typing a word, how to bring traffic to your website, and more. Apart from the multimedia lessons, you also receive transcripts of each lesson, reports and tips on how to flip blogs, and a six-step e-course to fill in the gaps.

How to Flip Websites is a course that you can use to make big bucks if you know how to copy and paste, surf the web, use office programs like Excel and Word, and know the difference between ugly and fantastic-looking websites.

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My first auction went so well!
On-Site Review

I'm officially happy now since that auction went so well. Although I've had a couple of people PM me and tell me I sold it too low.
One of the guys that got outbid sent me a PM and asked me to please let him know when I had another content site ready to sell because he might want to buy it for BIN before I even listed it, so that is cool.
I would have never thought of creating content sites and selling them if I had not purchased this course. Purchasing this course was the best decision I've made since getting into internet marketing.


Delighted with the value!
On-Site Review

I just bought this and to be honest, I wasn't expecting all that much for just $27.
I have to say, having been through the whole thing I'm delighted with the value. Showing exactly how to do something as clearly as he has is fantastic.


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