How To Hypnotize Course

by Steven Hall,

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The How to Hypnotize Course is developed by professional hypnotherapist Steven Hall and will teach you how to hypnotize people. In this course, you'll learn things like the truth about genuine hypnosis, building rapport with strangers, getting people to do what you want using embedded commands and more. This course will teach you the latest techniques of hypnotizing people with ease.

The How to Hypnotize Course consists of 3 books and 2 exclusive videos with guide books. In the How to Hypnotize e-book, you'll learn how to perform genuine rapid hypnosis, how to put someone into a deep trance and other tricks, routines and techniques. You'll also get the Making Hypnosis Simple e-book that will teach you mind reading tricks, advanced hypnotic techniques and a lot more. There's also the Self Hypnosis Revealed e-book that will show you how to boost your self-image and unleash your true potential.

The How to Hypnotize Course also comes with 7 bonus gifts for free. They include a number of e-books that will teach you even more about how to put someone under your hypnotic spell. 

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On-Site Review

I was blown away at how effective Steven’s program was. Because of his books, I no longer smoke, I no longer take depression medications, and I am very optimistic about life in general. The best part is, I didn't have to pay hundreds to someone else in order to change these negatives in my life... I did it all by myself in the privacy of my own home!

I highly recommend Steven’s products to anyone who thinks there is no way out. In fact, I even recommend it to those who may not even have problems... it aids in relaxation, sleep and improves quality of life in general. I see it like a daily vitamin I take to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Sebastian Singleton

Steven answered my questions honestly and completely.
On-Site Review

It was a delight speaking to him and reassuring to know that he is just a phone call away to guide me, which has really put my mind at ease. Knowing that someone is there when you have a nagging question whether you are doing something "right" is critical to one's success and self-confidence. I definitely recommend Steven Hall's "Complete Hypnosis Package" to anyone.

Ann Lapatka

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