How To Master CCNP Switch

by René Molenaar,

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In the IT industry, one of the most prestigious certifications is the CCNP switch certification. For network engineers to prove their competency and expertise in complex routing, they need to be certified. They have to pass their CCNP Switch exam and get their certification.

If you are a network engineer or anyone involved in the IT world wishing to get a CCNP certification, you will benefit from How To Master CCNP Switch by René Molenaar. With this e-book, you will learn different theories you won't learn with labs. You will know how everything works and why it works. The author will walk you through all the CCNP Switch theory and configurations that you need to learn to master the CCNP Switch exam.

The How To Master CCNP Switch e-book will explain to you various topics. It covers VLANs and trunking, Private VLANs, Spanning-Tree and Rapid Spanning-Tree, MST, Spanning-Tree Toolkit like loopguard and uplinkfast, EtherChannel, routing between VLANs, gateway redundancy, switch security, wireless networking, and much more.  This e-book also includes many examples with configurations, commands, and useful show/debug commands.

With the help of How To Master CCNP Switch, you will be equipped with the knowledge so you can pass and master your CCNP Switch exam. You can be a good network engineer who always knows what to do and how to protect his network. This resource can level up your career in the IT industry.

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Organized and clear
posted this review on February 17, 2014

How To Master CCNP Switch is a great resource because it’s so easy to follow and everything is organized. I like it a lot. One of my favorites when I was going through CCNP review. The other stuff from this website are also ok so check them out if you need to try route too.

Awesome support and so many examples
posted this review on October 12, 2013

What I like most about this course is that there are so many examples presented. You will understand everything better because of the examples. Another thing that I noticed here is that Renee is more responsive than other people selling stuff on the Internet. I got this one course on the internet that I returned because I couldn’t get any response from the author. Here, I can email Renee anytime if I have clarifications, or leave messages on his Facebook page. He always responds with clear and detailed answers. Hats off to that guy!

It's a good addon review material
posted this review on September 28, 2013

How To Master CCNP Switch in hard copy because I only use it as an additional resource to the training materials I get from classroom review. It had been almost a year since I finished my training when I decided to take the certification. This book isn’t the best IMO but it has a lot of unique points too that I didn’t pick up from other materials. I think this works best as an add-on only. So many people like this a lot because there is an eBook version, but I think the hard copy is better for note taking, and so you can review it with less distractions. When you try to review on the computer there are so many distractions like Facebook and 9Gag. Hahaha!

This is my 2nd favorite review material
posted this review on September 11, 2013

This is just my 2nd favorite review material. My favorite one is a book I got from one of my friends. It’s a physical book. I think for an online product within this price range, this isn’t really that bad. There is also a lab on their website where I practice what I learn here and from the physical book, so I think this is a valuable part of my training. Although there are some other labs available, I like this most because it’s the simplest and easiest to use, not to mention light on the computer. I wouldn’t recommend this as a standalone review material, but it can be a great addition if you want variety. I usually get bored when I have only one review material. If you’re like me, then it’s great having this around, but it’s better to have a more detailed one too.

Nothing beats the price
posted this review on May 17, 2013

I have a love and hate relationship with this review guide. There are some topics that are very clearly explained, but there are also some that are a bit lacking. I have other review materials I’m working with right now, so I get to compare them. A plus it’s got is that it’s fully illustrated. When it comes to illustrations, it has the most and the best ones among the review guides I have. It also comes with access to Molenaar’s labs on the website, as well as his support. He’s a very generous guy, and he’s always willing to give you some extra tips when you email him for clarifications. Plus the price, nothing beats the price. It’s the cheapest I got in my stash, particularly because most of what I have here are physical books. Molenaar’s works are worth checking out. I got all three of them, Route, Switch, and Tshoot, and they’re mostly pretty good. I’m hoping to get some of his video boot camps as well if I feel that they’ll be necessary.

I passed both the route and the switch because of these books
posted this review on April 12, 2013

I bought both the route and the switch books and got a discount from Mr. Molenaar. That was mid last year. I passed my certification, so I want to give back to the author but recommending his course to others. Both training courses are excellent. They both helped me along with the labs in Mr. Molenaar’s website. These books come with labs for more practice, but they’re online. You have to access the site to see them. I think you can go check it out even if you haven’t bought the book yet, just to get a taste of what you’re going to find when you get the course. I’ve already passed both Route and Switch, and I’m now going for Tshoot. I’m hoping Mr. Molenaar can give me a discount for that other book. He’s a very generous guy, so if you are also planning to get several books from his website, you can always ask for 5 or so dollars off. I’m sure he’d be ok with that.

I like how the lessons are explained and supported with examples
Marrisa Higgins (from Charlotte, USA) posted this review on March 17, 2013

This isn’t for networking beginners, but if you already have a background in networking, and you just want to refresh your memory about everything you learned, How To Master CCNP Switch will be very helpful. I think this is one of the materials that really helped me pass. I didn’t expect it but I got certified on the first try. What I like about this is that the explanations are always well-supported with instructions. You will really get a clearer understanding of the theories because you will know how they will be applied in real life. The basic terminologies are also explained. The book does not assume that you still know all of them. It’s easy to forget these terminologies if you haven’t been reading and practicing for a while. It’s generally a good book to check out and learn from.

posted this review on March 11, 2013

I have this whole CCNP mastery series and I love them all. I have been wanting to get certified since I finished my training but I was scared I’d flunk. Days and weeks and months passed and I forgot more and more important information for the certification. I got How To Master CCNP Switch and How To Master CCNP Route, and they’ve been very helpful for my review. I passed my certification, and these two review mats are to thank for that. They’ve got flaws too, but they helped me pass, so they get a perfect rating.

It's a great training material
posted this review on February 22, 2013

I don’t think this is a complete training system, or this is the only thing you need to pass. That would be too much. This is just a good reference material if you’re out and still want to study a bit. It’s also good for finding information quickly since you can just search the PDF file. It’s easy to use, concise, and it’s got all the important information summarized for you. But you still need other training materials if you want to nail your test.

The explanations and examples really helped a lot
Gailly Evans (from Carrollton, USA) posted this review on February 3, 2013

How To Master CCNP Switch helped me recall a lot of lessons I’ve already forgotten. It outlines the most important points, and has clear and concise explanations for each of them. The explanations are easy to absorb and understand. It’s better than simply reading a book because this is easier to digest since it’s in reviewer form. Also, nothing is wasted. Everything in the book are important and only those that are most likely to appear in the test. It’s really helped me pass. I thought I wasn’t going to pass, but I kept recalling important information because of this reviewer. The examples also helped a lot. I’m more of an example than an explanation kind of girl, so this reviewer’s way of explaining stuff is perfect for me. I also felt more confident knowing that I’ve reviewed in the best possible way.

I passed with flying colors
posted this review on November 18, 2012

The book combines new unique theories with reviews of ones I’ve previously learned. It squeezes the most important information in a few pages, so you won’t get overwhelmed while reviewing. A lot of people fail because their review strategy sucks. With this one, you will get a detailed review plan, and you will also learn about the only stuff you need to review to remember everything else. It features just the key information that will refresh your memory of everything you have learned. Each theory explained is supported by numerous examples so you can go over them as many times as you have to until you fully understand the theory. While taking your exam, the examples also help in refreshing your memory. All the important topics are covered here too, so you don’t have to buy another resource anymore. For me this has been enough for me to pass the test with flying colors.

Won't be enough on its own, but great help
David Craven (from South Hill, USA) posted this review on October 21, 2012

I wouldn’t say the book alone is enough to help you pass the exam, but it will significantly increase your chance of passing. All 7 of us who are very close friends studied using this program, and although we have other means of learning, this has been one of our primary resources.  All 7 of us passed, while others who seem smarter than us flunked. The key there is proper preparation that we learned in this book. If you’re well-prepared, you will feel more confident and experience less mental blocks.

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