How To Persuade Women

by Jake Hallow

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How To Persuade Women is a men’s guide to attracting, dating and knowing women. You will discover the techniques of knowing women to the core. You’ll also learn how to raise your defenses against drama or anxiety queens. Jake Hallow, author of this e-book is going to reveal his secret strategies for attracting the female species - from gaining strong male confidence, to learning the 5 reasons and types of female seduction, and the truth about ‘body language’ plus more.

In this sizzling dating manual, Jake unfolds a unique ‘Law of Attraction’ strategy that you can use to boost your women-compelling power. Point of fact is positive thinking can affect your love life in such an intense way. The interesting part is, as clearly laid out in How To Persuade Women, ‘law of attraction’ can enhance your mesmeric impact on the ‘she race’.

There are tons of tips and tricks that this book can offer to men who want to enhance their dating or social life. It enlightens several shady aspects about relationships allowing you to develop healthier future romantic encounters. Check out some of the innumerable things that you will learn from this guide:

  • Relationships ‘autopsy’ – this diagnostic tool will help you assess your previous relationships, detect the problem areas and heal them.
  • The proper way to take risks – without being stupid
  • 6 steps in getting rid of your past burdens and have more control over your life
  • Learn the 4 types of women whom you must avoid – know the red flags
  • Strategies that you can apply to reach your most-wanted outcome – no matter how seemingly impossible
  • … And other shocking details and tactics any man don’t want to miss.
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a good book to use for building confidence
On-Site Review

Everybody has to start somewhere, so don't let Jake's lack of name recognition stand in your way... Cliff (of the world renowned Clifford's Seduction Letter) has already given him the thumbs up.

The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women is a good book to use for building confidence and has interesting insights on women... I really like the passion that leaps off the pages combined with moments of raw vulnerability in the writing... and I've only gotten half way through it so far!

Curt H.,
Fargo, North Dakota

It brings the whole man-woman thing back to a basic level
On-Site Review

With so many dating/pick-up/game products, it just becomes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Finally, a guide that explains WHY you don't need any openers, routines, embedded stories, NLP or any other pick-up bulls**t to be seen as an attractive man...

It brings the whole man-woman thing back to a basic, no-nonsense, street-smart level — in a Dale Carnegie/How to Win Friends and Influence People kind of way. Just embody that, add the Jake Hollow lady-skills and you're done! I will definitely be re-reading this a few more times. It's really fantastically written.

Vince H.,
Westport, Connecticut

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