Instant Book Writing Kit

by Shaun Fawcett,

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Are you an author/writer looking for a comprehensive resource on creating or writing, publishing, and marketing a book or an e-book? Do you want to make huge profits from your books? Writer, publisher, journalist, and business consultant Shaun Fawcett has the perfect tool for you.

In Shaun's Instant Book Writing Kit, you will discover exactly how to write, publish, and market your own money-making book or e-book online using the little-known, yet effective, Online Publishing Model. This kit is packed with the information and tools that you need to fast-track your writing and publishing efforts. And since this one is the revised edition, you can expect a more comprehensive and up-to-date resource.

The heart of the Instant Book Writing Kit is the 175-page manual entitled, 17 Action Steps For Online Publishing Success. With this manual, you will learn how to do your research, select your final title, get your book registered, develop table of contents, write and revise your book, publish and market your book, make your book digital, and more. This kit also includes essential implementation tools, a free professional e-book templates package, and more than 35 fully-researched and pre-selected links to top info on online e-book publishing resources. You will also get access to exclusive discounts and upgrades, telephone consultation with the author, and other valuable information and insights.

With the help of the Instant Book Writing kit, you can be ahead of your competition. You can take your career to the higher level and you will be successful in making money online.

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Highly relevant advice for the independent writer...
On-Site Review

This book does a great job of giving practical advice for the independent writer. It shows that getting a successful book is very do-able. It's free of fluff and extraneous information. Instead, it's focused on helping you get the book done and sold. Of particular interest to me was his advice to "Create your Sales Mini-Site" and "Create a free mini-course.

Gregory F. Brown

It deserves to become the industry benchmark...
On-Site Review

What I love about the Instant Book Writing Kit is that it gets into the nitty gritty that many other so called "How To" products fail to fully investigate. Information on every step that you'll need to take in order to get your ebook published, right down to how and where you can get an ISBN number. Now that's what I call comprehensive.

It deserves to become the industry benchmark for every budding online author.

Michael Green

I give it a 5 Gold Bar rating.
On-Site Review

The Instant Book Writing Kit is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to avoid the school of hard knocks and save themselves months of trial and error..... If you've ever had the desire to work from home part time or full time, the Instant Book Writing Kit could be the ticket to your dreams. The $47 price of this product is a steal and the author could easily get $99 all day long. I give the Instant Book Writing Kit a 5 Gold Bar rating.

Grey McKenzie

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