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by Tiffany Parker,

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Instant Sexy Letters is a collection of 57 pre-written romantic letters. The letters are a great way of sparking intimacy and passion with your lover. You can send them via e-mail or print them out and put in an envelope. Instant Sexy Letters are designed so that they can be completely personalized. You can put in your own greeting or your own special words of love. Your lover won’t even know that you’ve had a little help. All in all, Instant Sexy Letters are a fun way of bringing more excitement into your relationship and capturing your lover’s curiosity.

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Well-written letters!
posted this review on August 27, 2014

I like all the letters here because they’re all so well-written and easy to understand. I have found other letter collections, but a lot of them are not good. They’re too cheesy and they lack substance. With the help of Instant Sexy Letters, I got exactly what I wanted . Now, I never run out of high-quality letters for online dating.

Made to inspire deep love and romance
Gene Ross (from Oneida, USA) posted this review on February 2, 2014

I have a long-distance relationship with a Thai woman and we write each other letters back and forth. I’m not that good at writing, so I got a bit of help from Instant Sexy Letters. What’s great about this product is that the letters are all of high quality. You only need to edit them with personal information to get them to work. Sometimes I play with some parts of the letters to make them more personal. In this age when email messages and anything digital are the trends, it feels great finding people who delight in things as simple as exchanging letters such as these. It’s sweeter getting handwritten letters and sending them back with so much love and care. Even if I’m not good at writing, I feel myself improving because of editing these letters from time to time. I’ve tried writing my own letters from scratch based on the patterns here and they’re great. These are really awesome for inspiring romance within two people not just for a night but for long-term. I’m so lucky to have found Instant Sexy Letters, and the Thai woman that I’m writing too. We haven’t seen each other yet, not even in pictures, but these letters make us feel so in love with each other at a deeper level.

Some are really well-written
posted this review on December 10, 2013

Some of these letters are really well-written. There are some that aren’t that good though. Be sure to read the letters over and over again and check them for inconsistencies and information that may not be applicable to your relationship. I send letters like these to my girlfriend every month during our month anniversary. She says she enjoys reading them. But I don’t send them as they are, I edit them a little bit to get them more personalized.

Women easily fall for these letters
posted this review on October 28, 2013

I’ve read most of the letters here, and so far, those that I’ve read have really good quality. The 57 letter templates here are meant for different purposes and for different kinds of people. You will really need to edit them to get them personalized, and to make them sound more like you. Some are too cheesy for growups, and for my taste in general. They’re well-written but the content is just not for me. So what I do when I send love letters to my girlfriend in Dubai is that I just pick out ideas here, from several letters, but I still write my own. I just use them as patterns. The girl I’m writing to in Dubai is a teacher, very smart woman. Whenever she admires my letters, I feel good about myself. I’m not a good writer but I just get some ideas here and then pour my heart out. The words just flow to the paper. There’s nothing like good old fashioned love letters. Not texting, not calls, not emails, nothing can replace it. And girls easily fall for men who have a knack for writing. I guarantee, send your girl a couple of letters from here and she will never forget you, send her a couple more and she will surely think you’re the best, the sweetest, and most intellectual man she’s ever met.

You can't go wrong with these letters
posted this review on May 10, 2013

I think it’s not a good idea to use these “sexy letters” as they are. It’s always best to customize them a little bit, add a few sweet or hot (or whatever your style is) words of your own to really bring out your emotions for a woman. The good news about these letters is that you can’t google them. They’re not available on other websites, so even if your girl tries to find them on google, she won’t find them. Great isn’t it? These letters are also very touching, or sexy, or sweet depending on what you need. There are letters for different levels of intimacy, and different types of people. It may be a little bit true that these letters have gone out of fashion, but you can always add a modern twist to them, like using the email to send them or some personalized greeting cards you made on Photoshop. The possibilities are endless. You can’t go wrong when trying to be Mr. Romantic with these letters.

The letters are really awesome
D. Pellington (from Eutawville, USA) posted this review on February 11, 2013

I like how well-written the letters here are. They’re very easy to customize, and they are written in different styles too, so you can choose ones that fit your style best. I know that these days, writing letters has become uncommon with text messaging and all that. However, women still dig guys who write them letters, and those guys who seem head over heels in love with them. This works better than any pickup line you can throw to a woman. The best thing is that this works for any kind of woman. The letters have helped me in more than one occasion. This works best after a big fight. You just write your girl a letter, and I’m pretty sure hot sex will follow. There are many more uses for these letters. Just use your imagination. These letters can’t be found through Google search, so you’re safe.

Easy to customize
posted this review on December 12, 2012

If you want to write your girl a love letter, but you don’t have enough creativity and cheesiness to start from scratch, this should help you. The love letters that are pre-written are so easy to customize. You will be done with your love letter in 5 minutes. It will also seem like you wrote it yourself. Just be sure to read what it says, so you can react when your girl comments about it. ; )

The letters are so romantic!
posted this review on November 27, 2012

The premade letters are all so romantic and so sexy! I would never in a million years come up with such brilliant lines. I’m happy I bought it. My girlfriend is a sucker for cheesy lines, and this is just perfect for celebrating special occasions. They go right with the flowers!

Nice, sexy love letters
posted this review on August 14, 2012

It might seem a bit funny that there are people like me who need to purchase something like this to write love letters, but if not for this, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything worth reading. I’m not the romantic type, and neither am I a good writer. It’s great that you get templates like the ones you have here, so you only have to fill in the blanks and everything is in place for you. I’ve used the templates here twice, and both girls were smitten. I think other men out there should also try it.

Well-written letters for various levels of intimacy
posted this review on July 7, 2012

The letters in this collection are well-written and romantic. They take the guesswork out of writing love letters, and they are easily customizable too.

I am currently dating a girl who is into these romantic things. She enjoys writing me love letters, so I had to respond to her. I naturally do not have a knack for writing, so I needed a bit of help. I purchased this and liked it right away. But I never send the letters as they are. I tweak them a bit, and I add my real emotions to still get my message across to the girl.

I also like that the letters vary in style and that they are meant for different kinds of emotions, and for different levels of intimacy. You just have to choose exactly what you need. With 57 letters to choose from, there is surely one that fits your relationship.

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