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by Robert Blackstone,

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Robert Blackstone's Instant Site Comments is a PHP script that you can install on your website to allow your visitors to leave comment on your content. A script may seem complicated, especially if you have little or no technical knowledge. But there's no need for you to worry as this script is very simple to get running. As long as your site has a web host that supports Server Side Includes and/or PHP, then you can use this script and gain the benefits it offers.

By using Instant Site Comments, you'll get more participation from your visitors, free user generated content, and increased repeat traffic. You can also cut down on questions visitors email you, avoid the hassle of transferring your site into a blog, allow customers to give you instant testimonials for your own products, customize your content to prevent duplicate content penalties, easily change the script to serve multiple purposes, and more. With this script, your options are endless.

Instant Site Comments also has other features built into its password-protected admin area to help you deal with different issues. These features will give you full control to automatically or manually verify your visitors' comments, edit and/or delete offensive comments, allow or disallow HTML to be used in the comments, set the maximum number of comments, set how you want the comments to be displayed, control the look and feel of everything through the template editor, and more.

You will receive full instructions and support when you purchase Instant Site Comments, so setting it up and using it will be easy for you. You will also get bonuses with your purchase.

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Excellent Product!
On-Site Review

Letting visitors easily add comments to webpages is a great way to add interactivity, make pages "sticky", encourage repeat visitors and make the webpages unique... all of which adds up to more search engine traffic, more repeat visits and more profits!

Neil Shearing

I can not recommend this program highly enough.
On-Site Review

Instant Site Comments is an absolute rippa program, it allows me to interact with my visitors on a more personal level, almost like having a cuppa and chat. I have been getting steady comments to my site since it has been up. Even had a comment on the comments box. I am getting fresh genuine content, what more could a girl ask.

I can not recommend this program highly enough. I decided I had enough things on my site and was not going to purchase another program. Boy would I have been kicking myself if I had left this one sitting on the shelf.

Colleen Simmons

Great Idea!
On-Site Review

Constantly adding content to a site is an ongoing process… having someone else add the content is even better and I love the ability to let visitors generate FREE content for me. Now sites I've been tooling with the idea of moving into a blog just got easier…

Gary Antosh


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