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Jamorama is a comprehensive guitar learning course created by Ben Edwards, the former lead guitarist from DegreesK. The method of teaching used in Jamorama is quite different from what you’re probably used to, because it doesn’t rely on repeating boring technical lessons again and again. Instead, what Ben Edwards tried to do, is make guitar playing and learning fun (as it should be!).

So even though Jamorama comes with 252 pages of lessons, this is not where you’re going to be spending the majority of your time. What you’ll be concentrating on is much more fun. The core of Jamorama is video lessons. You will get 148 of these step-by-step lessons that will first show you new techniques and then let you try them out immediately on your own guitar. After you get proficient enough from these lessons, you will probably spend most of your time on Jam Tracks. Jamorama includes 26 such tracks of very high quality that you can jam with. You will feel like your playing with your own band. This is probably the most fun you can have while learning to play guitar.

One really important thing that most musicians should learn is transcribing music. This way, whenever you hear a song on a radio, you can pick up your guitar, figure the song out and play it - all by yourself. If you want to learn to do this, you basically have to learn to listen, you have to develop your ear in such a way that you will be able to recognize chords and melodies that you hear. In order to help you do this, Jamorama includes the ear training software called GuitEarIt.

Another piece of software included in Jamorama is called Jayde Musica and it will help you learn to read music. You will also learn to read guitar tablature and receive 1000s of TABs, so you will be able to play virtually any song that you like. Because of all these features, Jamorama is also known as ‘The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit’.

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The best guitar course ever
Charles Colins (from Harwood, USA) posted this review on September 21, 2012

I have this and the other Jamorama course for lead guitarists. I started with this one when I was a total beginner, and then when I learned, I got the lead guitar course. This one is perfect for those who have 0 as in no knowledge about guitars. I started like that but the video lessons in here are perfect. I don’t use the written material much, but for other bookish people I’m sure they’d love that. For me it’s enough watching the lessons and following along. Took me about 3 months before advancing to the lead guitar course. Now I don’t use this anymore but I think it’s still the best guitar playing course ever.

I'm glad that I found Jamerama!
On-Site Review

Even in my busy lifestyle, I always find time to sit down and learn some new tunes. Jamorama is deffinitely a no brainer and I highly recommend to any person who honestly wants to learn how to Jam. I never seen anything quite like Jamorama, but I'm glad that there are people like Ben Edwards who think this stuff up. This new Beta version is Awesome!! I didn't think the orgininal version could be better, but this new version just put me through a whole new level.

Jose Suarez,

A great package
On-Site Review

The new Jamorama learning package has taught me the basics along with music theory as a back up. In addition, the more sophisticated techniques are explained and demonstrated clearly in the audio and video clips you can download. All in all, a great package for anyone wanting to pick up the guitar and impress their friends.

Brad Smith

"I highly recommend Jamorama"
On-Site Review

My name is Rhonda and my guitar is a Dean Patec vs 2005. Jamorama's step by step lessons are achievable and easy for me. I like that I'm learning guitar in the privacy of my own home at just my own pace. I'm surprising my family as well as myself. I highly recommend Jamorama if you have a desire to learn to play the guitar. If ever, I feel I'm in a rut, I just move on to the next lesson and I'm back on track. It's very fulfilling for me. I can play real songs now and it's only been a few weeks since I signed up for Jamorama.


Jamorama Review
On-Site Review

The new Jamorama is fantastic! I have really seen my playing take off. And I use the metronome and GuitearIt more and more each day. I can't imagine a better product for a novice or beginning guitarist.

Stephen Yost

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