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Joomla is a powerful open source CMS (content management system). That means that you can download Joomla for free and use it to build everything from a simple web site to a large online store, online magazine site or even a paid membership site. But there’s one problem – figuring out how to take a full advantage of all that Joomla offers can prove to be an extremely difficult task. That is where Joomla Magic steps in – it is a comprehensive tutorial that will quickly take you from a complete beginner to a Joomla master.

The lessons in Joomla Magic come in various formats. Joomla Magic includes many video tutorials (such as Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 tutorials, as well as the ‘Create a Membership site with Joomla’ videos), an e-book on how to create your own Joomla templates, together with over 400 pre-made templates, 74 add-on modules with an explanation on how to integrate them into your site, and a stand-alone software program entitled Joomla Template Maker.

All the videos inside Joomla Magic Tutorial are in flash format and can be, together with all other parts of the tutorial package, downloaded directly to your computer. Joomla Magic is also known as Joomla Made Easy.

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Revolutionized web development for me
posted this review on March 1, 2014

This definitely revolutionized web development for me. I was doing everything wrong before. I was into the long way of doing things. I’m glad I found it. I can now come up with awesome websites with just a few clicks of my mouse. I can also make my work look more professional than they really are. It’s amazing! I recently started a membership website using the techniques I learned from Joomla Magic, and it’s surprisingly easy. The features are quite limited compared to other membership websites, but all the basics are there, and it’s already good enough for my needs. I saved so much on this because it’s really expensive to outsource websites these days. I’m so glad I got this!

It's really helped our business
posted this review on February 12, 2014

I wanted a website for the boot camp that I started with my sister. We’re just starting out and we’ve only had two camps organized. The response for both camps was good but our client base is still small. We’re still in the process of making our boot camps known. I suggested having a website because I know that most people these days use Google for everything. We asked a lot of web design companies, but most of them charge really high for their services and we can’t afford to spend much on advertising at this point because we’re still working really hard on our equipment. I’m so happy that we found Joomla Magic. It’s been so helpful. My sister and I don’t know anything about web design but we got to make this work for us. This one is so easy to setup and configure. There are some limitations when it comes to features and functionalities, but we’re not really working on a big website. We only want a small one just so we can appear on Google and just so it’d be easy for clients to find information about our camps. It’s sometimes a bit difficult to navigate Facebook posts especially for those clients who are not techie, just like us. We now just update the website easily. This is another plus point because we know exactly how to fix the site and organize it. Joomla Magic has really helped our business a lot.

This made Joomla so much easier to understand
posted this review on October 27, 2013

Joomla Magic definitely made it easier for me to understand how Joomla works. It used to be so difficult for me just to change templates, but now I do website management on my own. I have a small website where I sell my handmade jewelry, which is separate from my Etsy site. Updating it used to be so difficult for me. I had an assistant from Odesk especially for that. I think Joomla Magic is the best Joomla tutorial course for total beginners who are non-tech savvy. I’m not tech savvy but this was still easy enough for me to understand. I got most of the lessons in just one try. That’s very rare for me!

The tutorials are awesome. They're very easy to follow
posted this review on May 3, 2013

Joomla Magic has awesome easy-to-follow video tutorials. I needed to learn how to build websites for our club. We had a badminton club in the company I’m working for and I was assigned the website. I didn’t know anything about web development then, but being the only one in my 20s, they expected me to have the most time and the fresher brain to learn new stuff. I obliged, but I was already thinking about having it built by someone else. It was too expensive, so I had to go back to the original plan, which was to learn html. The ones i then downloaded a bunch of stuff on the internet, this being one of them. This is the easiest to follow among all the stuff I’ve tried. I did a membership site by watching the videos. It’s fully functional now. The members of the club were really impressed with wat I came up with. I’ve also gotten more and more interested in Joomla and web development in general because of this. There are also a lot of good templates in the package. There are some that are trashy, but I think that can’t be avoided. All in all I’m happy with this purchase it’s worth themoney.

The tutorials are very clear
posted this review on February 4, 2013

Joomla Magic has a lot of very clear and easy to follow tutorials for setting up a Joomla website. I can’t believe it’s this easy to learn how to do it because I know how much web developers charge for their services. I managed to setup 2 websites using only the tutorials here. The membership is cheap too at less than 50 bucks. I find this product among the most impressive online products I’ve seen.

Complete Joomla resouce package
posted this review on December 13, 2012

Joomla Magic is a complete resource package for the Joomla user whether beginner or not. I’d actually recommend this for absolute beginners because you will surely get more than your money’s worth. This has so many video tutorials from basic Joomla setup to more difficult ones like making your own Joomla membership website, and a lot others. There are also so many tools included, so you will save money. The templates alone cost hundreds of dollars if you will buy them separately. Here you get 400 high quality ones for free. Another great thing about this is that you can customize these templates easily, so you can use them for business. There’s also an included template maker if you want to try your creativity. This template maker is also perfect for Joomla developers. I’ve a friend who’s a Joomla developer and he uses the template maker from here to make his job easier. The modules are also of high-quality. There are really few bugs every now and then but they get updated upon request. This package is definitely well worth your money if you’re planning to use Joomla.

The best way to learn Joomla
posted this review on September 3, 2012

It’s the best way to learn joomla. It’s not free, I know, but the free courses you get online are crap. They won’t get you anywhere, and even if they’re free they’re meant to be used with some modules and plugins you need to purchase, so you also have to spend money if you learn from them. Learning from this course will give you more flexibility in your projects. Plus, the instructions here are easier to follow.

I setup my online store in 2 weeks
posted this review on July 29, 2012

I needed to make an online store for the bargain makeup finds I had then. I wanted to have wholesale options available on my site as well. I’m not tech savvy and I couldn’t afford a web designer from here back then, so my first option was to have it made overseas where labor is considerably cheaper. But a friend told me about the potential dangers of doing that, and she told me about someone who was scammed when he outsourced his VA work. I had no other choice, but to learn onn my own so I did a bit of research I found out about Joomla, and then bought this course. In just a week, I was able to get started with my website, and in 2 weeks it was live! It was still a work in progress then, but it was already functional and my clients liked it. I couldn’t believe it was so easy to learn Joomla with the help of this course.

For everyone who wants to learn Joomla, this is the only course you need to purchase. The videos are clear and easy-to-follow, the templates are great, and the entire course is really high quality. Definitely worth the price.


Fantastic absoultely fantastic!

I have always wanted to create my own membership site with Joomla and now I can! These videos give you a step by step IDIOT PROOF guide exactly how to make your own membership site with Joomla.

John Kern,

Review of Joomla Magic

These videos are amazing! They cover everything from installation, editing content right the way through to creating your own membership site. When I showed my friends, family, and co-workers...They were in shock and could not stop raving about how impressed they were. I still get calls from people I know all the time, asking me if I will build sites for them.

Mike Thomas,
Florida, USA

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