Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose

by Douglas Green,

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Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose is a complete guide on caring for your Bristlenose. It was written by Aquatic Ecologist/Geneticist, Douglas Green. Since Douglas has been keeping Bristlenose since he was 14, you can rest assured that his guide provides accurate information on your pets. Douglas Green is also a moderator of the forum, which gives him wider knowledge based on different experiences of Bristlenose breeders. Also, from being a moderator, he has gathered enough knowledge on the common issues Bristlenose owners face, which he remedies in Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose.

Inside Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose, you will get complete breeding and caring instructions, supported by images and diagrams. This ensures that you avoid errors that can cost you your pet’s life. You will learn everything you need to know about caring for your fish, such as the water conditions they thrive in, the types of fish they can live with, what to feed them, and what to do when they get sick. On the other hand, if you are into breeding, you will learn how to setup a breeding tank, how to condition your Bristlenose for breeding, how to make money from your fry, and a lot of other essential breeding information.

Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose is a must-read for any responsible Bristlenose owner. It will not only save you time, effort, and money, it will also keep your Bristlenose healthy and happy. Also, by learning how to breed your fish properly, you can make some extra cash from selling their fry. With the help of Keeping and Breeding Bristlenose, you will definitely feel the joy of nurturing life in your aquarium.

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A must-read for both beginners and the more serious enthusiast.
On-Site Review

I read Douglas' book and thoroughly enjoyed his insightful look into bristlenose catfish. I, myself, have kept fish for over 20 years and more recently have bread numerous spawns of bristlenoses and found the book answered many questions and provided me with a far better understanding of the bristlenoses' life cycle with particular attention to their breeding habits. It is presented in a very easy to read format and offers many simple and practical suggestions for maintaining and breeding quality fish. Until reading this book, I thoutht I had the breeding caper sorted out but Douglas has provided me with plenty of ways in which I can improve. A must-read for both beginners and the more serious enthusiast.

Clinton Alleway,
Kilburn, SA, Australia

A Book I Have Always Wanted
On-Site Review

This eBook on bristlenose is certainly an book I had always wanted, with detailed information from its care, water condition, likely illnesses, and spawning, even to selling of fry.

I had always been curious about a female full of eggs in her belly, whether it is detrimental or whether it can kill them. This book answered my curiosity.

I would certainly recommend this eBook to anybody interested in keeping and planning to breed bristlenoses.

Ivy Chong,

Informative and Helpful
On-Site Review

I've just finished reading your eBook, and want yo say I'm really impressed. I found the information informative and can see how helpful this would be to someone new to bristlenoses. I'm from an older generation and I always prefer books to searching on the Internet. I found information about bloat informative and would feel more confident about treating fish should I ever have the problem. I would certainly recommend the eBook both to beginners and to more experienced fish keepers. I also found the information about grow out tanks very informative. I think the eBook is a must read for anyone thinking of keeping bristlenoses and anyone with them already. Everything you need to know about keeping and breeding bristlenoses.

James Howard,
St Helens, Mereyside, United Kingdom

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