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Kidney Stone Removal Report offers clear, step-by-step instructions for eliminating kidney stones within 24 hours. The report describes a natural home remedy that breaks down kidney stones into small, sand-like particles. This remedy has 2 basic ingredients. The first one is a common beverage that causes a chemical reaction, which dissolves kidney stones. The second ingredient is a particular green vegetable that flushes out the remnants of the dissolved kidney stones.

The author of Kidney Stone Removal Report, Joe Barton, says that his remedy works in more than 80% of all cases. He is, in fact, so sure of his remedy that he offers a full money back guarantee. Together with Kidney Stone Removal Report, you also receive the Kidney Stone Prevention Report that teaches you all you need to know to never again experience kidney stones, including dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, recommended daily water intake and more.

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I effectively blasted my kidney stones
posted this review on October 24, 2014

I have effectively gotten rid of my kidney stones through the kidney stone removal report. I was initially worried that it won’t work for me because I have tried suggestions from another book before, and they did not work. Joe Barton has been really helpful too by answering questions I sent him through email. I also have mild diabetes, so I had to be careful choosing a natural treatment program. They say that the remedy works for more than 80% of patients, so there is a 20% chance this might not work for you, but I highly recommend trying it as it is completely natural, so there’s no need to worry about side effects in this case.

Great kidney stone system!
posted this review on July 1, 2014

This kidney stone removal system is great! I have lived with my kidney stones for years, so I didn’t expect this to cure me without the help of a doctor. Most doctors would recommend surgery, so I was scared of consulting a doctor about my condition. I decided to go the natural path to make sure that I don’t suffer from nasty side effects. With the help of The Kidney Stone Removal System, I was able to flush out the stones the quick and easy way. It was a bit painful while passing the stones, but at least I didn’t have to undergo surgery or take too many pills. This is the perfect healing system for me!

The best way to get rid of kidney stones
posted this review on April 27, 2014

There are so many ways to get rid of kidney problems, but I vouch for Kidney Stone Removal Report because it’s 100% natural. I was surprised when it worked in cleansing my kidney so well. I got to pass out the stones less than 2 weeks into the program. I’m glad I started using this when I still got small ones. It would have been painful if they were bigger. My cousin tried this first and he said it was really painful when the stones were coming out because he got larger ones. These are all natural remedies with readily available ingredients and materials, so it’s really great. It’s all about diet and lifestyle, really.

It was really pain-free for me
Laura Megley (from Carrollton, USA) posted this review on March 3, 2014

Having kidney stones is really painful! I almost wanted to die. My pain tolerance is pretty high, so I’m sure this can be unbearable for some people. Kidney Stone Removal Report helped me pass stones without any pain at all. For some people, it may be a little painful. I think the deciding factor is the makeup of your stones. Some stones are sharper than others. I think I was just lucky that my stones weren’t that sharp anymore when they passed. I’m following the kidney stone prevention plan in this program too, and I hope those pesky stones never come back.

The stone came out through my urine!
posted this review on February 17, 2014

I was amazed how quickly this worked for me. I’ve had kidney stones for almost a year before I got this program. I thought I was really gonna have to get a surgery. I was so scared. I’ve tried other herbal treatments, like chinese herbal teas and stuff and my doctor told me to stop taking in weird concoctions because they might actually hurt my kidneys more. Kidney Stone Removal Report was approved by my doctor so I tried it. He didn’t endorse it, he just said it was fine to try. After almost a week, I passed my first stone, and another week, I passed the next one. I went in for a test and the doctor told me that I only have a few more tiny stones in there and he also told me to keep doing what I was doing. I think I’m completely stone free now, but I’m still waiting for 3 weeks before I get a test again.

You absolutely need to try this
posted this review on September 24, 2013

Yeah, I agree with the other guy who said that it’s not that pain-free. There will be some level of discomfort. Depends on you how high your pain tolerance is. In my case, my doctor already suggested surgery. He said we couldn’t melt the stones using meds anymore, and it would only get worse if we won’t go for surgery right away. It’s a good thing that I was too busy at that time and couldn’t take a long leave. I asked to wait for some time. I thought I’d use this program in the meantime while waiting for a chance to get the surgery scheduled. I was surprised when I suddenly felt so much pain while urinating, and some stones came out. That was just the first time. I’ve had pain before, but that pain was different. I really thought I was gonna die. I went for a test 2 days after that pain, and I was shocked when the doctor said one of the stones was gone. I continued on the program until the largest dissolved completely. My doctor said it’s not uncommon for it to happen for smaller stones, but mine were big so he didn’t expect them to just pass that easily. I highly recommend this before you consider going for a surgery or anything more invasive. Whatever your doctor says, insist on a chance to try this. It might work for you.

It's effective but peeing the stones out is not that pain free
Barry Jackson (from Fairdealing, USA) posted this review on April 19, 2013

Using the methods in Kidney Stone Removal Report, I was able to naturally get rid of my kidney stones. The only thing is that it’s not at all that pain-free! I had a few minutes of torturous pain when I was passing the stones because they’re still too large when they decided to bid goodbye to my kidneys. After that I was all cleared. When I found out I had kidney stones, I told the doctor I was going natural because my brother had the same thing and used this same method to get rid of it. He did not include the part when he was actually peeing the stones out to keep me from getting discouraged. Still, I think this is the better way to get rid of kidney stones. At least you’re sure that none of your other body parts are getting damaged by meds and stuff.

The stones were flushed out of my body...
posted this review on October 30, 2012

The effect I got from the methods in the book is amazing! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the stones that came out with my urine. It was so painful, but that was the last pain I felt. They’re not large stones anymore when they came out of my body, but I could still see and feel that it wasn’t pure urine that came out. The stones were there. I was so sure of it that the day after that, I got a checkup scheduled with my doctor. The next week, my doctor confirmed my suspicion. My stones indeed went out with my pee, and I was told to stop taking my meds and just do whatever it is that I’m doing. I’m now following the instructions in the prevention report because I don’t want to go through the same thing again.

I thought my case was bad...
posted this review on October 29, 2012

My kidney stones didn’t go in 24 hours, but the program successfully eliminated them without surgery and without drugs. I refused to have them surgically removed because I’m scared that they’d just come back, and I’d just have to undergo another surgery. Surprisingly, this method worked for me, and the stones went out of my body on their own. I couldn’t believe it was possible because the doctor told me that my case was bad. Anyway, I highly recommend the methods in this book to everyone suffering from kidney stones.

I didn't need medical help because of this
posted this review on August 29, 2012

This did work for me! I heard about it from a friend who also suffered from kidney stones, so I tried it, and it also got rid of my stones without any medical help. It’s great you should try it!

The book that changed my life
posted this review on July 25, 2012

This is miraculous! I developed kidney stones when I hit my 40s, and I was led to believe that the only way of getting rid of them is to have them surgically removed. I was scared of the process, so I put the surgery off for as long as I can endure the pain. Last month though, a life-changing moment happened to me. An old friend I haven’t seen for ages found out about my condition and called me to tell me about Joe Barton and his treatment method. She said her husband’s kidney stones were flushed out using this method. I bought it right away and did exactly what Mr. Barton said to do. In just 2 months, my kidney stones were gone! I also started feeling much more energetic and youthful. I thank Mr. Barton with all my heart and I recommend his work to everyone.


I was amazed

I gave the method a try. I passed both my stones as a gravel sedament, and when I showed up at hospital for another x-ray before my scheduled procedure, they were gone! I was absolutely amazed.

Candy Fertig

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