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by Brian G. Johnson,

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Do you want to create a passive and consistent income stream online? Instead of spending time and money on building a website, creating a sales copy, doing SEO and PPC, and following other traffic generation methods, you can tap into's Kindle platform - one of the fastest growing markets in the world today - to generate tons of money.

Brian G. Johnson can show you a system so you can take advantage of the power of Amazon Kindle through Kindle Ritual. This package will give you the information, software tool, and step-by-step training resources that you will need to create, publish, market, sell, and make money from your Kindle e-books quickly and automatically.

Kindle Ritual consists of these two core components:

How To Create And Market Profitable Kindle Books, Fast! - In these 12-part video tutorials, you will learn the top secrets for creating e-books that Kindle users want; how to select the best niches to move into; the best methods for promoting your e-books; tips for creating a bigger list of buyers and building greater authority on Amazon; how to use social media sites to boost your reputation on Amazon; strategies for getting your Amazon page ranked at the top spot of Google; how to explode your profits like the most successful Amazon e-book sellers; and more.

WordPress Author Theme - This cutting-edge WordPress theme has all the features and tools that you'll need to create a completely passive income from Kindle e-book sales. With this Kindle Ritual software, you can create multiple e-book cover images; automatically build a promotional website for each e-book; market and sell your books quickly and easily; and do so much more.

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This is what passive income really is
Darius Brine (from Surry, USA) posted this review on July 12, 2013

Like most others, I’ve tried many ways to earn money from internet marketing and failed. It was a trial and error stage that lasted me 2 years, and a lot of money and effort. A lot of the internet marketing systems I’ve tried didn’t work for me because they require too much time. I’ve a fulltime job, so unlike others, I can’t really focus on my internet business. Most programs online promise that you won’t have to do anything, or they’re automated. That’s not true at all. Most of them require so much time, especially when you’re a beginner. Among all of those that I’ve tried, Kindle Ritual required the least amount of time, so it’s the only one that really worked for me. The money is good, and the work involved after the initial setup is very little. This is what passive income really is. It’s just like investing in stocks long-term, you just need to check your income from time to time, make some adjustments. The best part here is that you don’t need a big capital.

It's a complete course at an affordable price
Mark Porlee (from Turner, USA) posted this review on June 7, 2013

Kindle Ritual is amazing. I have never known any other Kindle course this detailed. I was into PPC before, and it wasn’t earning me much money. I was earning, but I wasn’t earning enough to cover the time and the effort I put into it. Since Kindle marketing is fairly new, there are more opportunities here, and the market is easier to penetrate. I learned everything I needed to know from Kindle Ritual. It’s the most complete Kindle marketing course you’ll find online, and the price isn’t that bad either.

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