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‘Lessons in Advanced Perception' is a self study course on developing and sharpening advanced human perception. These lessons were developed by Harold S. Schroeppel after 10 years of experiments conducted with thousands of volunteers. During those ten years, Mr. Schroeppel and his team have tested numerous ancient and modern techniques to find out which ones yield the best results. All of the findings of these studies were later compiled in, what is now known as, The 16 Lessons in Advanced Perception. These are the same lessons that were later used as the primary curriculum at ‘The Institute for Advanced Perception' in Oak Park, Illinois.

Thanks to Peter Lindemann you can now get the complete 16-lesson pack to use as a self study course. With its help you'll be able to develop almost super-human mental abilities, such as feeling other person's emotions, being able to hear their thoughts in your mind, increase your intuition and self-esteem and many more. The format of these lessons is such that even a complete beginner can use them - you start with the first lesson and when you learn the necessary skills you progress to the next one. This way you can follow along at your own pace.

All of the Harold Schroeppel's Lessons in Advanced Perception are available in an instantly-accessible downloadable format. That means that you can download the lessons to your computer and start using them right away. There are no shipping fees and there'll be no waiting for delivery.

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It surely changed the way I think
posted this review on May 18, 2014

This self-study course has helped me master advance perception. It is a great collection, which is also well-written and beginner-friendly. With Lessons in Advanced Perception I learned a lot of good stuff that have been really helpful for me. I changed from a negative thinker to a more positive one, and I also got a lot of changes in my life that I couldn’t imagine were possible before. I sure am thankful for finding Lessons in Advanced Perception and I can’t imagine where I would be now without this.

It really changed me
posted this review on November 1, 2013

This course is amazing! I’m a negative thinker. That’s my biggest problem ever since I was a child. My mom thought I had anxiety back when I was in high school because I kept on talking about death and other negative things. Then Lessons in Advanced Perception came along about 5 months ago. I was just searching the net for something that can help me pass my licensure exam. I’ve just graduated from college and I had doubts on passing it. And then I got started with Lessons in Advanced Perception and in all changed my views on the world. I started thinking more positively. It’s like it just came naturally to me. I didn’t really have to exert much effort. I feel like a different person now, and life has become so much easier to bear even during the most stressful days at work.

It has really guided me a lot
Daniel Irvin (from Everton, USA) posted this review on February 23, 2013

Lessons in Advanced Perception feature effective ways to heighten your senses. These are senses and that are now considered superhuman, but it is believed that in the past our ancestors used them like ordinary skills. As we evolved into the humans we are now. These abilities were pushed to the back of our heads. We learned so much to rely on technology and logic that our “superhuman” powers got buried deep into our brains. This course helped e awaken my powers of perception that are sleeping inside me. I wouldn’t say that I’m a full blown psychic now, but my skills scare me and the people around me. Sometimes, I’d guess what a person is about to say before he says it. There are also a lot of noticeable results on me. I’ve become more confident in myself and my focus has improved as well. It’s not just a program for acquiring superhuman perception, it’s also got more practical uses than you can imagine.

Will make all aspects of yourself a lot better
posted this review on October 21, 2012

What I like more about this program are the inward results more than the outward ones. It has the power to increase your self-confidence, positivity, determination and a lot more. After that, you will experience the external effects that manifests as success. I got started with this program almost a year ago and I’m already reaping the rewards now. Don’t expect instant results from the book. It’s not meant to magically transform your life. It’s supposed to start from yourself and just work its way out slowly. And don’t mistake this for an inspirational book either. It’s a mind manipulation book that sets you on your way to superhuman abilities and just generally to become a better version of yourself. It’s pretty difficult to explain everything here, but yeah, you’ll know what I mean once you get to try it.

Doubled my self-esteem in a month
posted this review on October 15, 2012

This program doubled my self-esteem in less than a month. I finished the entire 16-part lesson in just a week, and after that I began practicing the techniques here and making sure I stick to the self-help procedures. It’s not like others that give you vague instructions, and those other books that just tell you to believe in yourself and all that. It’s not like that. It’s a complete planned approach to manipulating the way your mind works – the way it thinks about you and about other people. The feeling is just awesome after using this course. You will feel like you’ve just emerged from your cocoon after sleeping for a long time. Since I’ve increased my self-esteem, a lot of opportunities have opened for me. That’s why I’m very thankful to this book. if not for this, I’d still be stuck at my desk receiving piles of work from multiple bosses everyday. I’m not a trainer, and I’ve also gotten more respect from colleagues. All of that because of this course’s help.

Made me more effective in my job
posted this review on October 7, 2012

It is true that our mind can achieve amazing feats if we train it properly. This 16-part course has helped me unleash my mind’s hidden powers in so many ways. I concentrated on reading people’s thoughts and mind manipulation because they’re the most helpful skills for my work as PR personnel. I’d say they’re not all that easy, but this book makes them possible to learn. They take a lot of practice and discipline to master, but of course, if you really want them, you’d do everything in your powers to have them, right? I am glad I got this course because I am feeling the changes now. I notice how much faster I can get people to agree with me, which makes me more effective in my job. It’s not an instantly dramatic change, but more of a gradual one. It was actually my boss who noticed the change in how I handle clients, and how I seem to just sway them to side easily. I think I will be transferred to a lead/trainer position soon, and this course will be the backbone of the training I will provide for new hires.

Surprising results
posted this review on September 21, 2012

After practicing what I learned here for more than two months now, I’ve noticed two changes in me: I get to know other people’s thoughts and emotions without asking them, and I’ve got better self-esteem. I used to be a quiet guy, and I had very little interaction with people around me, which was quite sad, so I decided to use some mind mastery techniques to change myself. This has the best effect on me, so I just keep on using it. The first change that I noticed is that I do not shy away from people anymore. Soon, I started like reading them. Some of my new friends even come to me for advice because I can tell them things they do not want to admit, and I can help them understand their emotions better and stuff like that. I think this is all because of what I learned from this course.


Lessons of Advanced Perception

As a trained Technical Remote Viewer and natural clairvoyant, it is very obvious to me when something either helps or hinders these skills and abilities. I experienced INCREDIBLE RESULTS after only the first lesson! I'm recommending it to all my clients.

Aaron Murakami

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