Magick Power

by Mystic X,

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Discover how you can create your own reality and destiny using real magick in Mystic X's Magick Power course. Through this course and the power of real magick, you can control and influence everything in your life and achieve whatever it is you want without using Wicca, white or black magic, or other occult methods.

Magick Power consists of 11 modules that will introduce you to the basics of magick and how to use magick to find love, success, good health and much more.

Magick Power by Mystic X will help you change your life forever. You'll also get special free bonuses with your purchase.

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I'm feeling magic in my mood
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I thought this was a real spell book or magic book but it’s not. I was disappointed at first but now I’m thinking of making a good use for it, and just reading it, and trying to apply the practices on my life, and they seem to be working out great. I’m seeing results in my daily mood and my stress management.

This is really worth reading
posted this review on March 15, 2013

Magick Power is one of the few magic books that really worked. I’m happy I got this, and I hope you check it out as well. The book uses a different approach from what I saw in other books, so it’s really worth reading.

The magic is all in the mind
D. Watson (from Chula Vista, USA) posted this review on February 6, 2013

I agree that the magic they’re talking about here is different. It deals with your mindset and how you run your life. The “spells” all work in the mind. I’ve noticed I’ve become so much more positive because of what I learned from this.

An entertaining way to manifest desires
posted this review on February 3, 2013

I agree with the last commenter that this is a different kind of magic. Some people take it too literally, but it’s not the kind of magic power you see on tv where they turn humans into frogs or eat bat wings to gain power or stuff like that. Here, you will learn practical tips to turn the tides to your favor using only the power of your mind. And thinking positively is not enough. You have to go beyond that and tap into the universe’s most powerful aspects, and that’s what you will learn to do here. They’re not literal spells that will get you what you want in life instantly. They’re more of the little by little stuff. You will learn how to manipulate fate in the long run. There is NO OCCULT or WITCHCRAFT here. If you’ve ever read about manifestation or law of attraction before, this is one of its forms. I just find this more fun and more powerful, so I chose it over other manifestation and LOA books on the internet.

A different kinds of magic...
posted this review on November 5, 2012

It’s fun to read, and it’s effective for me. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long. I didn’t imagine it’s online that I’d find one that works. Magick isn’t really based on witchcraft, it’s a different form of magic power that you can use to change your life. Newbies might mistake this for wicca, but it’s not. It does not harness energies that could be destructive in the long run, like I did before. Instead, it captures positive energies and gets them to work on your life. If you’ve wanted to use magic before but you’re afraid to dabble into the “occult” this is what you need.

This is the perfect book for beginners in witchcraft
Verna C. (from Dwight, USA) posted this review on August 23, 2012

I’ve tried 3 spells from this book and they all worked great for me. I mainly use white magic as I’m still too scared of playing with its black counterpart. The spells are easier than those I see in other books. They do not require you to search for weird stuff anywhere. The materials you need will be mostly available around you, so you can get started anytime you want. I suggest picking out the most subtle spells to begin with so you don’t overwhelm yourself. A lot of new witches and wizards make that mistake of jumping into difficult spells the moment they get a spell book. This particular spell book will also serve as your guide as to which spells you can use at your level. It’s a very organized book, and I’m sure new witches and wizards will benefit from it.

posted this review on July 16, 2012

This is wicked! I love the spells here because they are effective and easy. The tools needed are not that difficult to find. It’s my favorite books on witchcraft mainly because it’s the only one that has created a change in my life.

When I got this, I worked on a love spell right away. I’ve been in love with a colleague for years, but he liked only beautiful, drop dead gorgeous girls. I knew I didn’t have a chance with him because I’m very simple, and I’m not a part of the “cool” group at work. Anyway, when I got this book and saw that the love spell was easy to do, I did it on him right away. Within a week, he was begging me to gout out with him. He’s still my boyfriend now, and I’ve made a lot of new friends at work for being the girl of one of the most popular guys there. I wouldn’t have experienced this kind of happiness if not for this book.


Effective, practical and really works...

I have analyzed Mystic X’s mind power courses as most effective, practical and really works... I believe many will benefit to this.

I have a friend to refer in this website to purchase the course. I will not share mine because I bought this personally and I am just learning the skills at the moment.

I have a miracle just happened this morning. I am thinking of my old friend in college ten years back, Surprisingly, she came this morning at home from California. Amazing...

Luis B.,

I thank Mystic X for saving my relationship...

...I was completely new to this kind of stuff, before buying this course and had only spent a few $100s in various spell casters without any results...

Once I applied one of the secrets I quickly felt more confident, energetic and got an amazing inner feeling I can’t describe with words!!!

After using her methods for 2 weeks, I managed to get back my ex exactly as she says it without having to run for him, beg him or do anything stupid!

Marry F.,
Arizona, US

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