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If you want to learn how to make your own solar panels, consider the expertise of Bret Parker, an experienced electrician and renewable energy enthusiast. His www.make-a-solar-panel.com package is packed with all the information you need to make a solar panel and a wind power turbine generator at home. If you're a do-it-yourselfer and you want to generate your own electricity, you want to save money and you want to do your part to help save the environment, then this product is for you.

The www.make-a-solar-panel.com package includes 4 detailed manuals complete with illustrations and 7 easy-to-follow videos. In the How To Make A Small Solar Panel step-by-step guide, you'll learn where to buy solar cells for your solar panel, how to build the frame, the different types of wires needed, where to put the blocking diode, how to calculate your electricity use much more. In How To Build A Wind Power Turbine Generator, you'll learn how to easily make home wind generator blades, how to test the output voltage, how to solder the cells, and much more.

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I have just watched Bret’s videos and I'm truly impressed with the detail. He actually shows cutting the blades with a grinder, something I always wanted to know. The money I paid for this package is value plus for what I have received in the information on solar panels and wind generator. He has done a great job and I would recommend this package to all my friends. I am really excited about making my own wind generator and ready to start. NOW!


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