How To Make Your Cat Adore You!

by Dr. R.J. Peters,

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Cats are adorable, wonderful pets, but they can also be aloof, aggressive, destructive and messy. If you're a cat owner, How To Make Your Cat Adore You! will help you understand your feline's feelings and behaviors so you can have a great relationship with him or her. This e-book will show you how to make your cat absolutely fall in love with you. 

How To Make Your Cat Adore You! will teach you how to deal with certain cat problems so you'll have an easier and more rewarding life with your kitty. This e-book will teach you a new way to approach your cat so he or she will be happy, will come when you call, will play with toys, will greet your visitors politely, will purr a lot, won't destroy your furniture and won't be aggressive. These are all gentle techniques that are easy to implement. You'll see results quickly and your cat will absolutely worship you. 

How To Make Your Cat Adore You! also comes with special bonuses, including the Cat Care Guide and a book full of hilarious cat jokes.

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Made it easier for me to train Katrina
posted this review on May 13, 2014

I have a new cat from my sister. She left her because she has to work in India for a year, and she can’t bring her. She said I can keep her even after she returns because her new job requires a lot of traveling. Katrina was so aloof at first, and I couldn’t discipline her. It’s great that I got this course because now, we are already a lot closer to each other, and I’ve also trained her to use her litter box properly, and not to rip apart my furniture. I got so much fun training her! In fact, I’m turning into a cat lady and I will be adopting another from the shelter after moving in to a new apartment next month.

I helped me train my shelter cats on my own
posted this review on May 7, 2014

I have seen so many people desperately trying to be closer to their cats, pampering them, cuddling with them, and treating them like princesses, but cats are more complex than that. Unlike dogs that will automatically warm up to you once you show them affection, cats are a bit more difficult and challenging. You have to learn the proper techniques when making your cat respect and obey you. I had the same problem before when I got my first cat, Porkchop. He was very aloof when I first got him from the shelter. I thought it could be because of his bad experiences as a kitten. I tried just being nice to him and giving him enough food, cuddling with him, but he remained distant. When I found this guide, I understood Porkchop so much better, and I learned how to manipulate him. We are now super best friends, and hit looks like he considers me his mom now. I’ve recently gotten a second shelter cat, Bacon. She also had the same case. She wasn’t getting chosen by adopters because of her aloof demeanor, but using the techniques here again, I got her to open up. I really chose her because I know that I can fix her. The three of us now are a happy family. I’ll be getting two more shelter cats soon, and I will be choosing the most difficult ones, so I can train them myself again. This book has been really helpful to me.

My kitty and I have become best friends!
posted this review on December 23, 2013

I adopted a kitty from my friend because she was going to another country and she couldn’t bring her along. For a few days, my new kitty was scared of me. It wouldn’t come out from under the desk. When it finally opened up, it was still cold to me, and that made me sad because I wanted a kitty I could play and cuddle with. I think it was still looking for my friend at that point. How To Make Your Cat Adore You helped me make her more comfortable with me. It took about a month before she started cuddling and playing with me comfortably, but it’s worth all the trouble now that we’ve become best friends!

My kitty and I get along better now
posted this review on October 12, 2013

My cat used to be very aloof. I envied my friends who have playful cats because mine refused to snuggle with me and have tickle time with me. How To Make Your Cat Adore You helped me understand why my kitty was behaving that way. I got to adjust to her needs since then, and we’ve become a lot closer to each other. She doesn’t mind cuddling with me now, and she’s become so much sweeter! I’m a happy kitty girl now.

This really made my kitty and I closer to each other
posted this review on June 29, 2013

I got my first cat a few months ago. She’s an adorable Himalayan. I’ve always wanted a cat because I see how sweet they are on TV, and my best friend got a new Siamese who’s really sweet and who’s just like a baby to her. The problem is that when I go my cat, she wasn’t at all sweet and loving like the cats I wanted so badly to have. She was grumpy and she wouldn’t let me hold her for even just a few minutes. She would rather be by herself. I wondered if there was something wrong with her or if I was doing something wrong. How To Make Your Cat Adore You! Taught me the entire thing they call “courtship plan.” I learned how to make my cat feel more comfortable with me. It’s just like befriending a human, only you have to do different things to show your sincerity. Right now, my kitty seems a lot more comfortable with me. She still likes sleeping a lot, but she does it on my lap now. It makes me feel like a real mother to her.

I can hug my kitty now
posted this review on April 11, 2013

My cat and I are closer now. I can hug her now. She came from the shelter and she’s already 3 years old when I got her, so we didn’t get along too quickly. I think her life was difficult before I got her, but we’re happy together now, and she’s more behaved too. She doesn’t scratch furniture anymore. This book is really helpful.

My cat's so sweet to me now
posted this review on February 4, 2013

I asked for a cat from my boyfriend, and he gave me a Persian on our first anniversary. I didn’t know cats can be snobs too because my sister’s cat is so sweet. My boyfriend noticed that my cat and I aren’t that close and we just ignore each other all the time, so he got me this book. I read it and tried the techniques on my cat. They’re so effective! In a week, my cat was always sitting on my lap. She sleeps beside me and always wants to cuddle. It’s so sweet! My cat is now sweeter than my sister’s cat.

My cat and I have a better bond now
posted this review on January 6, 2013

I adopted Porkchop a few months ago. He’s a really cute mixed breed cat, but he’s been with a bad family in the past. I think he suffered some sort of abuse in that old family he was with, so when I got him he was usually quiet and didn’t trust humans that much. I wanted so much to play with him because it was my first time owning a cat, but he refused to. I felt like I didn’t have a pet at all. My boyfriend said something might be wrong with Porkchop and I should return him to the shelter. I said he’s not a merchandise you can just return when you’re not satisfied. I felt that it has become my responsibility to help my baby interact with humans and trust humans again.

I gave How To Make Your Cat Adore You when Porkchops behavior started becoming out of control. He tried to bite my boyfriend’s toe when he tried to play with him, and he started scratching my stuff. I tried the methods suggested by this book, and it only took some time for Porky boy to open up to us. We’ve had a better relationship since, and my boyfriend is slowly getting used to him too.


I've received more rubs from my cat...

I've read Dr. RJ Peters’ book and just within two days of implementing his principles, I've received more rubs from my cat than I've had in a long time. I love my cat, and he's very well treated at our house. Lately, perhaps due to stress, I've been feeling that maybe my cat doesn't love me. But now things have gotten much better, all within a few days! I'm so glad I came across this book - there's not that many out there on communicating with your cat, but actually we really need them because we can't speak "cat!

Sylvia Lee

The eye contact was so amazing...

Every night I try to spend at least 20 min playing with (our new kitty) and am using the techniques Dr. Rj Peters mentioned in his e-book. Last night we were playing in the floor together and she walked about 6 feet from me, turned around and laid down. She then looked right into my eyes and I saw a look that I had never seen before. The eye contact was so amazing, I cannot describe it. With no fear whatsoever, and never taking her eyes off mine, not even blinking, she got up walked over to me and touched her nose to my nose. She has never done that before. It was a great feeling.


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