Making Math More Fun

by Teresa Evans,

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Making Math More Fun is a collection of math games for classroom and home. The package contains 450 pages of math games that will make learning math more fun, interesting and effective. Making Math More Fun includes 4 e-books:

  • Math Board Games

Math Board Games book will help you make your own board games. You will be able to print the games directly from your computer. These math games will help you practice multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, counting, revise odd and even numbers, calculate fractions and percentages, and more.

  • Math Print and Play Sheets

This book contains pencil and paper games for 2 players. They include games for developing the concept of symmetry, comparing numbers up to 99,999 and3, 4 and 5 digit numbers, and more.

  • Math Card Games

Card games help you review basic math operations, revise specific facts with memory games, reinforce comparing numbers and number words, practice fractions, and more.

  • Math Games Ideas

In this book, you will find games for practicing decimal numbers and percentages, place value and money value games, games for practicing coordinates, using multiples, exploring the properties of numbers, and more.

Making Math More Fun is suitable for children of different learning styles and ability levels. This educational set of fun math games comes with 5 bonuses that give you additional reading and phonics games, more board games and extra 172 classroom games.

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For those who have learners at home
Shawna Wilkins (from Kodiak, USA) posted this review on September 13, 2012

This is a must-have for all parents who have learning children. You know how math can be the most challenging part of their learning years, and having this gem around will surely help. My son didn’t tell me about his math issues but I noticed that he gets cranky whenever it’s math time. I’m very serious with his education, so I do not settle for “good enough.” After classes we have our own tutoring time because I’m not working anyway. I bought this to help him learn math in a fun way, and it has been effective. My son is fine learning math as long as we do games, and I never run out of them because of this resource. The best thing about the games in this package is that they really teach children. There are some educational games that are really fun, but they’re not that effective in helping children learn. This one is different. It prioritizes learning and fun is just the extra. I like it better that way, and I  can see that my son is also content in that.

We super love this!
posted this review on August 7, 2012

My kids enjoy this so much! I always get them educational stuff, but they rarely use them as much as they do this. My daughter is not that good at math, while my son, who’s younger, is a bit more advanced. It’s great seeing them use this together and learn from each other. I did the board games first. I printed them out and taught them how to play it. They’re really simple games the kids can enjoy by themselves. While they play math games, I do chores around the house, so it’s hitting 2 birds with one stone. I love how this collection makes math seems so much easier that it is. I’m not good at math. In fact, I suck at it, and I don’t want my kids to be like me. With this, even for my daughter, math doesn’t seem like torture. She’s always eager to learn something new, and to try harder because she really enjoys it. Her grades prove how helpful this has been to her. I love this collection and recommend it to all mothers and math teachers alike!

Great experiences
On-Site Review

I have had great experiences with it so far. As I am studying teaching it has been a fantastic help when programming lessons and giving presentations in tutorials.

Catherine B.

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