Marriage Made Easy

by Kara Oh

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Relationship expert and best-selling author Kara Oh reveals a system that struggling couples can follow to bring back the love in their relationship and save their marriage from crumbling. In Marriage Made Easy, the author shares a variety of tips, tools and techniques that have helped her transform her marriage for the better. This e-book, which has versions for both men and women, will teach you how to have a happy, healthy and successful marriage again.

Marriage Made Easy contains exercises and techniques that will show you how easy it is to improve communication, rekindle the passion and deepen your intimacy. You'll learn how you can make each other top priority, how to deal with and resolve your differences, how to express your love for each other and much more.

With the simple, easy and effective techniques you'll learn from Marriage Made Easy, you and your spouse will fall madly in love with each other again. You'll also get a free 20-minute private phone consultation with author Kara Oh as a bonus.

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It helped me get to know my husband more
Ella McDermott (from Old Mill Creek, USA) posted this review on January 21, 2013

When I got married, I didn’t know it would be so difficult adjusting to living with my boyfriend under one roof. We’ve been together for 3 years before tying the knot, but he was usually away on business trips, and we didn’t live together because my mom was against it. When he moved to another job, so he can be with me more, that’s when problems started appearing left and right. We’d fight over the smallest things, and we realized how much we didn’t know about each other. Marriage Made Easy helped me get through this tough time through Kara’s clever tips and moving words. There were parts here that made me cry. After finishing this book, I started working more on the marriage, and being a better wife. We have a better relationship now, and I’m feeling more comfortable as a married woman now. This, apart from my mom’s advice, saved my marriage.

I've read this twice!
posted this review on January 19, 2013

I love everything I learned from Marriage Made Easy. I think this was made for new wives. I’m a new wife and this has really enlightened me. My marriage is doing great. It’s not perfect though, and I still have a lot to learn about being a good wife. Marriage Made Easy is a great guidebook that I always enjoy reading. I’ve already read it from cover to cover twice, and I try to apply everything I learned here to my everyday life as a wife.

I'm happy working on my marriage with Kara's help
posted this review on January 4, 2013

Kara is a wonderful mentor. How I wish I can have her as a personal adviser! She’s really helped me keep my marriage. If not for this book, and her occasional emails, I wouldn’t have saved this relationship. My husband and I are still working it out, but I’m confident that it’s gonna go somewhere!

Makes it easy to achieve balance
posted this review on December 28, 2012

Marriage Made Easy is a very good read! I finished it in one sitting because it’s so interesting. The writing style is witty and unique. The techniques are written for the modern woman. It helped me achieve the perfect balance between my work and my marriage.

Helps me in all aspects of my married life
Pauline Roose (from Yucaipa, USA) posted this review on November 24, 2012

I have loved Kara since I read her Men Made Easy eBook. I learned a lot from that. When my boyfriend and I got married, I got this other eBook from her, and liked it more than the first one. The tips are practical and they cover all aspects of your married life from sex to communication to patching things up when you have misunderstandings. It shed so much light on marriage, which is exactly what I needed. Marriage is entirely different from just being in a relationship, and Kara’s advice makes it less of a struggle. Another big thanks to Kara!

Kara's biggest fan!
posted this review on November 18, 2012

Most marriages fail because the couple doesn’t look at the science behind making it work. Sure, love plays a big role in it, but is love really enough to keep it alive and kicking? Kara took care of all the hard work, and now it’s up to us ladies to follow her lead! I trust Kara so much because I’ve been under her care when my husband and I were planning to get through divorce. She’s a great marriage counselor, she provides help at a personal level, and I’ve been truly blessed to have gotten to know her.  I support all of Kara’s works, and I like them all. Kara puts in this book the same level of support she had for me back then for other women who can’t come to her office for personal help. I hope you try Kara out. I bet after you read this, you’d be seeking more of her works to learn from.

Worked its magic in my marriage
posted this review on November 5, 2012

Kara’s book is worth every minute I spent reading it. I’m a busy modern woman, like most other Kara follower. I’ve been married for 3 years, but we’re still childless for unknown reasons. We’ve been trying to conceive for so long and the stress of trying so hard, and still not getting a baby strained our relationship. Some friends tell us that we might not be compatible, and although they’re jokes, they really hurt me.

A few months ago, we got a series of fights, and we stopped talking to each other for weeks. People around us told us that a divorce might be a good idea, since we’re childless anyway. I refused to do that because despite the fights and the hardships, I love my husband. I took a 2-week vacation from work, and that’s when I chanced upon Kara. It was her article that I read first, and when I found out that she has a book, I downloaded it right away. I read it while I was on vacation, locking myself up in the hotel room, and absorbing every word from it.

When I got back home, I was a new woman, a new wife. My husband was surprised with the changes. From being the stiff, workaholic woman she was living with, I managed to turn myself into a sweet, loving superwoman of a wife using Kara’s techniques. The changes in me caused him to change too. He also became the husband I want him to be. Now, we’re happily married, and we’re trying even harder to have a third family member this year.

Kara's been helping me fix my marriage for quite a while now
posted this review on October 11, 2012

I wouldn’t say this book would magically turn your marriage around, but it does give you some pretty good insights on how you can keep a happy marriage, without sacrificing so much of yourself. The tips work well both for modern working women and for happy housewives, but I think modern wives need this better. I bought my book after a difficult time with my husband. We almost ended up in divorce, but with the support of our loved ones, we managed to stay together, although not as good as before. This book has been helping me patch things up with him the past few months, and just last week I downloaded him the copy for men. This morning he told me how much he liked it, and we ended up with an intimate conversation over breakfast. I think the book is also helping him realize a lot of things about me and our marriage. I’m very thankful that Kara went an extra mile creating a version for men too.

Taught me so much about being a wife
Chassie V. (from Jacob, USA) posted this review on September 4, 2012

This is perfect especially for new wives. I’ve also gotten married recently and although our marriage is going smoothly, it’s quite difficult for me embracing the changes in our relationship. Before we got married, my husband was a wonderful boyfriend. His priority then was always to make me happy. However, after getting married, his priority became paying the house and making enough money to prepare for our child. I felt then that he changed because I’m no longer the lovely, sexy girlfriend she used to have. I was pregnant then, so  you know how terrible mood swings pregnant women can have. The adjustments made our life as a couple so difficult.

When I decided to seek help online one boring afternoon as a housewife, this book was what I found. It’s been a great read for me, and it taught me a lot about marriage. The information in this book are the ones some couple learn only after years of even decades of being with each other. Everything is so well explained that you have no choice but to trust it and to feel motivated to just do your share in the relationship. I am very happy that I got to read this book and even if there are still some down moments in our relationship, I’d say that it’s now running more smoothly than ever.

Happily married
happy wife (from Corpus Christi, USA) posted this review on July 30, 2012

My first year of marriage was hell. My husband and I really loved each other so much before we got married, so it really was a shock to me that the love started slipping out of our grasp after just a year. The culprit might have been our busy schedules with work, and the stress of having to pay for all the bills. We’d fight over the smallest of things like what to have for dinner and what to do during weekends. Soon, he started spending more time with the boys than he did with me, while I preferred reading a good book to talking to him. The house was quiet all the time, and we stopped spending our weekends together. I missed the old him so much, but just the thought of telling him about him and getting into another fight terrified me.

Once while searching for some marriage tips, I found this book. It took a lot of courage to get started with the teachings of this book, but once you are on it, there’s no turning back. I was ready to make the first move in making our relationship better because I really wanted to save it. The techniques here are really effective. My husband started to respond in just a short time, and our life together became so much better. We got back the intimacy we lost because of the challenges we had to face. It’s a continuous job, but it’s no problem now that I already know exactly what to do. I can say that I’m happily married now.


It's been a lifesaver for my marriage.

I’m grateful that Kara wrote this book. It's been a lifesaver for my marriage. My husband had almost completely withdrawn but didn't want a divorce. So I asked him if he'd be willing to do some of the things she suggests in her book. He was cranky at first but went along with it.

It worked. It took a while but he began to soften, we began to talk and now he's doing really thoughtful things to let me know he loves me. I would never have believed this was possible.


It's Like a Brand New Love

This eBook has talked to me in such a way that made my life different. Kara’s book is teaching me how to give my relationship an everlasting polish. We are still a young couple and i know this has provided nourishing food for our relationship. I have taken the initiative to nurture our love and he already wants to know my secret because his friends talk about our magic. People will stop thinking it will fade once they read it for themselves!!!

M. S.

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