Mastery’s Guide To Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce

by dr. Katie Zaltman,

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The Mastery’s Guide To Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce comes from a team of relationship counselors with over 30 years of experience. The main point of the books is that you can save your marriage by understanding and implementing the principles of good relationship.

The main author of the guide, Katie Zaltman, emphasizes that a happy and lasting relationship is not a result if similar personality type, some kind of inner connection or pure luck. Instead, a loving marriage can be achieved by following a few simple strategies.

In the Mastery’s Guide To Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce you will learn:

  • How to bring passion back into your relationship
  • Methods that can help you avoid arguing
  • How to work on a relationship even if your spouse doesn’t want to change
  • Ways you can get over the negative things that happened in the past
  • How to improve the communication in your marriage
  • The missing key ingredient in your relationship
  • Different things that men and women want from a relationship
  • And more
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May not work for everyone, but worked for us
posted this review on January 5, 2014

This may not work for everyone but I’m glad it worked for me. My husband and I are still going strong now, and we’re both hoping for many more years to come. Most of the suggestions are practical, they’re very easy to follow. If you’re really interested in saving your marriage.

We aren't throwing away our family anymore
posted this review on March 31, 2013

Dr. Katie Zaltman has a really mature approach when it comes to love and relationships. This opens up a lot of possibilities for a dying relationship. My husband and I were supposed to go through divorce a few months ago. Our relationship has been shaky the past few years, and I kind of met my boiling point and blurted out that I wanted a divorce. He agreed right away, packed his bags, and left. I was stunned and I didn’t know what to do. Deep inside me I wanted him to beg for me back, and I wanted him to tell me that divorce is not the answer. But he simply said ok, and then drove away. I thought there was really no hope for our relationship, but Dr. Zaltman’s book, Mastery’s Guide To Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce helped open my eyes. I learned everything that we’ve been doing wrong in our relationship, and why things aren’t working out the way we wanted them too. I talked to him following Dr. Zaltman’s instructions, and now we’re working on saving the relationship instead of valuing our pride and just throwing each other away.

Helped me save my marriage!
posted this review on January 14, 2013

Most marriages end in divorce because couples don’t get the guidance they need to save their marriage. A few months ago, just before the holidays, my husband and I faced the same problem. We had a lot of problems and we didn’t know how to work together. We blamed each other for everything that was happening, and we let our pride take over. We’d fight over the smallest decisions, and we slept separately. There was a time when he didn’t come home for a few days and it drove me crazy. Friends gave advice but their judgments were based on what we were telling them, and so their advice was usually negative. Mastery’s Guide To Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce gave me some expert professional ways to work on a marriage that seems hopeless. It shed light on the root causes of our problems, and helped me come up with workable solutions. I also learned how to deal with my spouse without making him feel uneasy and defensive. It took a great deal of effort and courage on my part but having this guide made everything easier. My husband was cooperative too because he wanted to save the marriage as much as I did. We are now working on our marriage, and we’re slowly recovering. I have all my thanks for this book, and the wisdom it gave me.

This book saved my marriage!
posted this review on November 22, 2012

My husband and I are both responsible adults. But somehow after 14 years of marriage, the love started to fade. He’d come home, we’d have dinner, and then go straight to bed. We’d take the kids out on weekends, but nothing more than that. We love the kids very much and we do everything to make them happy and not let them notice that we have become 2 strangers living in the same house and sharing responsibilities. The struggles of raising 3 kids killed the intimacy we once had. One day, we just sat down and discussed our status. We’ve been giving each other the cold shoulder for the longest time, and we started discussing whether or not we’d be happier with other people. I found out he’s already met another woman he’s interested in, and he’d like to pursue her if I’d let him go.

Mastery’s Guide To Saving Your Marriage and Stopping Your Divorce came just in time. I asked my husband to spend a week with me away from everything. We left the kids with my mom, for the vacation, and that’s when I carried out the methods in this book. Of course it isn’t a one time thing. When we got home, I continued to work on our communication. I tried to get to know him again, and encouraged him to do the same. Before long, we have fallen in love with each other again! I’m very happy with the results I got from this book! It surely saved my marriage, and I hope it can do the same for you.


The gold standard in saving a marriage

Mastery to Saving your Marriage is just about the best book I have read on saving your marriage. It clearly explains the dynamics of a marriage and provides me with tips on saving my melted marriage. I didn't think the tricks the book taught me would work initially, but after trying it out, it worked like a charm. Unlike many other books that I read which offer logical short term aids that makes it a favorable read, but fail in the long run to fix shaky marriages this book serves as the gold standard in saving a marriage because it discusses the paths of a successful marriage My marriage is not only fixed, but it stronger than ever.

Josephine Law

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