Med School Admissions Secrets

by Jason Spears,

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Applying for medical school is not that easy and simple for everybody. The percentage of those who get in is usually smaller than that of those who fail. If you are planning to apply for med school, and you want to know how to belong to the group that gets accepted, Jason Spears has the perfect resource for you in the form of Med School Admissions Secrets. This straight-forward and comprehensive guide will show you how to navigate the shortest path to med school.

Med School Admissions Secrets will provide you with all the info that you will need to successfully finish premed and enter a med school with the least time, money, and stress. Whether you're applying for the first time, reapplying for the nth time, preparing for the MCAT, unsure of which schools to apply to, writing your personal statement, looking for a way to ace your interview, etc. this e-book is perfect for you. It will show you the exact steps and stages for getting accepted to med school ahead of time.

The Med School Admissions Secrets e-book is divided into the 11 most vital areas of the premed to med school admission process. Inside, you will discover how to study and prepare for the MCAT, how to determine if you'll get accepted before applying, the author's 2-step approach for writing a winning personal statement, powerful yet simple interview techniques, the milestones you need to attain and what to do to complete them, ways to boost your application with strong letters of recommendation, tips and tricks in case you need to retake the exam, the alternate routes to med school, and much more.

With Med School Admissions Secrets, you will know the mistakes most people make and how to avoid them. This e-book can save you time and money and help you get accepted to med school the quick, easy, and less stressful way.

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So much information in one package
posted this review on June 9, 2014

Med School Admissions Secrets is a great guide. It’s very simply written, but all the information needed is there. I was having doubts about getting accepted into med school, but after reading this and understanding everything in it, I got more confidence that I’d make it. My favorite part is the one about MCAT preparation. It’s got all the important stuff to keep in mind while preparing for the test. I also like their reviews about the different med schools that are OK to consider. I actually followed their advice. There is really so much information here that it’s safe to say that anyone who’s considering med school should definitely check this out before taking a step.

It's so easy to get into med school
posted this review on May 19, 2014

It’s not easy to get into med school. Especially for me because I don’t know anyone who’s already tried getting in. But then I found Med School Admissions Secrets, and I really gotta say that this helped a lot. I learned a lot from it about the entire process and everything I need to prepare for the application. The whole process was still difficult but it got easier because of this. I would have already given up if not for this guide. I am also giving my thumbs up to their support because they replied to all my emails, and they’ve been very prompt in replying too.

This is a very helpful resource
posted this review on October 28, 2013

Med School Admissions Secrets helped me a lot when I was looking for good med schools to apply for. It’s a unique guide that covers everything about med schools and how they work. I got to choose the schools that are the best matches for my abilities and my goals. I also learned how to get scholarships, how to look most impressive on interviews. It’s amazing how much Jason Spears know about Med Schools and their admission and selection process. I got into med school because of this guide and I know this will be able to help a lot others.

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