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by Laureen Jandroep (CPC),

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If you have just finished your medical coding training, then the next steps is to take the certification exam. Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos is a comprehensive CPC review system that contains 12-hour of video guides - both online streaming and DVDs.  For 11 years, the author Laureen Jandroep has been both a CPC and CCS-P trainer and coach helping many students become certified medical coders.

The Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos cover two certification exams:  the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based (CCS-P) exam by the American Health Information Association (AHIMA).

This extensive guide contains 19 videos of about 20-35 minutes each. Together, the videos explain all sections in the CPT manual from cover to cover.  The emphasis is on ICD-9-CM and the 10-12 questions you have to concentrate on to successfully complete the CCS-P exam. So what makes Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos unique?

  • Bubble and Highlighting Technique- teaches you to spot and highlight your CPT and ICD coding manual, making it easier for you to find the right answers on the exam. 
  • Complete review- covers the different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures included in the exam. 
  • An exam guide- reveals efficient ways for taking the test and using your allotted time.  It helps you to focus more on the coding principles and less on insignificant things.
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Laureen's been so helpful
posted this review on June 6, 2014

I had so many chances to take this certification, but I was scared of flunking it, so I had to put it off until I felt confident with what I know. I have to say Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos is the only course that made me take the test. This is the only one that made me confident enough to go out there and take it. It wasn’t easy for me, but I passed because of this video course. I owe so much to Laureen for all her help. Believe it or not, she offered me personal assistance through email because I kept asking her questions. She’s been so helpful even after I’ve paid for the course in full! She’s been my guardian angel throughout this challenge. I would definitely recommend her to others who are about to take this test.

Excellent passing strategies
posted this review on March 5, 2014

I can’t understand why some people go for formal school setting reviews when they are so expensive and they work just like self-studying. Sometimes people really don’t think sensibly. I’m not sure if it’s the same for all training program, but the one that I attended was pretty bad. We were almost about 20 in the class and the instructor couldn’t attend to all of us. We’d all have questions at the same time and I felt like it was a waste of time waiting for him to answer when I could be searching for the answers myself in a course like this. Some people probably work better with others but I’m fine working alone, so it wasn’t an issue for me. This has all 19 important topics with topnotch strategies to boot. It’s also not as boring as written materials because it’s a multimedia course. I can go back over and over again to topics that I need to understand better without feeling like I’m slowing other people down.  I’m confident to say that this was the reason why I passed my test on the first take. Had I relied on the classroom review I had, it would have turned out to be a disaster. I learned everything from here, it’s not just a review but a complete plan. You have to check out the time management ideas here. I’m pretty sure they can help you a lot.

Some very interesting tips and tricks
posted this review on March 3, 2014

Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos has some really interesting tips and tricks. This is my second take of the exam because I failed the first time. I was really complacent because some of my friends passed the certification before I took it. I didn’t review much and I was surprised how complex it was when it was finally my turn to take it. Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos is now my HG review material. It’s fun for me. I hate reviewing using traditional methods, especially the book method. Makes me feel too nerdy. This one is better because I don’t really feel that I’m reviewing. I’m about to retake the certification and I’m really crossing my fingers this time, but yeah, I think I have a pretty good chance this time. Better than the last one.

I found myself using a lot of techniques from here when I was ta
posted this review on January 2, 2014

I failed the last test that I took before getting this collection of review videos. They’re really simple and some of the things they discussed here are not new to me. I’ve also had training before using other materials. I like the simplicity of these videos. They get rid of any and all that might confuse reviewers and focus only on the most important parts to remember when taking the test. The techniques are very helpful. When you get out there and start taking the test, you need all the weapons and tricks you have in your arsenal and I found myself pulling out a lot I got from this material. My experience with many other review materials and this one might have worked together to help me pass. I’ve already passed the test, and now I’m helping others pass theirs too. I’ve taught some friends the techniques I got here and they also think they’d be helpful when the time comes. I highly recommend this because there’s really nothing to lose. It’s quite cheap compared to other review/training programs particularly those review classes that cost an arm and a leg. You can also watch the videos over and over again until you get everything so it’s better to get it early, while you still have a lot of time to practice.

I wouldn't have passed if not for this
posted this review on October 6, 2013

I’m now a certified medical coder, and that’s all thanks to Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos. I flunked my exam the first time, and had to work harder the next review and I got this, which I used with my classmates in my review class. We all passed, and we all admit that Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos really helped us. The techniques here are meant to help you get the right answers even when you don’t have any idea about it. It’s like you will learn to look for clues. I’m not a very smart person and I know my capacity. I’m pretty sure that if not for Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos, I wouldn’t have passed.

This definitely made a difference
posted this review on September 17, 2013

I failed my medical coding certification twice. I felt like a loser, and I thought that this field probably isn’t for me. I just decided to give it one last try before giving up. I found this review material through a blog, and tried it right away because of the techniques. Unlike other people, I’m not used to taking exams like this one, so I thought it’s probably the techniques that I need to learn. When I went for my 3rd take, I passed it with flying colors. The techniques here really helped me. There were a lot of answers I didn’t have any idea about but using the techniques here, I was able to make educated guesses. I also memorized a lot of information more quickly, also through the techniques in this book. Also, since this course comes in a video format, I learned everything more easily, and I had a lot more fun during the review. I have a very short attention span, but this caught my attention longer than usual. I highly recommend this. It will really make a difference.

A lot of tips and tricks I haven't heard of before
Troy Briggs (from Roachdale, USA) posted this review on August 21, 2013

Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos has got a lot of great tips and tricks I didn’t learn when I was during the actual training. The goal here is not just to know the answers to different questions, but also to be able to smartly answer those questions you don’t have any idea about. It’s pretty simple, but I bet you’ve never thought of those techniques, and you don’t realize how important they are. Some of the tips here can be used not just for this specific test, but also for some others you’re planning to take in the future. I highly recommend this!

I wouldn't have made it without this
Vince Wagner (from Lusby, USA) posted this review on June 26, 2013

I started reviewing quite late, so I had to exert a lot of extra effort. I really didn’t expect to pass. I’d say Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos helped a lot because while I was having the exam, I kept recalling parts of this review course. It made everything much easier for me to remember. Also, the techniques here have been helpful. I got to determine my weak points right away and I was able to work on them. On the test day, this was really my number one weapon. I thing I wouldn’t have gotten a score of 88% with just a short review time if not for Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos.

This definitely helped me pass
posted this review on June 2, 2013

I was looking for an updated CPC review system, and this is the only one I found. I can’t afford to go through a formal review because we had a lot of financial problems then. My friend who took the exam before I did told me about Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos. She said that if not for this videos, she wouldn’t have passed her certification. The videos are very well organized, and all important topics are covered. The bubble and highlighting technique really helped a lot. When I was taking the certification exam, I got to answer a lot of questions remembering only what I studied using this technique. I think this is better than getting into refresher trainings because you can go at your own pace and you can keep going back if you think you’ve missed something. It’s not perfect, and you may feel the need to do additional research sometimes, but I think it’s the best one you can get for its prize and it’s also the most convenient if you’re a busy mom like me.

I owe my success to this CPC review material!
posted this review on May 20, 2013

There are plenty of work-from-home opportunities for medical coders, so my husband funded my training for this. I got the certification exam a few months ago, and I passed on the first try, all because of the help of Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos. What’s great about this is that it covers study techniques, and not just information on what might appear on the certification exam. I learned how to manage my time, and how to fix my schedule in a way that I’ll be able to cover everything within a certain timeframe. I also learned how to retain more information, and what techniques to use when note taking. I passed the CPC exam with a great of 90%! I got the highest grade in our training class, and hubby’s really so proud of me. I think that these videos contributed a lot to my success, so I’m taking this opportunity to thank the author, Laureen Jandroep, for putting this together. I’m now looking forward for my first home based medical coding gig. I think that won’t be difficult because of the grade I got from the exam.

This is probably the best you'll find on the internet
posted this review on April 23, 2013

It’s nice to find a medical coding review guide written by a real medical coding trainer. This isn’t something you can easily find on the internet. I’ve seen a lot others and they’re just a collection of snippets of different books compiled and sold online. This is a real review course. The Blitz videos refresh you on the most important terminologies and information, and these are the ones most likely to appear in tests. As I’ve said Laureen Jandroep has real life experience in training, and that leaves her with so much knowledge about how the certification goes. I admit that I wouldn’t have gotten certified if not for this course. I don’t like reading that much, so having these videos certainly helped. One of the review highlights she calls Bubble and Highlighting Technique helped a lot too. It doesn’t seem much initially but when you start reviewing full-blast, you’ll see how much the technique helps. It makes reviews using written materials a lot easier to bear, and you don’t’ have to go through the whole thing again and again because you will already know right away which ones are important and most likely to appear in the certification test. In the test itself, the technique is a lot more helpful. You won’t really know what I’m talking about unless you try and see this for yourself.

I didn't use it alone, but it's a good product
Ella Atson (from Toston, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

I didn’t use Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Videos alone because I also went through classroom learning with a few friends. We flunked on our first try and it was really embarrassing since 70+% of the class passed. I was desperate to pass because I really want to start a medical coding career, so I got into the best review center I could find (based on reviews of past takers), and then got this as a supplemental review material when I’m at home. The good thing about this is that you get a complete review in the comfort of your home. Some people use this on its own. They don’t go for classroom learning anymore, since they don’t have the time to follow a strict schedule.

What I don’t like about this is the price. It’s a bit too steep for me because as I said, I’m just using it as an additional learning material. But if you’re using this alone, you will surely save.

They no doubt did a great job here
posted this review on November 18, 2012

They did a great job summarizing the important stuff here in these videos. I’ve seen some other review materials from my friends, and they’re nowhere as good as the ones in here. These doesn’t just cover the questions that might come up during the exam, it also has a lot of techniques and workarounds for what needs to be done if you encounter problems or difficult questions during the test. It’s got preparation techniques for avoiding mental block and increasing memory retention. They are the core skills you need to learn, not just for this test but for other tests in general. The time management techniques are super awesome too! They helped me a lot during the test, and I was able to answer everything in it because of the techniques here! I’m giving this my two thumbs up! Really happy to have found this training program.

Very helpful review material
posted this review on November 18, 2012

The videos are awesome review materials because they really summarize the important things to remember and leave out the crap. I got other review materials before this, but I still had to do an awful lot of picking out the things that matter because they’re not as filtered as this one. It’s like reviewing only the things that will help you remember everything else. The techniques are also very helpful when you’re already taking your exam, and feeling lost. They help a lot in situations when you don’t know the answer. Instead of taking a wild guess, use the techniques here for your best shot. The time management tips also help so much! I didn’t focus on that much while watching the videos, but it’s a good thing I recalled most of it when I was taking the exam. I got less time pressure, and a clearer mind to think with. This is definitely a must-have if you want to ace your exam.

Clear review videos
Sam Hopps (from Faber, USA) posted this review on November 1, 2012

The videos are very informative. They’re so easy to follow because the instructions are clear. If you’re planning to get any review material for Medical Coding, get this.



At age 49, I started to go back to school in a MBC program, graduated at age 50 with high honors, and valedictorian. I attended an alumni meeting a year later, and the MBC Program Director hired me to teach the MBC Externship Program…. I had to become CPC certified within months to keep employment there. I failed the first time, couldn’t finish in the 5-1/2 hours allotted then. Failed the second time by the skin of my teeth- 69. And then restudied, restudied and bought Blitz Videos, which I viewed a few times.

Going through the CPT book and highlighting guidelines and all those tips made the exam go smoother. I took the exam, passed and incredibly finished in 4-1/2 hours. That’s a record for me.Yes, it cost me again to pay for the exam but I have no regrets whatsoever. The videos helped me tremendously the 3rd time around and I just wanted to say thanks. 3 Times was a charm for me.   Mary


I found out today that I passed the CPC exam with 87%. The blitz videos were extremely helpful. I learned so much more from these videos than I ever did in school. Every chapter was well structured and easy to follow. It boosted my confidence and kept me motivated all along. I can’t thank this enough….

Kartika Shree, CPC-A

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