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by Ian Lewis
(5 votes)
You don’t have to live with anxiety forever. A lot of anxiety sufferers are being misled by doctors into believing that they have to stay on medication their entire lives. The truth is that there are safer alternatives in the form of natural...
by Rachel Evans
(6 votes)
Rachel Evans, author of The Essential Guide to Autism, released a new resource that focuses on Asperger’s Syndrome. The Essential Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome aims to make you understand everything you need to know about this sickness,...
by Jason Ellis
(6 votes)
You can finally say goodbye to the horrors of social anxiety with Social Anxiety Fix System by Jason Ellis. Like you Jason had suffered from social anxiety before he discovered this system. He had the problem most of his adult life, and he struggled...
by Anna Gibson-Steel
(7 votes)
So many people live with fear and anxiety because they don’t know how to fight those negative emotions. They waste their lives and their loved ones because of their irrational fears and insecurities. If you’re among the many people who...
(6 votes)
500 Treatment Plans that Worked is a comprehensive database of copyrighted treatment plans for children with mental disabilities. It contains all the information parents might need, including information about certain insurances that they can use to...
by Jillian Stevens
(9 votes)
The Emetophobia Eraser Program by Jillian Stevens is an electronic guide comprised of a series of books and CDs designed to eliminate your emetophobia problems for good. In this course, Jillian Stevens, the author and a former emetophobia sufferer,...
by Rin Okita
(6 votes)
Chakra blockages can cause serious disasters in your life. A single blocked chakra can cause problems in one or more of the seven areas in your life. If you are suffering from feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and sadness, the problem might be coming...
by Donna Blackmore
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Parenting a child with autism is a tough, yet rewarding responsibility. It is just sad that most parents do not exert enough effort on reversing their child’s condition, since they think that autism is incurable. The truth is that the symptoms...