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by Cameron Forbes, www.minute-sites.com

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Minute Sites is an all-in-one tool for creating professional-looking mini-sites in just minutes. If you've ever tried to create a web site, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be. Your troubles aren't over once you build it - you still have to continuously maintain the site, update it, add content - it can seem never-ending!

That's why you need Minute Sites. It's software that will do all the work for you. Once you install it, it will create a 9-page site for you. It will even update content for you. The secret of the software's success is the use of RSS feeds that will update your site's content automatically. You'll also have an area where you can drop in affiliate ads and a separate area where you can publish your own articles. All you have to do is pick the keywords, the affiliates and do some occasional updating. The scripts do the rest for you!

In addition to Minute Sites, you'll get a number of free bonuses, including a detailed strategy guide for making your site profitable and some unique web site templates you can use to launch your first site. Once you purchase Minute Sites, your own site will be up and running in just minutes!

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Blown Away!
On-Site Review

I just got the software and all the extras…
Good Lord this is not just easy... it's Really Friken Easy!!! The way everything was setup for us ... well let me just say that I'm blown away.
Now the only downfall of this whole thing is I should have bought it this morning because right now it's 2:00am and I have to try and get to bed... but I don't think I'll be able to sleep now…
I don't even want to say how many sites I know I can create with this per day because no one would believe me. I am already good to go as far as unlimited hosting, a ton of domain names I've never had the chance to deal with (until now) and I know how to FTP so I'm all set... Great stuff!

Mike Hill

A Cake Walk
On-Site Review

For these Minute Sites, it's an absolute cake walk. You have to read the author’s documentation, watch his videos. All you have to have is: patience and be attentive to all your preliminary work.
I have compared lot of website building tools and applications which come in all forms of packages, sizes and price BUT this offering is a delight to have because it hovers around the concept of building websites which are focused to a topic, are mini (thus easy to manage), work on PHP, thus easy to plug-n-play and since it works on RSS feeds, the content is ever-updating thereby giving a unique feel to repeat visitors and new visitors simultaneously.
Happy building.


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