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by Staci Marquez-Nichols
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Soap making can be a fun and profitable hobby. If you want to learn how to make soap, whether for fun or for profit, you need Soap Making 123 by Staci Marquez-Nichols. Staci is a professional soap maker and freelance writer. She has written...
by Jason Brubaker
(6 votes)
Discover how to market and sell your movie on your own with Jason Brubaker’s Sell Your Movie. This step-by-step film marketing system is a product of Jason’s ten years of experience in the independent moviemaking industry. Here in this...
by Sean Donahoe
(7 votes)
If you consider content creation the hardest part of Internet marketing, you need Rapid Content Wizard Lightning by Sean Donahoe. Sean is a well-known speaker, coach, author, entrepreneur, and marketing expert. He already has a lot of experience in...
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April 15th is the last day to file tax returns in the U.S., and for many of you home-based entrepreneurs, the weeks before that date are filled with anxiety and stress. Receipts and deduction information have to be organized for tax preparers, and...
by Trent Dunn
(6 votes)
Are you a party lover who wants a fun and easy way to make money? Are you dying to find out how you can be paid to party? If yes is your answer to those questions, you need Party Promoting 3.0 by Trent Dunn. Trent has been in the party promoting...
by Gary Zaydman
(7 votes)
There is definitely money in sales. The challenge is finding a way to tap into this moneymaker. Some people are lucky enough to be naturally gifted with sales skills. They can turn any prospect into a customer just through their magic words however...
by Michael Rasmussen
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Discover how you can build powerful and successful partnerships and become a JV expert in Michael Rasmussen's Joint Ventures Exposed Deluxe Package. While the basic package gives you free videos showing you the step-by-step proven system that...
by Melford & Concetta Bibens
(5 votes)
Tax Liens Made Easy is an e-book that will show you how to get very high returns by investing small amounts of money in real estate. You'll learn what you need to do to make huge profits from tax liens. Tax liens are liens imposed on a property to...