Mr. Green’s Plenty Of Fish Ad Uploader

by Lorenzo Green,

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Are you an affiliate of Plenty of Fish and you want to increase your productivity and get better results quickly and easily? Then Mr. Green's Plenty Of Fish Ad Uploader is the perfect tool for you. With this powerful software by successful full-time affiliate marketer Lorenzo Green, you can upload Plenty of Fish ads and earn plenty of money in no time!

With Mr. Green's Plenty Of Fish Ad Uploader, you can create thousands of ads in minutes and work on your landing pages at the same time. You can split test ad copies and images to make sure you'll keep your CTRs up and split test a range of demographics so you can find the perfect setting to receive cheap clicks. This software also allows you to export and import CSV files and track which ads are converting.

Competition is tough on Plenty of Fish, but with Mr. Green's Plenty Of Fish Ad Uploader, you'll be ahead of your competitors! A demo video of how the ad uploader works and a guide on how to use it are shown on Lorenzo Green's web site.

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This works!
posted this review on December 31, 2013

Lorenzo’s techniques really work and the man is also generous when it comes to answering emails and giving additional tips. I’ve been using his techniques for 3 months now, and I earned more from those 3 months than from an entire year using another affiliate marketing system. I think this system can also be used for other products and services with a little tweaking. But right now, I’m really earning a lot from POF, so I think I’ll be sticking to it for some time.

Significant increase in coversion
Howard Roes (from Chatham, USA) posted this review on October 24, 2012

POF may have gotten old over the years, but it still makes me pretty good money, and this ad uploader makes everything even easier for me. Before, I uploaded my ads manually, and it takes me half of the day just uploading a single batch of ads. With this one, I just let the software do its job as I go chatting with women on POF and other dating sites. It’s also increased my conversion significantly!

Helped me make a few thousand dollars more
posted this review on September 27, 2012

I became an affiliate of Plenty of Fish two years ago, but I didn’t make good money until I found this ad uploader just a few months ago. It’s difficult launching new campaigns without this since I also have a fulltime job to think about. When I got this, I initially thought it’s just an uploader because I didn’t bother much with the description, but it turned out to be so much more than that. It shows you your ad’s stats, so you know which ones are making you the most money. it also leads you to the best places to get clicks for some easy bucks. As for the usability, it’s made for the total dummy, and it also comes with instructions, so you’d be a moron not to be able to use this. It’s made a few thousand dollars difference in my affiliate marketing income. And for just a hundred bucks it’s quite a steal.


Takes me less than 3 minutes to create a new campaign...

It takes me less than 3 minutes to create a new campaign. I can set my pricing, targeting and submit over 20 images each split testing different headlines and ad copies with Mr. Green’s POF Ad-Uploader. It could easily take over 30 minutes using POF’s own system, and we all know time is money.

Justin Barr

It has increased my productivity on Plenty of Fish!

Mr. Green’s POF uploader tool has increased my productivity on Plenty of Fish exponentially. I can now get whole campaigns up in just a few seconds. This thing is FAST!

Riley Pool

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