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Muscle Gaining Secrets is a muscle building program, developed by a fitness expert Jason Ferruggia. Jason has been involved in fitness industry his entire life. He’s written articles for Men’s Health, Today's Man, Maximum Fitness and many other magazines and has his own monthly column in Men’s Fitness magazine. In The Muscle Gaining Secrets, he has gathered all his knowledge and experience to create a step-by-step program that will help you transform your body, loose the unwanted fat and build rock-hard muscles.

When you follow Jason’s program, you will only be required to spend about 3 hours per week in the gym and you won’t have to take any supplements, drugs, or steroids. You will learn what kind of exercise you need to do and how, how many repetitions will give you the best possible results and how to make a couple of simple changes in your diet that will significantly speed up the development of your muscles. The program was designed to overcome bad muscle building genetics, so if you had trouble developing muscles before, the Muscle Gaining Secrets is definitely something you should look into.

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Well-engineered workout plan
Ted Gore (from Fullerton, USA) posted this review on August 10, 2012

I wonder why I never learned about these secrets from my trainer back in Waco. I used to workout at the gym regularly before, but when I moved to Fullerton for my new job, I didn’t have extra time to go to the gym, so I had to stop. When I decided to go back to working out, I didn’t want to hire a trainer so I settled for this book. To my surprise, I got way better results than I got from my trainer back in Waco. As you might have already figured out, I’m a hard gainer. I’ve been skinny throughout high school, and achieving results is really a challenge for me. With this book, I got results much faster than I used to, while spending half the time I used to spend at the gym. It’s definitely a well-engineered workout plan I’d recommend to everyone.

Finally, a Book of Truth
On-Site Review

As an up and coming fitness professional, I am well aware of the gimmicks and false promises of supplements and fitness gadgets that instill in people the idea that there are short cuts and easy ways to get fit. Society promises us rewards without effort and the path of least resistance is the road most often traveled. Hard work and commitment are foreign terms that are ancient and outdated. In Muscle Gaining Secrets, author Jason Ferruggia offers an honest approach to achieving life-changing results in obtaining the physique you desire. Finally, a book of truth!

Jonathan Cancro

Poor Genetics - Gained 40 Pounds
On-Site Review

I am living proof of someone with less than average genetics that has overachieved physically from using Jay's training philosophies. I never used any illegal supplements or took any miracle pills but I went from 150 pounds to 190 pounds of solid, lean muscle mass by doing exactly what Jay told me to do. I would recommend Muscle Gaining Secrets to anyone looking to get incredibly big and strong.

Ryan Mang
Hoboken, New Jersey

By using Jason Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets,
On-Site Review

I gained 24 pounds of muscle in 13 weeks. I tried for years to gain weight and used every muscle building workout I could find but nothing worked. That was until I found Jay and his mind blowing training methods. If you want to get big and strong, I highly recommend that you get Muscle Gaining Secrets.

Joey Scott
Oakland A's

Muscle Gaining Secrets
On-Site Review

Muscle Gaining Secrets has been the answers to my prayers. I struggled with gaining weight and building muscle forever before I found this book. Since starting I have gained 23 pounds of pure muscle in only my first 12 weeks. Thanks so much for the honest, no BS information, Jason.

Jason Millen
Portland, Oregon

I was turning 39...
On-Site Review

...been using weights for years and got nowhere really. Some muscle gain. Lots of muscle soreness. Still too much body fat.

I decided I wanted to be in the best shape of my life before hitting 40. With Jay's help (the guy looks like a thug and I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alleyway but one of the nicest most helpful down to earth guys you could wish to know), I've dropped from 25% body fat to about 13% and gained muscle at the same time. Make no mistake, I'm still a work in progress. But with Jay's knowledge and advice, I'll easily hit my goal: single digit BF before adding lean, solid muscle.

Muscle Gaining Secrets will set you apart in your local gym and you can watch the others go green with envy at your progress.

David Braithwaite
London, England

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